Munchkin Convertible Male chastity device

The Munchkin Convertible inverted male chastity device is now available in both padlock and security screw style locks. For you folks that are not yet familiar with the inverted line of male chastity device they are simply the most exciting new development in the world of male chastity cock cages. The concept is so interesting. Let us start with the basics because the Munchkin line of cock cages covers many different sub-styles, but they all have certain basic similarities. The Munchkin male chastity device is an ultra-micro cock cage made to cage the penis extremely close to the body forcing most of the shaft inside of you. The Convertible version goes on to add a fixed cylinder to the inside of the shaft cover that forces the shaft to stay inside the body cavity about 1” deep. I talked to the boys at who are the manufacture of this line and was told that the idea of an inverted male chastity device had been floating around for a couple of years and that customer requests for this new concept cage was what pushed us over the top to make it. The response has been wonderful, the guys love it said Michael David of Koala. The convertible aspect of the cage is a penis plug style catheter that is included with the device is an optional but much-loved aspect of using this cage. The plug goes right through the front of the cage through the cylinder and into the penis which is already pushed well into the body cavity. If you are into chastity and chastity training like I am you are probably getting wet just thinking about using this bad boy.