A heavy-duty male chastity device in a small package

This post will focus on one of my favorite cock cages and I want to be up front and say that this is a cage I wear often especially when I want to feel the weight of my chastity device but I still want a nice tight fit and absolute security. The cock cage on todays docket is the She Cock. What a fucking great name for a chastity device, in two words it tells you to get ready for the humiliation of having to be caged. The She Cock keeps my man Clit from growing into a real penis, there is no room for that. The size of cage is just large enough to handle a small flaccid cock like mine though I am sure many men with larger shafts just force them into the cage for safe keeping. The design is in my opinion an absolute stunner a real beauty. Smooth soft lines formed of stainless steel and all in an extremely compact cage. The cock ring is a form fitting design that is comfortable for a night out or weeks at a time. Your mistress will love the no escape clause in the design. Once locked in there is no way to remove it without the key. This is one of the main reasons why this cock cage is so popular with key-holders.