Deciding to Wear Male Chastity Cages


One of the best decisions I have ever made was the one where I started wearing male chastity cages. This is something that I had wanted to do for a very long time even though I was not exactly sure what it was until I saw my first cage. I knew that I needed something to manage my erections but I was not exactly sure how I should do that. As soon as I saw that first cage, though, I knew that it was what I had been looking for and that I had to buy it immediately.

Now I was not exactly sure how I was supposed to wear one of these male chastity cages, but I knew that I had to at least try. There was something about the design that called to my soul and I knew if I did not try, then I would regret it for the rest of my life. So I went ahead and bought one to see if I could actually get the thing on and what it would do for me. I was surprised at how easy it was for me to get it on and how great it felt once I locked it in place. I truly was not expecting the ease that I felt in the cage for the first time, but I was thankful that I did.

There might be some guys in the world that are interested in wearing male chastity cages but, like me, they are not sure if they can get along with them all that well. I will tell you that it did not take but five minutes before I was comfortable in my cage although I am sure that is not exactly normal for everyone. Some guys might want to take some time to get used to their cages while others who are like me can simply lock it in and head on out the door, although I do suggest putting pants on first. Those cages are great for some things but not so much for covering things in public.

Being Cautious Male Chastity Cages


Not all male chastity cages are created equally and doing a quick check online will show you the truth in this. There are a lot of sites that offer cheap alternatives to real cages, which you should stay away from at all costs. I highly recommend buying your cages from reputable sites if you are going to buy them online and do your best to not save a lot of money on them. I have been suckered into buying one of those cheap cages in the past, and it was the worst decision of my life. It almost made me give up chastity altogether, after a brief visit to the emergency room, that is.

High quality male chastity cages will fit you perfectly and will not cause any discomfort other than having your cock locked inside of it. But the cheaper ones will usually have some kind of defect in them that can cause anything from extreme pain to a visit to the hospital. I just happened to get the latter one of those and it was not fun. The cage I bought had a bur inside the ring that goes around the base of the cock. On top of that, the lock did not work right and I could not get the key to work.

After seeing a decent amount of blood, I decided that I will pay more money for my male chastity cages if I was ever able to get that one off and keep my manhood in one peace. Needless to say, the doctor was surprised to see why I was there and I was able to have it removed safely. I immediately threw that cage away and, after a couple of week’s recovery, I bought another one that was of better quality. I have not had any issues with that one and I am pretty sure that I will not have any with others that I might buy in the future.

Making the Most of Male Chastity Cages


Male chastity cages are among the most popular of chastity equipment put into use by couples and/or single men who are engaged in the chaste lifestyle. Nothing seems to be easier to use and more effective than these cages, which is mostly why they are chosen most often to be used to keep the submissive men in line and keep them from misbehaving. They also come in various designs and are made from various materials. Most of the cages, however, tend to be crafted from different types of metals. This is especially true of the miniature cage design. These resemble tiny bird cages with small doors that are locked with little keys.

These male chastity cages go a long way in helping the dominant partner in a relationship to keep the submissive male under control. Nothing works better than a small cage locked around a male’s penis. Of course it must be the perfect size for the penis or it will not work so well. For instance, a cage that is too large will not be effective at all in preventing a random erection or an erection that happens without permission from the dominant partner. There will be plenty of room in a cage that is too big for an erection to occur. On the other hand, a cage that is too small can cause some damage to the penis; even damage that turns out to be permanent.



The main use of male chastity cages is in training the submissive male to do as he is told. Once the training is finished, the cages will still be worn no matter how well he has learned how to take orders and follow instructions. He will be allowed to remove the cage on a regular basis in order to clean both his penis and the cage. This prevents any infection from beginning on the penis or surrounding area. One last note is that the cages can be put into use at any time that the submissive partner decides to cheat and enter into a one night stand or a random encounter in a club or something. Men should always remember this little fact.

Addicted to Buying Male Chastity Cages


I have a few male chastity cages that I like to wear as often as possible but I am always looking for more. I think I enjoy searching for new designs more than I actually enjoy wearing the damn things anymore. Every time I see something I have not come across in the past, I immediately think that I need it for some reason. Then, I spend some time trying to figure out what I do not necessarily need so that I can afford a new cage to wear for a few months. It may sound like I am obsessed or something, but I think of it as more of a hobby that makes my life much better.

The only bad thing about loving male chastity cages as much as I do is that there are always new designs being created. I do not mean that it is bad that these designs are being offered to guys like me but in the fact that I am always finding new ones that I have to choose from. Every time I go to a site that has new cages, I end up spending a good amount of my free time looking over the cages that are there and that means I do not have enough time to do much of anything else.

