Male chastity cages inverted with internal locks

Inverted style chastity cages are taking over and have many exclusive designs from styles that men new to inverted chastity cages will love all the way to hard core designs that make you feel like your penis has been removed and you are no longer a true male. It is an incredible feeling one that I am into as are many of the guys/gurls at koalaswim where I work and where we have the largest selection of chastity cages including our own exclusive designs that you will not find anywhere else. I love the feel of the Deep Throat Style cages like the Munchkin and the Castrate cock cages, sometimes I feel like I’m having sex as a female when I am wearing one and it makes having anal sex when wearing this style cage more intense than ever. Now that I veered of course let me steer us back to what this post is about. Most of the inverted cages use either a screw of a padlock and up until this time there were no real offerings that included an internal style key lock which many men prefer. Enter the new Elf line of male chastity cages that should be on in late September or early March 2022. These are the first of their kind and they promise to be what internal lock lovers will want.