Wearing a men’s chastity belt

Chastity belts are no longer just for the ladies with all the big changes in men’s chastity belt design.

It seems like forever that the chastity belt has been considered something that was used only on women to control when and if they were allowed to have sex. Chastity belts are still a popular option for women practicing chastity since unlike their male counterparts, women do not have a choice to wear a stand-alone chastity cage. We have all seen pictures and drawings of Men’s Chastity Belt designs from the middle-ages, heavy large impractical styles to keep men from having sex. There are still some extremely large and complicated Men’s Chastity Belt styles on the market today that range in price from a thousand dollars to many thousands of dollars. These belts are custom made for men that can afford them and that are hardcore into the chastity lifestyle. What does that mean for the rest of us that are also into the same lifestyle but cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars for a chastity belt? The answer is a resounding no. You can find excellent chastity belts for as little as one hundred dollars and up to about two hundred. When shopping for a Men’s Chastity Belt you need to understand design styles and how that belt will fit for your body. Not all Men’s Chastity Belt designs fit all men. There is one other twist to Men’s Chastity Belt designs that have come on the market recently. These are male to female transformation designs that not only keep the wearer locked away in chastity but change the look of their equipment to female. This has been one of the most exciting changes to male chastity in years with sissies, transgender and men just wanting to get in touch with their feminine side signing up to wear this type of chastity belt, we will talk more about these in a little while. Let us first get into some of the reasons why a man would prefer to wear a Men’s Chastity Belt over a standard chastity cage keeping in mind that standard chastity cages are available in many more styles than a chastity belt. With cages you have ultra-micro, micro, mini, normal and extra-large designs and since only the penis is affected by the actual cage it is much easier to find a design that works for you. With Men’s Chastity Belt designs including the transformation styles there are only a handful of styles available and many of us keep a few belts in our collections.

The reasons why we choose to wear a chastity belt are many, but I believe the first thing for men that are new to wearing chastity belts to understand is that men who wear belts also wear stand-alone cages. The reason for this is that wearing a Men’s Chastity Belt is not always the best option and is sometimes not an option at all. An example would be that your mistress has decided to take you to the beach, and she wants you to wear something sexy. There is no way you can wear a chastity belt under a bikini and as a matter of fact if you are wearing workout tights or even tight jeans a Men’s Chastity Belt will be too bulky to wear. This is where having cock cages comes into play. You might choose one or one is chosen for you but either way you have options.

Other reasons why we choose to wear a Men’s Chastity Belt

Why we like to wear a chastity belt is based on the way they feel on our bodies. It is hard to duplicate the fully encased feel you have when wearing a chastity belt. It is much more a whole body feel that you do not get when wearing a stand-alone cock cage. Another big benefit that many belt designs offer is a butt plug style lock for the rear. Once the belt is on with the plug-in place there is no action in the front of the rear making you always totally worthless sexually speaking that is. Many men and women enjoy the way a chastity belt wraps tightly around your waist and between the butt cheeks, it is like completely giving yourself over to the chastity experience when you are wearing a belt.

Men’s Chastity Belt designs are extremely secure and when you compare then to a standard cock cage it is easy to see why a chastity belt is the more secure option. A standard cage is held on using a cock ring and with many of the designs they are extremely hard to remove unless you are unlocked from it. A chastity belt when fitted properly offers a higher level of security. They are much harder to escape from than a standard cage because of how they are integrated to your body and there is much less likelihood that you would even bother to try.

Wearing a chastity belt is the ultimate connection to what chastity is all about. The reason we say this is because you never forget you are wearing a chastity belt. It is there reminding you of your vow to chastity every minute of the day. With a stand-alone chastity cage especially the micro designs, once they are locked on and you are wearing clothing you can forget that you are locked up but since the men’s chastity belt is so much more substantial you will always feel it no matter what you are wearing over it.

Wearing a Men’s Chastity Belt makes us feel completely submissive.

Men feel this way when it comes to wearing a chastity belt because wearing one feels totally encompassing. It wraps around you as it securely locks away the penis sometimes encasing the balls so they cannot be seen. This is a look not seen often with stand-alone cages. There are chastity belts that feature incorporated anal plugs that keep that hole locked up at the same time. It is hard to feel anymore submissive than when you are locked up in front, in the rear and you have metal cables, metal straps or leather straps wrapped around you.

