Are You Ready for Male Chastity Cages


For many men who enter the chaste community and lifestyle, male chastity cages are a large part of the way that these men live. Not all use these little cages in order to be kept in line, but a large number of them do. An important thing to ask yourself is whether or not you are ready for these cages to be placed around your penis. Some men love them and consider these cages to be a very important part of their training as well as insuring that they behave and do as they are commanded by their dominant partner. There are small locks along with tiny keys that accompany these cages. The key is turned over to the Key Holder or dominant partner so that the men do not remove the cages at will.

Male chastity cages are in place on men in the chaste community in order to keep them from attaining random erections. Those erections tend to get plenty of men in trouble all the time. Therefore, when a man is wearing one of these cages, it does not matter whether or not his penis is trying to grow. The little bars on the cage will prevent this erection from happening by digging into the growing penis. The discomfort that is brought about by those little bars tend to discourage the penis from getting hard. Most of the time, the urge to even want to have an erection is taken away by these cages.

Many men fear male chastity cages even though they have no real reason to do so. These are usually the guys who are afraid to give up control of their sexual decisions. They know that once those cages are encircling their penises, all bets are off. The only way that they will be having erections of their own choosing is if the cage happens to be too big for their penises. Then those erections can happen at will and even be satisfied in spite of the cage. If you happen to be one of those men who fear chastity cages, then you most likely are not ready to wear one or ready to enter the chastity life. When you develop the complete trust that you need to be chaste, then you will be ready to wear a chastity cage.



Male Chastity Cages and Giving out the Keys


One of the great things about wearing male chastity cages is the feeling of being in control all the time. But there are moments in my life when I do not want to feel like I am in control. I want to feel like I have given control to someone else and that means I have to find someone to entrust with my cage key. The funny thing is that I will usually give it to someone who does not know what it is. I do not want them to think I am weird for wearing a cage, but I want the excitement of handing them a key and telling them to hide it from me.

Most of the time they think it is funny but I am sure that if they knew it was for my male chastity cages; they would probably not want anything to do with it. I like having this kind of secret from them even if it means I cannot get my key back any time soon. I actually gave it to a co-worker and they went to China for three weeks on a business trip. I had no idea how to contact them. That was pretty interesting seeing as how I was not sure how long they would actually be gone for that trip.



Other times, I will give it to a neighbor or something just to see how long I can wear my male chastity cages before asking for the key back. I have even been known to lock it up in a safe deposit box at the bank downtown just so I was not enticed to use it. Sometimes, you have to play these little games when you are all by yourself. I have even thought about mailing the key to friends and family in other states with a note telling them to mail the key back in a month. I think that would be really interesting. Of course, that might also backfire on me as they might feel that that I have totally lost my mind.

Considerations of Male Chastity Cages


One of the biggest questions that is asked about male chastity cages is which one is the best to get. It is also one of the most difficult answers to find. The reason for this is because penises are quite individual even though there are some women in the world who tend to say that penises are all alike. They are not, however. In fact, penises are quite different from each other. The differences show more when the penis is flaccid. Chastity cages are meant to fit around flaccid penises. They are also meant to keep away erections and, as a result, stop orgasms. There are some men who think they need a chastity cage that will house an erection but that could not be further from the truth. Once that cage is locked around your penis, erections are no longer a part of your life.

There are several important things that the best male chastity cages need to meet. To begin with, it must be comfortable as you will need to be able to wear it 24 hours every 7 without experiencing pain and/or irritation. It should keep you from waking up in the middle of the night trying to get an erection because it should be keeping your penis from growing. Your cage should also keep you from masturbating. Now, it is possible to attain an orgasm without having a hard penis and, with some practice, most men can manage to come by using a very powerful vibrator even when wearing a chastity cage. However, since you are locked up as a part of enforced chastity, you should not be trying to have an orgasm.

Something else that good male chastity cages should be is secure enough to prevent those random erections. None of the cages are 100 percent escape proof and some men can get their penises out if they really work at it. The thing is that if you are really committed to your Key Holder, the cage does not have to be escape proof because you will not even be tempted to masturbate without permission. In addition, the cage must be easy to clean. Lots of cages do not fully meet this requirement so you need to be careful. All you really need is a shower with a shower massager to keep your cage clean. Just keep in mind that there really is no perfect cage and buy yours accordingly.


