Inverted male chastity cages

When it comes to male chastity cages the newest most exciting trend is the inverted cage. Inverted male chastity cages are new to the chastity scene as of 2020 when these new designs were created by the crazy boys at the Male Chastity Store at Let me give you a quick overview of what they are and how they work but first let me tell you that if you are new to wearing male chastity cages the inverted ones are not the right starting point, they are for men that are experienced users. The example we will use today is the Munchkin Inverted screwed convertible model. The Munchkin line of chastity cages offers everything from standard micro style cock cages, chastity devices with penis plugs, inverted style chastity devices and their most extreme male chastity cages the Munchkin Screwed and plugged Deep Throat Inverted cage. Quite a selection and while the standard Munchkin Cage can be used by all men regardless of experience as you move on the others should be choices after you have at least some time in having your penis in a cage. The major difference between the inverted style male chastity cages and other chastity devices is that the penis is forced inside body cavity and held there when the cage is locked on. There is an option on the cages to use a catheter style penis plug so you can urinate without taking the cage off. I consider myself a very experienced person when it come to wearing cock cages, but I was surprised by how the cage felt my first time wearing one. It was a mix between looking and feeling like I had become a Eunuch with my shaft being removed. A very intense feeling indeed and one my dominatrix wanted me to experience repeatedly! I would absolutely recommend trying one of these extreme chastity devices if you have experience wearing cock cages.