Wearing a chastity belt is a form of humiliation.

You will find that a Mistress or master that is working with a sissy, femme boy or slave will use humiliation as a training tool. You will find lovers, wife’s and husband’s that use humiliation techniques as a core of their relationships. Humiliation is a complicated multi-faceted emotion. We are not going to go into that in this post other than to say that often forcing your man to wear a men’s chastity belt and even better having him show it to friends, family and who ever the one controlling this form of humiliation finds attractive is an extremely intimidating form of chastity and is an effective form of humiliation.

Wearing a Men’s Chastity Belt is one of the best methods for chastity training.

I like most men are partial to wearing a stand-alone cock cage, I to do find there are times when a Men’s Chastity Belt just can’t be beat. When it comes to all out-chastity training there is nothing like wearing an escape proof chastity belt, one that leaves the wearer feeling defeated from the start. Wearing a belt does leave the wearer with the intense feeling that his sexual desires and feeling will not be taken care of anytime soon. This is the correct way for a chastity trainee to feel because it ends up relieving their brain of sexual thoughts. If you know it is not going to happen the logical brain goes on to the next problem and the emotional brain follows. That is what makes wearing a belt such an effective training tool and that same feeling is why men that wear stand-alone cages will switch for a time to Men’s Chastity Belt styles, to control these thoughts and feeling when they get too intense.

A chastity belt can be one of the most effective tools to control sexual desire and create the most intense orgasms! There are men and women that are not looking at e chastity and wearing a Men’s Chastity Belt to control sexual desire but to supercharge it. The thought is to deny the wearer sexual pleasure through chastity for as long as the wearer can take it and then some so that when the belt is removed the intensity of the orgasm is earth shaking. Men have reported having the best orgasms and sexual encounters of their lives after chastity restriction sessions some of which can last days or weeks.  Ready to try something that will completely upend your sexual adventures? Wearing a Men’s Chastity Belt might do the trick.

Crossdresser Panties

Crossdressers are always looking for the next best thing, the items that will feminize them the best in the most realistic way and all make them feel good about how they look and what they are wearing. For us it starts and ends with crossdresser panties. As a crossdresser I have my favorites, but I must say that over the last few years the world of crossdresser panties has exploded with new and lovely offerings to seduce us more than ever. Early on it was all about gaffs and tucking and this was the standard fare for years. If you wanted crossdresser panties that would feminize it would be about tucking the penis under and out of the way, which after doing for years myself I would say is one of my least favorite ways of getting rid of the bulge. I came across the newest generation of crossdresser panties by way of a transgender friend that was using them before her operation. Referred to as MTF panties and swimwear of MTF crossdresser panties these designs use the penis as part of the style. Instead of tucking these suits transform the shape of the penis into a vagina. It looks like you have had gender reassignment surgery, but you have not. The front shape of these suits presents as a realistic vagina showing a camel toe, the effect is so realistic because they are using your parts to make it. I have been to the beach wearing MTF swimsuits with my girlfriends and I can tell you down to a girl every one of them could not believe how real my vagina looked and feels to the touch. As a crossdresser nothing could make me feel more feminine and confident than these amazing styles, I will even call them life-changing! The company that invented this category of swimwear and crossdresser panties and is a world-wide leader in these designs is koalaswim.com. When I found their collection online, I was so excited to try a pair. Now my collection of their MTF designs is large and growing by the day. I wear them as panties and as swimwear. As a crossdresser I was always concerned about what to wear at the beach, I wanted feminine, but I also wanted to blend in with the other girls and boy do I blend in. I cannot tell you how guys check me out because they think I am a topless girl sun-bathing on the beach. Even when they sneak a peek there is no way to know that I am anything but a real girl after all no one other than a girl could have a camel toe vagina on display that is stunning.

Panties that transform you to female are life changing and now I know why they are so popular with transgender people. It is such a huge change psychologically when you see where there was once a penis and now there is a vagina, it is the most female I have ever felt, and your brains see this and there is a change in the way you feel about yourself. It is amazing that a pair of crossdresser panties can do all this to you, but it is completely true. I have talked to other crossdressers about wearing the MTF panties and it is a common thread that we all feel the same way about how feminine you can feel wearing these. I understand that gay and straight men that are not crossdressers are starting to wear them to contact their feminine side, I hope them come over to our side!

