Are You Ready for Male Chastity Cages


For many men who enter the chaste community and lifestyle, male chastity cages are a large part of the way that these men live. Not all use these little cages in order to be kept in line, but a large number of them do. An important thing to ask yourself is whether or not you are ready for these cages to be placed around your penis. Some men love them and consider these cages to be a very important part of their training as well as insuring that they behave and do as they are commanded by their dominant partner. There are small locks along with tiny keys that accompany these cages. The key is turned over to the Key Holder or dominant partner so that the men do not remove the cages at will.

Male chastity cages are in place on men in the chaste community in order to keep them from attaining random erections. Those erections tend to get plenty of men in trouble all the time. Therefore, when a man is wearing one of these cages, it does not matter whether or not his penis is trying to grow. The little bars on the cage will prevent this erection from happening by digging into the growing penis. The discomfort that is brought about by those little bars tend to discourage the penis from getting hard. Most of the time, the urge to even want to have an erection is taken away by these cages.

Many men fear male chastity cages even though they have no real reason to do so. These are usually the guys who are afraid to give up control of their sexual decisions. They know that once those cages are encircling their penises, all bets are off. The only way that they will be having erections of their own choosing is if the cage happens to be too big for their penises. Then those erections can happen at will and even be satisfied in spite of the cage. If you happen to be one of those men who fear chastity cages, then you most likely are not ready to wear one or ready to enter the chastity life. When you develop the complete trust that you need to be chaste, then you will be ready to wear a chastity cage.