Male Chastity Cages is the Easy Road to Being Chaste


When it comes to entering the chaste lifestyle, male chastity cages can make that transition so much easier. You might wonder why a tiny cage will make it easier to follow all of the rules involved in being a man in living chaste but it really makes more sense than it sounds at first. To begin with, these cages go a long way in helping men to control random erections. They actually are miniature cages and the little bars start to dig in when the penis begins to become erect. This will, naturally, discourage an erection along with the desire to have one. While it is not really painful, these little bars will definitely cause enough discomfort to remove all thoughts of sex rom a man’s mind and body. The only exception to this rule is the fact that there are men who enjoy pain. In those cases, other things will need to be used.

Male chastity cages come in the form of tiny little bird cages except that these cages do not hold birds. Instead, they surround penises. There is also a tiny lock with a small key that will keep this cage locked around the penis. The key is then turned over to a trusted person called the Key Holder. This person maintains possession of the key and makes the decision of when the cage can be unlocked and for how long. Being let out of that cage is considered to be a reward for pleasing the Key Holder by doing something he has been told to do and by doing it well. This is also a great way to train a new man in the ways of living in chastity.

While there are many methods to train a man in chastity, the male chastity cages are among the easiest for both the submissive man and dominant partner. They fit simply enough and provide the restraint needed to prevent erections with only minimal discomfort unless, of course, the men keep trying to misbehave. If that happens, the Key Holder will be ready to mete out some punishment until the submissive male understands the rules a little better. Since the cage can be locked on and taken off so easily, it is one of the simpler methods of chastity training and quite popular with professional trainers and dominant partners.