Let us discuss the assorted styles that MTF panties and swimsuits are available in. One of the tings I find so exciting and fun about these new styles is the breath of designs available. There are G-strings, thongs, bikinis, and micro shorts. In addition, there are MTF style leggings and tights that can be used under a skirt or dress and can be used on their own as leggings that show off your tiny camel toe. It would be fun to talk about each style and how they fit and look. I have seen them on crossdressers, and I have tried all the above assorted designs myself, I told you I had an enormous collection. Personally, I am a bikini and thong sort of gal, but I enjoy about anything made of spandex and though it is a little out of my comfort zone I will on occasion wear a pair of MTF tights and a short top out on the town of at a club. If I am going to do it, I do it all the way and my tiny camel toe is fully exposed, lately I have been wearing them to the gym for my workouts with a tight little Nike top and have received so nice compliments from the real girls.

Like I said I am a bikini/thong girl and I wear them as crossdresser panties and as my go to swimwear for the beach or around the pool and that is true even if I am not made up. I cannot tell you how times someone has come up to me around a hotel pool to let me know there is no topless bathing. It is always interesting to see the response when they find out that I am allowed to. If I were born a woman that would really make me angry that I had to wear a top all the time when sunning myself unless of course I was in a more progressive part of the world. I enjoy the way thongs and bikinis fit my on the feminine side body showing my curves and in the case of the thongs show my well-muscled but as I have been told very female look round rear. That may be why I like showing it off so much. Never having a large penis to show in front and now virtually female up front my rear is one of my nicest assets. I think ever since I tried on my sister’s string bikini when I was a teenager I have been in love with bikinis and thongs.

Micro shorts have been gaining traction and are one of the most popular types of transformation and feminization styles you can wear these spandex shorts as swimwear, under your clothing, as regular work out wear and around town togs. The micro shorts range from showing cheek to showing cheek and in the front the transformation effect is outstanding. Girls agree that this style of crossdresser panties shows the smallest and loveliest little camel toe vagina front, one any boy looking to feminize would be proud to wear. Micro shorts are spandex and skintight, but they do have body shaping aspects to them. They do an excellent job of smoothing out those dimples.

I wanted to bring-up up one other style of crossdresser panties which are the most radical of the feminizing designs, they are the exposed vagina panties, and they are as radical as the name implies. This style of crossdresser panties completely eradicates the penis shaft while reshaping the exposed testicles into vagina lips. When you wear these with tight pants, leggings or shorts you are showing a camel toe but if you are just wearing the panties themselves to hang out in or around friends you are showing your newly created and very looking boy pussy. I get hot just thinking about them. These creations are a specialty of koalaswim.com, the most popular designs are the Changed Man, Changed Man Bikini, Darling Girl, Gender Bender, Girl Power, Girl Power Pink Meat, and the list goes on and on. Stunning, radical, and feminine.

Finally, there are the gender transformation tights and leggings. These special spandex tights feature an interior strap system which recreates the penis as a vagina using all your bits and pieces to make a brilliant and realistic small camel toe style vagina and the outline of which can be seen in the crotch of the tights, it is extremely sexy. Though technically not crossdresser panties, tights and leggings fit nicely into the category of transformation designs for crossdressers.