Experimenting with Male Chastity Cages


Everyone who is involved in the chastity lifestyles knows that male chastity cages have been around for a very long time. This device first called a “self-protector” was patented by Daniel P. Cook who lived in Hartford, Connecticut. The patent was executed in 1870 apparently to be used on Renaissance paintings of naked kids. The way that it works is to use a band that circles the body right about the lips. The band is then locked together by a tiny padlock or some other device. Then they key to the padlock is handed over to the Key Holder who retains charge of it only using it to unlock the device when the submissive has earned that right or for cleaning.

To show how far people have come during this day and age, it is interesting to look at the type of male chastity cages invented by a woman, no less. Ellen E. Perkins made her proposal of a type of sexual armor in 1907. Her reason behind this is because she felt that masturbation was the most common reason for insanity, feeble mindedness and imbecility particularly in young men. She was positive that her device would put a stop to all of this by making it impossible for masturbation to happen. Obviously, in looking back all of those years ago, it is clear that people such as Daniel Cook and Ellen Perkins were uneducated and narrow minded about sexual health and gratification. Thankfully, knowledge pertaining to sexual practices have become much more advanced currently. That is why male chastity is a choice today rather than a forced action.


Male chastity cages have evolved dramatically since their inception just as the purpose for them has become much different. In one way, they are still meant to curtail self-pleasure at random. On the other hand, men willingly wear a design of these cages that are sexier and more comfortable. They still resemble cages and they still have tiny padlocks on them. They also continue to be controlled by a Key Holder, but the men who are in these types of relationships because they want to be and feel that the rewards earned by wearing the cages are more than worth the willingness to wear them and please their Key Holders.

Do You Need Male Chastity Cages?


Male chastity cages are the primary items used in a chastity relationship. There are some pretty good reasons for this but you will also find that many people do not see the need for these devices in order to have a good chastity lifestyle. Those with objections are usually the same types of personalities that really should not be a part of the chastity community because they are still trying to control things in their lives. These are typically the men who just think they understand what chastity is and that they want it to be a part of their lives. In reality, they have no clue what it means to be chaste and will never live successfully as a chaste male.


The main reason that the dominant partner chooses to use male chastity cages is because they are the most effective of all chastity devices. These are actually miniature cages that fit over a man’s penis. They have little locks that come with a key which is turned over to the dominant partner known as the Key Holder. Cages discourage random erections in men, or any type of erection for that matter. The little bars of the tiny cages dig into the penis when it tries to become erect and causes the desire to disappear. Therefore, the erection goes away and the penis becomes flaccid once more. They go a long way in keeping a man in line and helping him to retain his chastity.

The most important thing to remember with male chastity cages to keep them effective is that they must be the correct size for the man who will be wearing them. For instance, a man with a large penis does not need to have a cage that is too small. If they can be put over the penis at all, there is every chance that the man will suffer some dangerous damage when an erection tries to occur. On the other hand, a cage that is too large will not be effective at all. The cage will most likely simply fall off of the penis but if it stays on after all, an erection can easily happen because the bars will not be close enough to stop it. In the end, though, these cages can keep a chastity relationship on track and are actually quite important to the success of the relationship overall.

The Necessity for Male Chastity Cages


Unless you are involved in the chastity lifestyle, chances are good that you have no idea what male chastity cages are and what their purpose is. On the other hand, these cages are quite well-known and popular within this specialized community. The cages have a specific purpose for those people that live a chaste life and it makes that life so much simpler to be a part of. Nothing is more effective in keeping men chaste than cages and this if true for many reasons. However, there is one specific reason that makes cages so effective.

That one thing is that male chastity cages are made in the form of miniature cages with tiny locks and keys. They are made to fit over a man’s penis and then are locked into place. This means that, once they are locked, the cages cannot be removed without the use of the keys that fit them. These keys are turned over to individuals known as Key Holders and the men cannot have the cages removed without the permission of the Key Holders. The great thing about chastity cages is that the men wearing them cannot have those random erections that will tempt them to head into club restrooms with strangers for impromptu sex or even a quick solo experience. Men wearing these cages are not going to misbehave.

Male chastity cages are meant not only for training submissives but also for keeping them on track when it comes to sexual pleasure. After all, chastity means that the submissive male does not get to control anything in his life, especially his sexual encounters. So those cages are a vital part of making sure that these guys stick to the rules. When they have earned the reward of taking off their cages, their Key Holders will let them know. Otherwise, they continue to keep them in place and continue trying to do everything in the world to please their Mistresses or Masters. That is when the necessity of chastity cages is really recognized.