Of course that does not really bother me all that much because I can always make more time if I find that to be necessary. As long as I am wearing one of my many male chastity cages, I will be more than happy with the time that I have to scrape together to do other things in my life. Besides, wearing my cages is what makes my life so good these days so I should put as much time into finding new ones as possible if I want to continue to live this happy go lucky lifestyle that I have chosen for myself. And I do so love variety.

Adjusting to Wearing Male Chastity Cages


I have not worn any male chastity cages that I thought were overly comfortable the first time I ever wore them. I compare it to putting on ski boots for the first time. You have to learn how to walk in them since your ankles do not move and all that. I always end up walking a bit funny when I first put on a new cage just because of how they are designed and the types of pants I like to wear. Keep that in mind if you are planning to go out in public shortly after locking it in place. Some people may think there is something wrong with you just by the way you are walking.

I also have to point out that you should not try to over correct the way you are walking while wearing these male chastity cages. Trying to correct the way you are walking will usually make you look like a complete fool to strangers on the street not to mention alert others that you have something a little different on underneath your clothes. Just go with the flow and move in ways that cause you the least amount of discomfort. After a while you will get used to the way the cage fits and you won’t even notice it anymore. All you have to do is go about your day as normal.

DSCF0400 I never get to use my real cock. After all it is tiny.

Of course this all depends on what type of male chastity cages you are planning to wear. There are some people in the world that I won’t even try to wear around simply because of the way they are designed. I probably could not walk around my living room comfortably let alone walk down the street to the club. These are things that you have to consider when trying out a new lifestyle like this, especially one that requires you to lock your cock up inside a small metal cage for months on end. It can be a bit challenging for new guys to even look that far into the future, but it is something you will definitely need to do at some point. Go ahead and try something a bit different.

Male Chastity Cages is the Easy Road to Being Chaste


When it comes to entering the chaste lifestyle, male chastity cages can make that transition so much easier. You might wonder why a tiny cage will make it easier to follow all of the rules involved in being a man in living chaste but it really makes more sense than it sounds at first. To begin with, these cages go a long way in helping men to control random erections. They actually are miniature cages and the little bars start to dig in when the penis begins to become erect. This will, naturally, discourage an erection along with the desire to have one. While it is not really painful, these little bars will definitely cause enough discomfort to remove all thoughts of sex rom a man’s mind and body. The only exception to this rule is the fact that there are men who enjoy pain. In those cases, other things will need to be used.

Male chastity cages come in the form of tiny little bird cages except that these cages do not hold birds. Instead, they surround penises. There is also a tiny lock with a small key that will keep this cage locked around the penis. The key is then turned over to a trusted person called the Key Holder. This person maintains possession of the key and makes the decision of when the cage can be unlocked and for how long. Being let out of that cage is considered to be a reward for pleasing the Key Holder by doing something he has been told to do and by doing it well. This is also a great way to train a new man in the ways of living in chastity.

While there are many methods to train a man in chastity, the male chastity cages are among the easiest for both the submissive man and dominant partner. They fit simply enough and provide the restraint needed to prevent erections with only minimal discomfort unless, of course, the men keep trying to misbehave. If that happens, the Key Holder will be ready to mete out some punishment until the submissive male understands the rules a little better. Since the cage can be locked on and taken off so easily, it is one of the simpler methods of chastity training and quite popular with professional trainers and dominant partners.

Are You Ready for Male Chastity Cages


For many men who enter the chaste community and lifestyle, male chastity cages are a large part of the way that these men live. Not all use these little cages in order to be kept in line, but a large number of them do. An important thing to ask yourself is whether or not you are ready for these cages to be placed around your penis. Some men love them and consider these cages to be a very important part of their training as well as insuring that they behave and do as they are commanded by their dominant partner. There are small locks along with tiny keys that accompany these cages. The key is turned over to the Key Holder or dominant partner so that the men do not remove the cages at will.

Male chastity cages are in place on men in the chaste community in order to keep them from attaining random erections. Those erections tend to get plenty of men in trouble all the time. Therefore, when a man is wearing one of these cages, it does not matter whether or not his penis is trying to grow. The little bars on the cage will prevent this erection from happening by digging into the growing penis. The discomfort that is brought about by those little bars tend to discourage the penis from getting hard. Most of the time, the urge to even want to have an erection is taken away by these cages.

Many men fear male chastity cages even though they have no real reason to do so. These are usually the guys who are afraid to give up control of their sexual decisions. They know that once those cages are encircling their penises, all bets are off. The only way that they will be having erections of their own choosing is if the cage happens to be too big for their penises. Then those erections can happen at will and even be satisfied in spite of the cage. If you happen to be one of those men who fear chastity cages, then you most likely are not ready to wear one or ready to enter the chastity life. When you develop the complete trust that you need to be chaste, then you will be ready to wear a chastity cage.