My real-life small penis humiliation stories

Embrace your tiny penis it is a lot easier than trying to make it larger. This is just one of many small penis humiliation stories I will share with you today and they are all true and they have all happened to me. Let us start with what a tiny penis is. Flaccid penis size of 2” or less is small with a penis size of 1” or less being tiny also know as micro-penis. There are more men than you might guess that have small penis humiliation stories in fact just about any guy you see in the shower at the gym with a tiny penis will have small penis humiliation stories if you ask him about it. If you do ask make sure to be serious and empathetic because many men find having a tiny penis to be debilitating though it definitely does not need to be an issue, it can be a huge positive but more on that latter. These stories are about me and though I am middle aged now my penis has been tiny my entire life I just did not realize that until middle school when they made all the boys take showers after gym class. I understand that is something that is no longer done in many schools but back than it was not a choice you had to strip nude and shower after gym class and there was a teacher in the locker room making sure all the boys did. Could you imagine that in this day and age, a teacher that made sure all the teenage boys were nude and showering. Before I go on let me say that my flaccid penis is just under 1” which is about as small as most men will ever see tough, I once noticed a guy with a penis less than ½” in fact it looked more like a clitoris with tiny balls too. Until middle school I never though about the size of my penis but when we started taking showers in middle school and other guys started making jokes about my penis, I took notice quickly and it was embarrassing. This was the case because everything they said was true. When I looked around all the other boys had larger to much larger penises. Some of the guys would tell me that I am in the wrong locker room that I should be in the girls-locker room and looking back at that and how hurtful that was it was most likely true, I would have fit in better in the girls-locker room. This was one of my first small penis humiliation stories but not the end of it. The guys in the shower room would treat me like a girl and since my penis was so small guys would come up and grab it and play with it in front of other guys and it was not considered gay because they felt like I was a girl. The boys would tell their girlfriends about me and many of them would make fun of me though there were many others who were extremely nice to me and would tell me not to worry about it. This went on for years all through high school too. My penis never got any bigger. My parents took me to see doctors and they would say it is smaller than normal but there is noting to be done about it. Once in high school I was pulled out of the locker-room naked in front of a bunch of girls that were working out and left there, this was one of my worst and best small penis humiliation stories. It was terrible because I was mortified and when I ran back into the boy’s locker room I kept getting pushed out until a female teacher came over and made sure I got back in. There are a few good parts of this story. First the female gym teacher caught the boys that were doing this to me and they were suspended, second, she actually became a friend of mine and we are still friends all these years later and third I found out there are girls that prefer small and even tiny penises over large ones. Crazy thing is that this intendent led directly to my first real girlfriend who happened to be one of the girls that witnessed the event. During these young years in school, I also realized though I did not know what it was called back then that I loved women and I also could enjoy men. Not all guys were mean to me there were guys that were super nice and very sympathetic to my plight. Some of them turned out to be gay and other straight but there were some good guys. Here is a little secret: the first time I had oral was in 9th grade and it was from another guy named Greg. He was always so nice to me and would tell me not to listen to all those assholes. We would go over to his house after school and hang out. He parents were at work and we would have the house to ourselves until his older sister came home. Greg was what all girls would call cute and I even thought he was cute more like a cute girl then a guy. Blond hair blue eyes and almost pretty. We would skinny dip in his pool and after while laying in the sun. One day while laying next to me he put his one on me and started rubbing. I freaked me out a little but it felt good. Before I new it he was sucking on my tiny penis and I can’t lie it felt good and I let him in fact I let him do it whenever he wanted and I think I had more sex than just about anyone. Greg knew that I liked girls and he was always trying to hook me up with them. As it turns out he was bi-sexual but who even knew that term back then, looking back I guess I was too. That leads me to another one of my small penis humiliation stories: The time his older sister caught us in the pool my floating on by back with my penis in Greg’s mouth. Greg’s sister was five years older than us which seemed like an adult back in those days. We did not hear her come home and as it turns out she was sitting in the den watching us. She came out back and called over to us to get out of the pool. We were both mortified but did has we were told. Carol had us sit down she would not even let us put our cloths on, looking back she may have been a little twisted too. Both Greg and I were still hard, mine about 2.5” and his over 6”. Carol told us that what we were doing was fine and not to be embarrassed but that we should not do it in the backyard where neighbors could see us and possibly tell Greg’s parents and then mine, she said that could be a big problem and we both agreed. I remember a couple things about that incident, first Carol kept looking at my body and especially my penis which was now back to it’s normal 1” size, my guess is she had seen Greg her naked her entire life and did not care much so her eyes stayed on me. She told Greg to take his clothes and go inside and that she wanted to talk to me in private. She said Michael you need to be careful having sex. These were the days of AIDS but it did not enter my mind that oral sex could be a problem. She asked if I was gay and I said no that I like girls but it was fun having Greg do what he did, Carol said she was sure it was. She said that if I do that with other boys or if other boys want to have anal sex which she explained was them putting their penis in my butt, which at the time did not sound like fun at all, that I would need to make sure they used a condom. Wise information from a young lady. She was cute and as she was talking to me, I got an erection and I guess my face turned red when she saw it. When Carol saw how embarrassed I was she said don’t worry you are really very cute, now go put your clothes on and no more of that kind of fun in the backyard. Carlos, Greg and I are still friends to this day, lifelong friends. Earlier I mentioned about my first real girlfriend being one of the girls that saw me naked in front of the gym. Here name was Sara and she was sweet as can be. She was pretty with a tiny little body but nice curves, I had no idea how hot she was at the time until we started going out and the bullies were very impressed, in fact a lot of the cool kids were. Looking back Sara must have been one of these girls that like tiny penises, after all they are not scary like those big adult sized cocks that for a young girl must be very intimidating. I did not know at the time that there are many women that prefer small sizes cocks. They find them much more comfortable when having sex and the truth is there are so many ways to make a woman cum with very few of those being pure penetration. I have had many girls tell me they love a small cock and larger ones hurt them and even worse many women have been injured by larger cocks even normal sized ones so my tiny penis is just the ticket for many but not all wone. That leads me into another one of my small penis humiliation stories: if you have a tiny penis you are going to run into women that are not very nice and laugh at you. This has happened many times to me. Once with my first girlfriend Sara we were in a jacuzzi with a couple of her girlfriends all of us wearing swimsuits and smoking a little pot when one of her friends said let’s do this nude and stripped off her swimsuit, the other girl followed and Sara said OK let’s do it. She looked at me and smiled and said don’t be shy, we both took our suits off. When we got out the mixture of having a tiny penis and all that hot water made me look like a girl, that was true but one of her friends looked at me and said lucky for us it is just the ladies out here tonight. That was deflating for me but Sara stepped up and said oh no he is a real man a squeezed me tight.  

