Male Chastity Cages and Giving out the Keys


One of the great things about wearing male chastity cages is the feeling of being in control all the time. But there are moments in my life when I do not want to feel like I am in control. I want to feel like I have given control to someone else and that means I have to find someone to entrust with my cage key. The funny thing is that I will usually give it to someone who does not know what it is. I do not want them to think I am weird for wearing a cage, but I want the excitement of handing them a key and telling them to hide it from me.

Most of the time they think it is funny but I am sure that if they knew it was for my male chastity cages; they would probably not want anything to do with it. I like having this kind of secret from them even if it means I cannot get my key back any time soon. I actually gave it to a co-worker and they went to China for three weeks on a business trip. I had no idea how to contact them. That was pretty interesting seeing as how I was not sure how long they would actually be gone for that trip.



Other times, I will give it to a neighbor or something just to see how long I can wear my male chastity cages before asking for the key back. I have even been known to lock it up in a safe deposit box at the bank downtown just so I was not enticed to use it. Sometimes, you have to play these little games when you are all by yourself. I have even thought about mailing the key to friends and family in other states with a note telling them to mail the key back in a month. I think that would be really interesting. Of course, that might also backfire on me as they might feel that that I have totally lost my mind.