Special Male Chastity Cages

Out on the town with the She Café cock cage.

The She Café is a remarkably interesting mini micro style male chastity cage. I have been wearing one for the last week testing it out for fit, feel and quality. It is one of the more unusual cock cage styles which I tend to enjoy since so many companies are selling the same old cages. The She Café can be found at the Male Chastity Store at Koalaswim.com. Some guys tell me they are overwhelmed by their selection on the site, but I prefer to have a lot of choices and since my collection is on the eclectic micro size side, I love the styles they offer. The She Café is considered a mini micro size cage and it trends closer to being a micro cock cage, it offers superb security which I feel is extremely important in a male chastity device, there is no escaping this unit. It is a substantial cage that is on the weighty side, but it is also extremely comfortable I could see myself being locked up in the She Café long term. The cock ring portion is much thicker than on most cages and it has what is referred to as a comfort fit style, I am not sure exactly what that means but I can tell you it is an extremely comfortable male chastity cock cage. I am on the smaller side and I had no issues fitting inside the cage with room to spare. My guess is most guys that have an average size penis or smaller, or larger guys that are small when flaccid should be able to use this cage without any issues. Male chastity device design is more a matter of personal choice, and as you all know, men are visually stimulated easily. I found the She Café an extremely attractive design and I especially like the front locking system a rarity among male chastity devices.