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What Do You Know about Male Chastity Cages


Male chastity cages are often a true puzzle for people because they are not aware of the chastity lifestyle. In fact, the entire lifestyle can be a puzzle of complex proportions to a lot of people. Even though this community has grown by leaps and bounds through recent years, there is still a significant number of the earth’s population who has no clue what chastity means. This is, quite simply, a way of living for many couples as well as single men in the world today. Chastity is refraining from having sex just for the sake of instant gratification. It is gaining permission to have sex by earning it as a reward for following a set of rules outlined by the Key Holder or Mistress.

The Key Holder is the dominant person in the man’s life who literally takes possession of the keys to the male chastity cages worn by the submissives. These cages are a large part of the entire chastity lifestyle. They are devices fashioned into the shape of miniature cages that fit over the penis. There is a little door that closes and is locked with a tiny key that is included with the cage. The key is then turned over to the person who is the Key Holder in the man’s life. He must earn the right to have the cage unlocked. These cages are crafted from various types of metals and other sturdy materials. Men who are without partners in their lives can still wear these cages and participate in the chastity life but they obviously need to be more self-disciplined.


Have you ever seen one of these male chastity cages when browsing one of your favorite adult shops or online websites? You probably have but may not have understood what they are used for and why. A lot of men enjoy this way of living because they are in careers or other areas of their lives that demand a lot of energy from them in the way of making all the decisions all the time. They like having a break in at least one part of their lives where all of the decisions are made for them and all they have to do is follow the rules set by someone else. Granted, this is not a lifestyle for everyone, but for the men who do like it; this is the perfect way of life. The cages just help make things more fun, exciting and easier.

Male Chastity Cages are My Secret


I have a friend who has convinced me to start wearing male chastity cages. Now, I will admit that I was not exactly sure about any of this when he first started talking to me about them. In fact, I thought it was a huge joke that he was trying to play on me in order to get me locked up in something and then take humiliating pictures or something. The one thing that actually caught my attention, though, was the fact that he was very serious about what he was telling me about these devices. I kept waiting for the joke, though, just in case. That kept me off guard and not sure about how to react to what he was saying.

It took more than one conversation with him before I became involved in male chastity cages. In fact, it was not until around the fourth conversation that I decided to really take what he was saying seriously. It was at that time that I actually started to look at these devices as something I might want to try. Of course I was not going to tell him about this, but I did become intrigued at the things he was saying. That is when I started to search online and realized that these devices were definitely needed in my life.

I still haven’t told my friend that I enjoy wearing male chastity cages, but I really don’t think it is any of his business anyway. Although I do have him to thank for getting me involved in this, but I am sure that if he knew about it; he would want to see me wearing all of my devices in the open. That is definitely something that I am just not ready to do yet. I may never be ready for that much public knowledge about what I wear. Maybe one of these days I will let him in on the little secret he helped create in my life but not right now. I am sure he will understand if I want to keep this to myself for a little while longer. If he doesn’t understand and ends up getting mad at me for keeping it from him; then so be it. I have my cages now so I will get over it.

Be Particular with Your Male Chastity Cages


Something that men involved in the chastity lifestyle need to be quite careful with is in their choice of male chastity cages. These cages are an integral part of the entire way of life therefore they need to be of the highest quality that can be acquired. These little devices spend a lot of time locked around a man’s penis. It could be outright dangerous if the quality of the cage material was substandard. An infection could occur that might possibly lead to something very serious; something so serious that it could involve some very undesirable surgery. No man wants that to happen to him even though he no longer has any control over his sexual pleasure. He would at least still like to have the option.

In most relationships where chastity is involved, the man rarely has the option of choosing his own devices. Typically, his Key Holder will choose any and all devices including male chastity cages. Therefore, a lot of trust is involved in these types of unions because the man must fully believe that his Key Holder will make decisions that are of only the best ones for him as well as their lifestyle. That means that, while he must submit to whatever his Key Holder commands; he might also want to pay close attention to the kinds of devices that are being chosen and purchased for him. Typically, Key Holders look out for the welfare of their submissives and this is not usually a problem. Still, it cannot hurt to be aware of what is going on.

The majority of the companies that manufacture male chastity cages are cautious with the materials that they use to create them. It is not a secret that the wrong material can cause some serious issues in a place where men do not want to have something seriously wrong. That means that it is usually pretty safe to trust these companies. However, there are always going to be a few companies that are more about greed than safety. This is the real reason to check out the company manufacturing the cages that are a potential consideration. If these companies have any negative reviews; it is best to stay away from them and go with companies that have very positive reviews even if it means spending a little more money in the process.