Crossdresser Panties

Crossdressers are always looking for the next best thing, the items that will feminize them the best in the most realistic way and all make them feel good about how they look and what they are wearing. For us it starts and ends with crossdresser panties. As a crossdresser I have my favorites, but I must say that over the last few years the world of crossdresser panties has exploded with new and lovely offerings to seduce us more than ever. Early on it was all about gaffs and tucking and this was the standard fare for years. If you wanted crossdresser panties that would feminize it would be about tucking the penis under and out of the way, which after doing for years myself I would say is one of my least favorite ways of getting rid of the bulge. I came across the newest generation of crossdresser panties by way of a transgender friend that was using them before her operation. Referred to as MTF panties and swimwear of MTF crossdresser panties these designs use the penis as part of the style. Instead of tucking these suits transform the shape of the penis into a vagina. It looks like you have had gender reassignment surgery, but you have not. The front shape of these suits presents as a realistic vagina showing a camel toe, the effect is so realistic because they are using your parts to make it. I have been to the beach wearing MTF swimsuits with my girlfriends and I can tell you down to a girl every one of them could not believe how real my vagina looked and feels to the touch. As a crossdresser nothing could make me feel more feminine and confident than these amazing styles, I will even call them life-changing! The company that invented this category of swimwear and crossdresser panties and is a world-wide leader in these designs is When I found their collection online, I was so excited to try a pair. Now my collection of their MTF designs is large and growing by the day. I wear them as panties and as swimwear. As a crossdresser I was always concerned about what to wear at the beach, I wanted feminine, but I also wanted to blend in with the other girls and boy do I blend in. I cannot tell you how guys check me out because they think I am a topless girl sun-bathing on the beach. Even when they sneak a peek there is no way to know that I am anything but a real girl after all no one other than a girl could have a camel toe vagina on display that is stunning.

Panties that transform you to female are life changing and now I know why they are so popular with transgender people. It is such a huge change psychologically when you see where there was once a penis and now there is a vagina, it is the most female I have ever felt, and your brains see this and there is a change in the way you feel about yourself. It is amazing that a pair of crossdresser panties can do all this to you, but it is completely true. I have talked to other crossdressers about wearing the MTF panties and it is a common thread that we all feel the same way about how feminine you can feel wearing these. I understand that gay and straight men that are not crossdressers are starting to wear them to contact their feminine side, I hope them come over to our side!

Let us discuss the assorted styles that MTF panties and swimsuits are available in. One of the tings I find so exciting and fun about these new styles is the breath of designs available. There are G-strings, thongs, bikinis, and micro shorts. In addition, there are MTF style leggings and tights that can be used under a skirt or dress and can be used on their own as leggings that show off your tiny camel toe. It would be fun to talk about each style and how they fit and look. I have seen them on crossdressers, and I have tried all the above assorted designs myself, I told you I had an enormous collection. Personally, I am a bikini and thong sort of gal, but I enjoy about anything made of spandex and though it is a little out of my comfort zone I will on occasion wear a pair of MTF tights and a short top out on the town of at a club. If I am going to do it, I do it all the way and my tiny camel toe is fully exposed, lately I have been wearing them to the gym for my workouts with a tight little Nike top and have received so nice compliments from the real girls.

Like I said I am a bikini/thong girl and I wear them as crossdresser panties and as my go to swimwear for the beach or around the pool and that is true even if I am not made up. I cannot tell you how times someone has come up to me around a hotel pool to let me know there is no topless bathing. It is always interesting to see the response when they find out that I am allowed to. If I were born a woman that would really make me angry that I had to wear a top all the time when sunning myself unless of course I was in a more progressive part of the world. I enjoy the way thongs and bikinis fit my on the feminine side body showing my curves and in the case of the thongs show my well-muscled but as I have been told very female look round rear. That may be why I like showing it off so much. Never having a large penis to show in front and now virtually female up front my rear is one of my nicest assets. I think ever since I tried on my sister’s string bikini when I was a teenager I have been in love with bikinis and thongs.

Micro shorts have been gaining traction and are one of the most popular types of transformation and feminization styles you can wear these spandex shorts as swimwear, under your clothing, as regular work out wear and around town togs. The micro shorts range from showing cheek to showing cheek and in the front the transformation effect is outstanding. Girls agree that this style of crossdresser panties shows the smallest and loveliest little camel toe vagina front, one any boy looking to feminize would be proud to wear. Micro shorts are spandex and skintight, but they do have body shaping aspects to them. They do an excellent job of smoothing out those dimples.

I wanted to bring-up up one other style of crossdresser panties which are the most radical of the feminizing designs, they are the exposed vagina panties, and they are as radical as the name implies. This style of crossdresser panties completely eradicates the penis shaft while reshaping the exposed testicles into vagina lips. When you wear these with tight pants, leggings or shorts you are showing a camel toe but if you are just wearing the panties themselves to hang out in or around friends you are showing your newly created and very looking boy pussy. I get hot just thinking about them. These creations are a specialty of, the most popular designs are the Changed Man, Changed Man Bikini, Darling Girl, Gender Bender, Girl Power, Girl Power Pink Meat, and the list goes on and on. Stunning, radical, and feminine.

Finally, there are the gender transformation tights and leggings. These special spandex tights feature an interior strap system which recreates the penis as a vagina using all your bits and pieces to make a brilliant and realistic small camel toe style vagina and the outline of which can be seen in the crotch of the tights, it is extremely sexy. Though technically not crossdresser panties, tights and leggings fit nicely into the category of transformation designs for crossdressers.