Adjusting to Wearing Male Chastity Cages


I have not worn any male chastity cages that I thought were overly comfortable the first time I ever wore them. I compare it to putting on ski boots for the first time. You have to learn how to walk in them since your ankles do not move and all that. I always end up walking a bit funny when I first put on a new cage just because of how they are designed and the types of pants I like to wear. Keep that in mind if you are planning to go out in public shortly after locking it in place. Some people may think there is something wrong with you just by the way you are walking.

I also have to point out that you should not try to over correct the way you are walking while wearing these male chastity cages. Trying to correct the way you are walking will usually make you look like a complete fool to strangers on the street not to mention alert others that you have something a little different on underneath your clothes. Just go with the flow and move in ways that cause you the least amount of discomfort. After a while you will get used to the way the cage fits and you won’t even notice it anymore. All you have to do is go about your day as normal.

DSCF0400 I never get to use my real cock. After all it is tiny.

Of course this all depends on what type of male chastity cages you are planning to wear. There are some people in the world that I won’t even try to wear around simply because of the way they are designed. I probably could not walk around my living room comfortably let alone walk down the street to the club. These are things that you have to consider when trying out a new lifestyle like this, especially one that requires you to lock your cock up inside a small metal cage for months on end. It can be a bit challenging for new guys to even look that far into the future, but it is something you will definitely need to do at some point. Go ahead and try something a bit different.