The Male Chastity Cages Collector


I met a rather interesting woman not long ago with a very different sort of hobby. She is a collector of male chastity cages and her collection is probably worth hundreds of thousands of dollars; maybe even more than that. She has chastity cages that date back to the very beginning of the first ones ever used and they are all in impeccable condition. What’s more, this lady loves to show them off to her guests as sort of an ice breaker, I suppose you would say. Admittedly, she is quite proud of the cages she has assembled over the years, and she has every right to be so.

As a guest at a dinner party this woman was hosting, I was privileged to see her collection of male chastity cages. Other dinner guests that night had seen the collection previously but they found it so amazing that they seemed to be just as excited as if they were viewing it for the first time. There is an entire room in her home that is devoted to only these cages. Some are locked behind crystal clear glass cases and others are on display for the express purpose of being held and played with so as to understand how they worked. Actually, all of us seemed to find the cages that we were drawn to the most and we had a great time experimenting with them while our hostess took great pains to give us details in how they operated.

Following dinner, there was a special surprise in store. A Mistress and Master along with a couple of submissive males provided a demonstration for us that showed even more clearly precisely how these male chastity cages worked. There was not a man in that room that was not crossing his legs in either empathy pain or in excitement. I was one of the men that found myself pretty aroused by this demonstration. In fact, I was so aroused that I stayed behind after the other guests had left so that I might speak privately to our hostess. We now have a standing appointment twice a week for my chastity training. I get to see these cages up close and personal now and could not be happier.