My real-life small penis humiliation stories

Embrace your tiny penis it is a lot easier than trying to make it larger. This is just one of many small penis humiliation stories I will share with you today and they are all true and they have all happened to me. Let us start with what a tiny penis is. Flaccid penis size of 2” or less is small with a penis size of 1” or less being tiny also know as micro-penis. There are more men than you might guess that have small penis humiliation stories in fact just about any guy you see in the shower at the gym with a tiny penis will have small penis humiliation stories if you ask him about it. If you do ask make sure to be serious and empathetic because many men find having a tiny penis to be debilitating though it definitely does not need to be an issue, it can be a huge positive but more on that latter. These stories are about me and though I am middle aged now my penis has been tiny my entire life I just did not realize that until middle school when they made all the boys take showers after gym class. I understand that is something that is no longer done in many schools but back than it was not a choice you had to strip nude and shower after gym class and there was a teacher in the locker room making sure all the boys did. Could you imagine that in this day and age, a teacher that made sure all the teenage boys were nude and showering. Before I go on let me say that my flaccid penis is just under 1” which is about as small as most men will ever see tough, I once noticed a guy with a penis less than ½” in fact it looked more like a clitoris with tiny balls too. Until middle school I never though about the size of my penis but when we started taking showers in middle school and other guys started making jokes about my penis, I took notice quickly and it was embarrassing. This was the case because everything they said was true. When I looked around all the other boys had larger to much larger penises. Some of the guys would tell me that I am in the wrong locker room that I should be in the girls-locker room and looking back at that and how hurtful that was it was most likely true, I would have fit in better in the girls-locker room. This was one of my first small penis humiliation stories but not the end of it. The guys in the shower room would treat me like a girl and since my penis was so small guys would come up and grab it and play with it in front of other guys and it was not considered gay because they felt like I was a girl. The boys would tell their girlfriends about me and many of them would make fun of me though there were many others who were extremely nice to me and would tell me not to worry about it. This went on for years all through high school too. My penis never got any bigger. My parents took me to see doctors and they would say it is smaller than normal but there is noting to be done about it. Once in high school I was pulled out of the locker-room naked in front of a bunch of girls that were working out and left there, this was one of my worst and best small penis humiliation stories. It was terrible because I was mortified and when I ran back into the boy’s locker room I kept getting pushed out until a female teacher came over and made sure I got back in. There are a few good parts of this story. First the female gym teacher caught the boys that were doing this to me and they were suspended, second, she actually became a friend of mine and we are still friends all these years later and third I found out there are girls that prefer small and even tiny penises over large ones. Crazy thing is that this intendent led directly to my first real girlfriend who happened to be one of the girls that witnessed the event. During these young years in school, I also realized though I did not know what it was called back then that I loved women and I also could enjoy men. Not all guys were mean to me there were guys that were super nice and very sympathetic to my plight. Some of them turned out to be gay and other straight but there were some good guys. Here is a little secret: the first time I had oral was in 9th grade and it was from another guy named Greg. He was always so nice to me and would tell me not to listen to all those assholes. We would go over to his house after school and hang out. He parents were at work and we would have the house to ourselves until his older sister came home. Greg was what all girls would call cute and I even thought he was cute more like a cute girl then a guy. Blond hair blue eyes and almost pretty. We would skinny dip in his pool and after while laying in the sun. One day while laying next to me he put his one on me and started rubbing. I freaked me out a little but it felt good. Before I new it he was sucking on my tiny penis and I can’t lie it felt good and I let him in fact I let him do it whenever he wanted and I think I had more sex than just about anyone. Greg knew that I liked girls and he was always trying to hook me up with them. As it turns out he was bi-sexual but who even knew that term back then, looking back I guess I was too. That leads me to another one of my small penis humiliation stories: The time his older sister caught us in the pool my floating on by back with my penis in Greg’s mouth. Greg’s sister was five years older than us which seemed like an adult back in those days. We did not hear her come home and as it turns out she was sitting in the den watching us. She came out back and called over to us to get out of the pool. We were both mortified but did has we were told. Carol had us sit down she would not even let us put our cloths on, looking back she may have been a little twisted too. Both Greg and I were still hard, mine about 2.5” and his over 6”. Carol told us that what we were doing was fine and not to be embarrassed but that we should not do it in the backyard where neighbors could see us and possibly tell Greg’s parents and then mine, she said that could be a big problem and we both agreed. I remember a couple things about that incident, first Carol kept looking at my body and especially my penis which was now back to it’s normal 1” size, my guess is she had seen Greg her naked her entire life and did not care much so her eyes stayed on me. She told Greg to take his clothes and go inside and that she wanted to talk to me in private. She said Michael you need to be careful having sex. These were the days of AIDS but it did not enter my mind that oral sex could be a problem. She asked if I was gay and I said no that I like girls but it was fun having Greg do what he did, Carol said she was sure it was. She said that if I do that with other boys or if other boys want to have anal sex which she explained was them putting their penis in my butt, which at the time did not sound like fun at all, that I would need to make sure they used a condom. Wise information from a young lady. She was cute and as she was talking to me, I got an erection and I guess my face turned red when she saw it. When Carol saw how embarrassed I was she said don’t worry you are really very cute, now go put your clothes on and no more of that kind of fun in the backyard. Carlos, Greg and I are still friends to this day, lifelong friends. Earlier I mentioned about my first real girlfriend being one of the girls that saw me naked in front of the gym. Here name was Sara and she was sweet as can be. She was pretty with a tiny little body but nice curves, I had no idea how hot she was at the time until we started going out and the bullies were very impressed, in fact a lot of the cool kids were. Looking back Sara must have been one of these girls that like tiny penises, after all they are not scary like those big adult sized cocks that for a young girl must be very intimidating. I did not know at the time that there are many women that prefer small sizes cocks. They find them much more comfortable when having sex and the truth is there are so many ways to make a woman cum with very few of those being pure penetration. I have had many girls tell me they love a small cock and larger ones hurt them and even worse many women have been injured by larger cocks even normal sized ones so my tiny penis is just the ticket for many but not all wone. That leads me into another one of my small penis humiliation stories: if you have a tiny penis you are going to run into women that are not very nice and laugh at you. This has happened many times to me. Once with my first girlfriend Sara we were in a jacuzzi with a couple of her girlfriends all of us wearing swimsuits and smoking a little pot when one of her friends said let’s do this nude and stripped off her swimsuit, the other girl followed and Sara said OK let’s do it. She looked at me and smiled and said don’t be shy, we both took our suits off. When we got out the mixture of having a tiny penis and all that hot water made me look like a girl, that was true but one of her friends looked at me and said lucky for us it is just the ladies out here tonight. That was deflating for me but Sara stepped up and said oh no he is a real man a squeezed me tight.  

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