Male Chastity Cages and Giving out the Keys


One of the great things about wearing male chastity cages is the feeling of being in control all the time. But there are moments in my life when I do not want to feel like I am in control. I want to feel like I have given control to someone else and that means I have to find someone to entrust with my cage key. The funny thing is that I will usually give it to someone who does not know what it is. I do not want them to think I am weird for wearing a cage, but I want the excitement of handing them a key and telling them to hide it from me.

Most of the time they think it is funny but I am sure that if they knew it was for my male chastity cages; they would probably not want anything to do with it. I like having this kind of secret from them even if it means I cannot get my key back any time soon. I actually gave it to a co-worker and they went to China for three weeks on a business trip. I had no idea how to contact them. That was pretty interesting seeing as how I was not sure how long they would actually be gone for that trip.



Other times, I will give it to a neighbor or something just to see how long I can wear my male chastity cages before asking for the key back. I have even been known to lock it up in a safe deposit box at the bank downtown just so I was not enticed to use it. Sometimes, you have to play these little games when you are all by yourself. I have even thought about mailing the key to friends and family in other states with a note telling them to mail the key back in a month. I think that would be really interesting. Of course, that might also backfire on me as they might feel that that I have totally lost my mind.

Considerations of Male Chastity Cages


One of the biggest questions that is asked about male chastity cages is which one is the best to get. It is also one of the most difficult answers to find. The reason for this is because penises are quite individual even though there are some women in the world who tend to say that penises are all alike. They are not, however. In fact, penises are quite different from each other. The differences show more when the penis is flaccid. Chastity cages are meant to fit around flaccid penises. They are also meant to keep away erections and, as a result, stop orgasms. There are some men who think they need a chastity cage that will house an erection but that could not be further from the truth. Once that cage is locked around your penis, erections are no longer a part of your life.

There are several important things that the best male chastity cages need to meet. To begin with, it must be comfortable as you will need to be able to wear it 24 hours every 7 without experiencing pain and/or irritation. It should keep you from waking up in the middle of the night trying to get an erection because it should be keeping your penis from growing. Your cage should also keep you from masturbating. Now, it is possible to attain an orgasm without having a hard penis and, with some practice, most men can manage to come by using a very powerful vibrator even when wearing a chastity cage. However, since you are locked up as a part of enforced chastity, you should not be trying to have an orgasm.

Something else that good male chastity cages should be is secure enough to prevent those random erections. None of the cages are 100 percent escape proof and some men can get their penises out if they really work at it. The thing is that if you are really committed to your Key Holder, the cage does not have to be escape proof because you will not even be tempted to masturbate without permission. In addition, the cage must be easy to clean. Lots of cages do not fully meet this requirement so you need to be careful. All you really need is a shower with a shower massager to keep your cage clean. Just keep in mind that there really is no perfect cage and buy yours accordingly.


Experimenting with Male Chastity Cages


Everyone who is involved in the chastity lifestyles knows that male chastity cages have been around for a very long time. This device first called a “self-protector” was patented by Daniel P. Cook who lived in Hartford, Connecticut. The patent was executed in 1870 apparently to be used on Renaissance paintings of naked kids. The way that it works is to use a band that circles the body right about the lips. The band is then locked together by a tiny padlock or some other device. Then they key to the padlock is handed over to the Key Holder who retains charge of it only using it to unlock the device when the submissive has earned that right or for cleaning.

To show how far people have come during this day and age, it is interesting to look at the type of male chastity cages invented by a woman, no less. Ellen E. Perkins made her proposal of a type of sexual armor in 1907. Her reason behind this is because she felt that masturbation was the most common reason for insanity, feeble mindedness and imbecility particularly in young men. She was positive that her device would put a stop to all of this by making it impossible for masturbation to happen. Obviously, in looking back all of those years ago, it is clear that people such as Daniel Cook and Ellen Perkins were uneducated and narrow minded about sexual health and gratification. Thankfully, knowledge pertaining to sexual practices have become much more advanced currently. That is why male chastity is a choice today rather than a forced action.


Male chastity cages have evolved dramatically since their inception just as the purpose for them has become much different. In one way, they are still meant to curtail self-pleasure at random. On the other hand, men willingly wear a design of these cages that are sexier and more comfortable. They still resemble cages and they still have tiny padlocks on them. They also continue to be controlled by a Key Holder, but the men who are in these types of relationships because they want to be and feel that the rewards earned by wearing the cages are more than worth the willingness to wear them and please their Key Holders.