The Male Chastity Cages Collector


I met a rather interesting woman not long ago with a very different sort of hobby. She is a collector of male chastity cages and her collection is probably worth hundreds of thousands of dollars; maybe even more than that. She has chastity cages that date back to the very beginning of the first ones ever used and they are all in impeccable condition. What’s more, this lady loves to show them off to her guests as sort of an ice breaker, I suppose you would say. Admittedly, she is quite proud of the cages she has assembled over the years, and she has every right to be so.

As a guest at a dinner party this woman was hosting, I was privileged to see her collection of male chastity cages. Other dinner guests that night had seen the collection previously but they found it so amazing that they seemed to be just as excited as if they were viewing it for the first time. There is an entire room in her home that is devoted to only these cages. Some are locked behind crystal clear glass cases and others are on display for the express purpose of being held and played with so as to understand how they worked. Actually, all of us seemed to find the cages that we were drawn to the most and we had a great time experimenting with them while our hostess took great pains to give us details in how they operated.

Following dinner, there was a special surprise in store. A Mistress and Master along with a couple of submissive males provided a demonstration for us that showed even more clearly precisely how these male chastity cages worked. There was not a man in that room that was not crossing his legs in either empathy pain or in excitement. I was one of the men that found myself pretty aroused by this demonstration. In fact, I was so aroused that I stayed behind after the other guests had left so that I might speak privately to our hostess. We now have a standing appointment twice a week for my chastity training. I get to see these cages up close and personal now and could not be happier.

Male Chastity Cages That are Easy on the Eyes


One of the first things that all men must do when they decide to become chaste is to find male chastity cages that will not only be effective but will also be nice to look at. Men that are novices to this lifestyle may not be aware that these cages exist in super sexy styles that will allow them to be held in check while also appearing alluring to their Key Holder. Now, while not all Key Holders have a sexual relationship with their charges; most of them hold a sexual component of some sort and would enjoy seeing cages that look enticing. Therefore, many chastity cages are created with the idea in mind for them to look sexy while also making sure that the men wearing them behave themselves.

Wearing male chastity cages can be difficult enough for the first time, but wearing one that you don’t want to even look at is even harder. You want something that you can lock over your cock and think “man, that cage looks sexy on me.” It will make the fact that you have to wear that cage for days on end even easier for you. How long do you think you could wear something like this if you thought it was hideous to look at? Chances are that it would not be all that long.

Take your time in finding the right male chastity cages so that you can be proud of what you are doing. If you are proud of the cages that you are wearing than you Key Holder will be proud of the effort you are putting into this lifestyle. That can bring you all kinds of special rewards and that is what it is all about. Go out there and find the sexiest cage you can find so that you can hold your head up high and show the world that wearing a chastity cage doesn’t have to be all about the punishment of not getting an erection any more.

Finding great male chastity cages for very small cocks.



Most men do not like talking about small cocks especially if they happen to have one which is the case for me. Having a very tiny penis and needing to shop for new male chastity cages presents some problems. I can be embarrassing to shop for male chastity cages to begin with but add in the fact that my shaft is less than 1” flaccid and not very large hard makes it completely embarrassing. I have been to shops that sell cock cages and more than once the girls working there did not believe how small I was and asked to see it. Once a girl took a selfie with her face next to my very small cock and sent it to all her friends. The men are not much better once a guy working in an adult store in Los Angeles did not believe how small I was either and asked to see it. He looked and told me I might as well become a T-girl because my cock was too small to cage or to make a woman happy, this is something my girlfriend would disagree with. The last straw was having another man in a different store measure me for a custom cock cage. He said he has made them this small before though I might be as small as he has ever seen. He wanted me to get hard to make sure he had all the measurements. I could not get aroused so he bent down and started sucking on it. There was no point in stopping once he had started but I have found many men assume I am gay just because my penis is so small. How does that make any sense?


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Male Chastity Cages for Training


Men that are entering the chastity lifestyle for the first time are going to need male chastity cages so that they can be trained the right way.  After all, it is rather difficult to train for male chastity without a cage. Unless you simply wrap your cock with duct tape, which is not suggested. You can seriously hurt yourself trying to remove that tape if you are not careful. That is why there are cages available for guys that want to take control over their lives and keep that little cock of theirs out of trouble.

What style of male chastity cages should a guy be looking into for his very first one? Whoever is training you should help you in picking out the perfect one for your needs. But if you haven’t found a trainer just yet and you want to get a feel for things before training, then you are going to need a cage that won’t be that hard to use. You would be surprised at how difficult some of the more advanced cages can actually be for some guys. You will want to stay away from them and look for a beginner’s cage that will be easy to put on and take off.

After looking around online and reading about all the different male chastity cages that are available, you will want to pick the one that suits your needs the best. Some are expensive while others are going to be more reasonable. You need to think about that as well. You may want to go with something a bit cheaper at first to make sure this is something you are truly interested in. It would not make you happy to spend a lot of money only to find out that you can’t stand wearing a chastity cage. Once you have your perfect cage, it’s only a matter of training before you can truly enjoy your life again.



Learning to Wear Male Chastity Cages


I have just gotten involved in wearing mens chastity cages and can’t believe how fantastic they are. I never really understood what the big deal with male chastity was until I started seeing sites selling these chastity cages popping up. I simply had to learn more about them and the more I learned the more I wanted to buy my own cage and try it out. Of course, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, but that didn’t stop me from picking out my very first cage and giving it a shot.

I will say that putting my male chastity cages on for the first time was a bit awkward for me. I really had no idea what I was doing and, being the typical man, I figured that I didn’t need to use any kind of instructions. It only took me about twenty minutes before I realized that following the directions that came with the cage would be a smart thing to do. So I went about digging said instructions out of the trash. It was also a lot more comfortable to put the cage on after I read the instructions thoroughly. That’s just a head up for all those guys that are like me and think they are too manly at times.

Now that I have been wearing these male chastity cages for a while, I have to say that I look at life in a completely different way. I used to think about nothing except sex all the time. Now, though, I find myself thinking about all the other things in life that I can experience. It’s really an eye opening experience to have something like this in my life. You can have that same enlightenment, too, but remember that getting morning wood can feel devastatingly painful if you aren’t careful. I would suggest not wearing it all night until you are absolutely ready to do so. Sort of work your way into it unless you want to get a professional to help you get started. That can actually help more than you know.



Male Chastity Cages

Male chastity cages


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