More small penis humiliation stories next post!

Which Sissy cage is right for me?

If you identify as a sissy, you are working on becoming a sissy or are interested in learning about the sissy lifestyle than the question of which sissy cage is the right one for me is a logical one. It makes sense to ask because most sissies are taught to be chastity sissies and will need to wear a sissy cage. Your next question might be what is a sissy cage? The answer is a sissy cage is any male chastity cage that a sissy will use to lock away her worthless little cock. When we dig deeper into the question of which sissy cage is right for me it helps to realize that most sissies what to do whatever they can to help feminize themselves and there are few things that are more feminizing than erasing a penis from the body and rendering it useless. When we look at cages that way, we know that micro-cock cages would be the natural choice for sissies and in fact it is true that most order a sissy cage that is a micro or ultra-micro style since these cages do an excellent job of locking away the penis, making it useless and feminizing the wearer all at once. This is the perfect combination for a sissy and it is the option that most mistresses and sissy trainers. Male chastity cages with names like the Castrate Cage, Eunuch Cage, Munchkin Cage, Mistress Fury and Pancake Man chastity cages give you an idea of how small these cages really are. Cages like the Castrate and Eunuch make you look like their name implies which might seem scary but these are extremely popular style in the male chastity community and top offerings for sissies looking for the perfect sissy cage. I have lived as a sissy in chastity for over ten years with my girlfriend acting as my mistress. She started me off in normal sized chastity cages but my penis is so small I would just float around in them. My wife was thrilled when the micro cages came onto the market and when she told me she had order a sissy cage style for me I was overjoyed. Something that would fit, something that would all but hide my penis, something small enough to wear under girl style panties or mtf swimsuits without it being noticeable was something I had dreamed about and now it was coming true. Changes to sissy cage designs have come fast and furious since than with the biggest change and one that many sissies reading this will already know about are the inverted style chastity cages. The most popular of all the sissy chastity cage styles are the inverted cages including the monster deep throat models which makes a lot of sense when you understand how this style of cage works. This type of cage forces the shaft inside of the body cavity which makes it feel like you are caged and your penis has been removed something many sissies crave to feel and that is the main reason why they are the go-to style cage.

