Wearing a men’s chastity belt

Chastity belts are no longer just for the ladies with all the big changes in men’s chastity belt design.

It seems like forever that the chastity belt has been considered something that was used only on women to control when and if they were allowed to have sex. Chastity belts are still a popular option for women practicing chastity since unlike their male counterparts, women do not have a choice to wear a stand-alone chastity cage. We have all seen pictures and drawings of Men’s Chastity Belt designs from the middle-ages, heavy large impractical styles to keep men from having sex. There are still some extremely large and complicated Men’s Chastity Belt styles on the market today that range in price from a thousand dollars to many thousands of dollars. These belts are custom made for men that can afford them and that are hardcore into the chastity lifestyle. What does that mean for the rest of us that are also into the same lifestyle but cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars for a chastity belt? The answer is a resounding no. You can find excellent chastity belts for as little as one hundred dollars and up to about two hundred. When shopping for a Men’s Chastity Belt you need to understand design styles and how that belt will fit for your body. Not all Men’s Chastity Belt designs fit all men. There is one other twist to Men’s Chastity Belt designs that have come on the market recently. These are male to female transformation designs that not only keep the wearer locked away in chastity but change the look of their equipment to female. This has been one of the most exciting changes to male chastity in years with sissies, transgender and men just wanting to get in touch with their feminine side signing up to wear this type of chastity belt, we will talk more about these in a little while. Let us first get into some of the reasons why a man would prefer to wear a Men’s Chastity Belt over a standard chastity cage keeping in mind that standard chastity cages are available in many more styles than a chastity belt. With cages you have ultra-micro, micro, mini, normal and extra-large designs and since only the penis is affected by the actual cage it is much easier to find a design that works for you. With Men’s Chastity Belt designs including the transformation styles there are only a handful of styles available and many of us keep a few belts in our collections.

The reasons why we choose to wear a chastity belt are many, but I believe the first thing for men that are new to wearing chastity belts to understand is that men who wear belts also wear stand-alone cages. The reason for this is that wearing a Men’s Chastity Belt is not always the best option and is sometimes not an option at all. An example would be that your mistress has decided to take you to the beach, and she wants you to wear something sexy. There is no way you can wear a chastity belt under a bikini and as a matter of fact if you are wearing workout tights or even tight jeans a Men’s Chastity Belt will be too bulky to wear. This is where having cock cages comes into play. You might choose one or one is chosen for you but either way you have options.

Other reasons why we choose to wear a Men’s Chastity Belt

Why we like to wear a chastity belt is based on the way they feel on our bodies. It is hard to duplicate the fully encased feel you have when wearing a chastity belt. It is much more a whole body feel that you do not get when wearing a stand-alone cock cage. Another big benefit that many belt designs offer is a butt plug style lock for the rear. Once the belt is on with the plug-in place there is no action in the front of the rear making you always totally worthless sexually speaking that is. Many men and women enjoy the way a chastity belt wraps tightly around your waist and between the butt cheeks, it is like completely giving yourself over to the chastity experience when you are wearing a belt.

Men’s Chastity Belt designs are extremely secure and when you compare then to a standard cock cage it is easy to see why a chastity belt is the more secure option. A standard cage is held on using a cock ring and with many of the designs they are extremely hard to remove unless you are unlocked from it. A chastity belt when fitted properly offers a higher level of security. They are much harder to escape from than a standard cage because of how they are integrated to your body and there is much less likelihood that you would even bother to try.

Wearing a chastity belt is the ultimate connection to what chastity is all about. The reason we say this is because you never forget you are wearing a chastity belt. It is there reminding you of your vow to chastity every minute of the day. With a stand-alone chastity cage especially the micro designs, once they are locked on and you are wearing clothing you can forget that you are locked up but since the men’s chastity belt is so much more substantial you will always feel it no matter what you are wearing over it.

Wearing a Men’s Chastity Belt makes us feel completely submissive.

Men feel this way when it comes to wearing a chastity belt because wearing one feels totally encompassing. It wraps around you as it securely locks away the penis sometimes encasing the balls so they cannot be seen. This is a look not seen often with stand-alone cages. There are chastity belts that feature incorporated anal plugs that keep that hole locked up at the same time. It is hard to feel anymore submissive than when you are locked up in front, in the rear and you have metal cables, metal straps or leather straps wrapped around you.

Wearing a chastity belt is a form of humiliation.

You will find that a Mistress or master that is working with a sissy, femme boy or slave will use humiliation as a training tool. You will find lovers, wife’s and husband’s that use humiliation techniques as a core of their relationships. Humiliation is a complicated multi-faceted emotion. We are not going to go into that in this post other than to say that often forcing your man to wear a men’s chastity belt and even better having him show it to friends, family and who ever the one controlling this form of humiliation finds attractive is an extremely intimidating form of chastity and is an effective form of humiliation.

Wearing a Men’s Chastity Belt is one of the best methods for chastity training.

I like most men are partial to wearing a stand-alone cock cage, I to do find there are times when a Men’s Chastity Belt just can’t be beat. When it comes to all out-chastity training there is nothing like wearing an escape proof chastity belt, one that leaves the wearer feeling defeated from the start. Wearing a belt does leave the wearer with the intense feeling that his sexual desires and feeling will not be taken care of anytime soon. This is the correct way for a chastity trainee to feel because it ends up relieving their brain of sexual thoughts. If you know it is not going to happen the logical brain goes on to the next problem and the emotional brain follows. That is what makes wearing a belt such an effective training tool and that same feeling is why men that wear stand-alone cages will switch for a time to Men’s Chastity Belt styles, to control these thoughts and feeling when they get too intense.

A chastity belt can be one of the most effective tools to control sexual desire and create the most intense orgasms! There are men and women that are not looking at e chastity and wearing a Men’s Chastity Belt to control sexual desire but to supercharge it. The thought is to deny the wearer sexual pleasure through chastity for as long as the wearer can take it and then some so that when the belt is removed the intensity of the orgasm is earth shaking. Men have reported having the best orgasms and sexual encounters of their lives after chastity restriction sessions some of which can last days or weeks.  Ready to try something that will completely upend your sexual adventures? Wearing a Men’s Chastity Belt might do the trick.