Deep Throat Inverted Cage

Names like Castrate Inverted, Castrate Deep Throat, Munchkin Inverted Convertible, Munchkin Inverted Hardcore along with Munchkin Deep Throat. Many sissies say they feel like they have a vagina when wearing this style sissy cage and that their pussy is being penetrated, I know that is a detailed visual but this is how they feel. I have used this type of cage too and I would agree that you do feel like you are being penetrated the entire time you are wearing it. When I am asked by sissy friends which cage would be best for me, I always ask how much experience wearing a chastity cage do you have? Someone just starting out will not want their first cage to be an Inverted Deep Throat model, it is too extreme for a wearer with no chastity device experience. On the other hand, a sissy that has been caged for years and feels like they are ready to jump over to an inverted style cage my answer is start slow since it is a new product for you. You cannot just put one on and wear it all day long or days and weeks on end from the get go like you can with most other cage styles. This is a sissy cage that takes getting used to. The best way to do that is to start wearing it for short periods of time and work your way up to longer and longer sessions.

Sissy in Chastity that’s me!

For me being kept as a sissy in chastity was as natural as being trained to be a sissy in fact it is hard to imagine myself a true sissy without having my cock in a cage. Being feminized and caged is as natural as breathing for me. Other sissies I know consider themselves a sissy in chastity and they are proud of it. It is hard for any sissy including me to think that one could be a sissy and not be into a chastity lifestyle since they go together like peanut butter and chocolate, which is to say perfectly. There are Sissies that chastity comes easily too, other men are pushed into it while some of us need it forced upon us, in the end it hardly matters how you come about your chastity adventure. Being a sissy in chastity means you will at times be humiliated from both being a sissy and being in chastity, it is part of the adventure, part of the lifestyle. Sissies in general are men that desire to be feminized, some men do this on their own, but many more require instruction from a sissy trainer though this trend is facing some changes as many a sissy in chastity are being converted by their wives and girlfriends. Have you ever wondered why there are so many women dating or married to feminine men? There are women who are into feminizing their mates and this is a trend that has been taking off now that couples have spent so much more time together during the pandemic. I believe once the pandemic is over this is a trend that will continue becoming a much more typical fetish and lifestyle. Over the past years we have seen an explosion in male chastity between bonded couples along with real growth in men feminized. Many men have chosen chastity as a way of life finding it frees their minds, not being a slave to sex any longer. These are men that are taking chastity into their own hands but there are women that are making decisions about chastity for their men. Let us break down the concept of a male sissy and male chastity but before we go there, I wanted you to check out a website that is extremely popular for mtf transformation also know, as male to female transformation which is a core element of becoming a sissy, sissy transformations, crossdressers and men and women who are into male chastity. The site is koalaswim.com and it is overwhelming how vast their selection of male chastity cages is, it is said they have the largest selection on the planet, and I would tend to agree that it is the truth and not just someone bragging. The one thing you notice right away with the selection of cages is how many are micro style cock cages. These cages are designed for men that want to be caged and feminized with names like the Castrate cage and the Eunuch cage along with cages named girl cock and she cock these micro style cages are designed to erase the wearers manhood. They have so many cages of this style I lost count looking at them. I called and talked to a person at the company, and they said that men looking to become a sissy in chastity will always go for a micro style cage. This makes sense because most sissies will have small penises or would like to have a small penis. The gentleman at Koalaswim.com told me about a sissy training sleeve called the Micro Penis Maker which trains the penis shaft to be tiny and sometimes with enough training a grown man’s cock can get down below 1”in length, that would be almost any sissies dream come true. Another interesting aspect of this site is their full line of male to female transformation suits. These are swimsuits, shorts and tights with many sissies using the swimsuits for both swimming and as underwear panties. These designs do not hide the penis like most gaffs do they repurpose and repackage the penis. Though hard to explain here in detail but what they do is change the penis into a lovely little camel toe vagina that is so perfect girls would not be able to tell it from the real thing. Visually it is so stunning that it makes the wearer feal like they do have a vagina, the brains will see a vagina and that is the signal you are getting. I wanted to test a few of these out to see if it was for real. The boy and girls at Koalaswim.com were extremely accommodating and sent me out a few to test drive. In another post I will be going into much more detail about the male to female transformation designs created for transgender, crossdressers and sissies but for now I can say they are nothing short of amazing. My girlfriends could not believe how feminine I looked wearing them and how perfect the vagina shape and size is. They had fun teasing me about my camel toe. I can also say that if I was wearing one of these on the beach that men would take notice and be very interested in the girl with the perfect pussy. The tights and the shorts are also impossibly realistic and remember there is not an insert creating the camel toe it is my penis being reshaped and reused creating it. FYI it feels great too and I was able to wear them all day long. I used the tights as workout wear at the gym and around town, they looked fabulous and same with the shorts. The shorts are called micro shorts and they do show some cheek something like Daisy Dure style spandex shorts in the rear and a tiny camel toe up front these are perfect as swim trunks, gym shorts or just out and about sissy wear. One of the interesting things I learned from my contact at the manufacture is that as popular as these styles are with sissies, crossdressers and transgender folks they are also just as popular with men in general, men that are interested in getting in touch with their feminine side and much like sissy trainers there are women out there that are ordering these designs for the men in their life hoping to instill a stronger sense of the male feminine balance we all should have. Once you find the right cage/cages and order yourself some of the mtf designs you are ready to start your sissy in chastity adventure. As a sissy it is important to learn about make-up both what to order for your skin type and color and how best to apply it. Many sissy trainers will help you with this and teach you how to do it. This is one area I am not fond of having men do themselves by trail and error since it is such an important aspect of your femininity. I personally hired a make-up artist this was a suggestion I read about hiring one and it was also recommended to me by many other sissies. It was well worth the cost because she showed me exactly what I would need to order without wasting a bunch of money, she applied it for me to show me what she felt the best look for me was and there is no doubt I would never have been able to get results anywhere near what she did. After setting up my look she showed me exactly how to do it myself and she was available to answer questions when I had them. I am small boned and somewhat feminine to begin with, when I was in school the boys in the locker room used to say my ass looked like a girl since it was nice and round, I now know that was a huge compliment but back in the day it bothered me. Having my face done and wearing a mtf design panty I was able to wear girl’s leggings and could easily pass as female once I had my cage on, I was a sissy in chastity, no questions asked.

3D Printed Male Chastity Cages.

3D printed male chastity cages.

At the Male Chastity Cages site, we almost exclusively look at, test and issue opinions on small size cages specifically micro male chastity cages.  Most of the guys working here and writing posts wear micro cages and it is not because we all have small cocks though many of us do and are proud of our little man clits. I am Michael D and I am one writing this post and the proud owner of a man clit. I believe that all men with small to tiny cocks should be wearing male chastity cages since the cages keep the penis small, useless and in many respects humiliated as one should be. If you are new to cages and you have a small penis just know that there is a brotherhood of men with small cocks all over and we are happy to welcome you. No need to worry about how small you are, embrace it, love it and be proud if it. Well, that was a mouthful so let us talk about 3D printed male chastity cages and in particular micro size cages. There are a number of 3D printed chastity cages on the market and I have personally tested many of them. Today we will talk about cages in general and three cages that are my personal favorites. All the cages I have tested have been full compression micro male chastity cages with all designs virtually making the shaft of your penis disappear, it is that much craved Eunuch look, so small the shaft appears to have been removed from the wearer. The major benefits to 3D printed chastity cages are the following: ease of design which means it is easier to do a more complicated designs on a 3D printed cage and it is much less costly designing and producing them since unlike a regular plastic or silicon style cage no mold needs to be made and molds can be extremely expensive. The design of a 3D printed chastity cage is completed on the computer before it goes to a 3D printer and it is easy to tweak and make changes as you go along there by creating an excellent finished product. Virtually all micro style 3D printed male chastity cages are made from a resin type of plastic which is incredibly light, strong and resilient. We can do many more shapes using a 3D printer and for the cock ring portion of the cage we can create more comfortable long-term wearing designs. Lightweight is an excellent benefit when you are cage for long periods of time as is being easy to clean which all the 3D printed cages we tested are.

Here are my top three choices:

Sissy Penis Chastity Cage

This is a true to life 3D printed chastity cage that is perfect for compressing the shaft down to nothing and is an excellent cage for sissy training and men, gender neutral, non-binary and transexuals that are looking for a feminine looking cage with an extremely comfortable fit. Lots of ring size options. I liked this one the best though the other two would be awesome additions to anyone’s collection too.

Girl Meat Chastity Cage

The Girl Meat is an extremely small ultra-lightweight 3D printed cock cage that keeps you all-in but in the most minimalist design. The Girl Meat is similar to the stainless-steel micro-cages made by Koala and it would be an excellent long-term travel cage.

 Boy Pussy Chastity Cage

The Sissy Pussy Cage just barely beat out the Boy Pussy as my favorite 3D printed male chastity cage.  I loved the fit and finish and over-all it was the smallest of the three all of which are extremely micro cages to be sure. I felt my most feminine wearing the Boy Pussy and it leaves you with so little penis showing after a short time you feel like there is a pussy between your legs. I understand from the guys at the Male Chastity Store at Koalaswim .com that this one is the most popular 3D printed cage they offer.

The question I get asked all the time is should I switch to wearing a 3D printed cage? Being a huge, metal cock cage fan I would say don’t switch but do like I have a add one or two into your collection. I loved wearing the 3D cages when I was working out at the gym, going for long walks on the beach and being active. That is why I am adding them in as a regular daily use cage along with my micro metal cock cages and I would highly recommend the same for you.

Male Chastity Cages and Belts

Male Chastity Cages and Belts

There are so many types of male chastity cages, so many different designs and styles that I could blog about them for ever. I have been wearing a cock cage for almost ten years now and over that time I have met lots of men and women who are into the lifestyle including many friends. Opinions are all over the place when it comes to male chastity cages in general, but it is funny how when the discussion turns to male chastity belts there is much more agreement on favorite types and styles. The thinking is that when you compare chastity belts the universe of them is much smaller compared to male chastity cages, much smaller and much fewer choices. When you get down to it there are only two different belt types: The major design is a belt with a metal shaped cock cage. Sure, there are many different designs, but the basic idea is the same cage that keeps the penis from being used, some of the chastity belts will keep the balls from being handled too and many have an additional metal butt plug so your Mistress/Master can control the anus too. Keep it plugged and there is no entry or exit without permission. The other belt style is the Femme style belts we do their best to lock the penis away and change the look of the penis into that of a vagina. These are wonderful belts when not only chastity, but humiliation is in order and unlike standard male chastity cages many of these designs do an awesome job of femininizing the wearer there are a few that change the look of the penis into an actual vagina which is a stunning effect and a popular option for men going through sissy training and men that are interested in transitioning. Fit is ever so important when it comes to belts with the ones that feature a leather belt the easiest ones to adjust and the ones that feature a metal cable often covered with plastic or rubber tubing needing to be adjusted using cable cutters and not just any cable cutters but stainless-steel ones. These are more difficult to size but one you get them right they are far more secure. Just like standard male chastity cages finding the right one has a lot to do with penis size. Men with larger penises have fewer choices with any type of chastity cage or chastity belt whereas smaller penises have a wide variety of styles and designs. Small penis men can go with ultra-micro cages and when choosing a femme style chastity belt it is much easier to feminize smaller cocks after all they are already half way to being vaginas anyways.


Penis shaped male chastity cages

Penis shaped male chastity cages

There are a number of very popular penis shaped male chastity cages on the market and they are especially popular with the sissy crowd and with Mistresses that like to humiliate their slaves. When you think about it that makes sense since the wearers small penis is being displayed in what is often a very small penis shaped cage. Locked away and having a cock that is not your own is a form of humiliation. There are larger penis shaped cages for the times when your Mistress wants to show you off even though everyone knows your penis is small you get to show something larger, and guys with larger cocks can use these style cages too. I enjoy seeing me wearing the cock style cages because they are beautiful after all the cage style itself is based on a perfect shaft whether large or small that is visually stimulating. There are a couple new ones that are penis shaped and finished in gold colored stainless steel, it is a nice look.

Golden Little Beauty

Pussy Cat Male Chastity Cage

New Pussy Cat cage for tiny man pussies.

I wanted to tell you about two new products today. The first is a new micro style male chastity cage called the Pussy Cat. It is not an absolute micro like the Castrate, Eunuch or Munchkin cages but more a minimal micro, one that is a lovely site to behold. Men being shown off by their mistresses or sissy’s being humiliated in front of others could not ask for a prettier design than the Pussy Cat cock cage. It features stainless steel construction with a comfort fit style cock ring. The perfect cage to satisfy your inner man pussy dreams.

The other item is a showstopper, a product anyone into wearing micro cages would love. It is called the Micro Penis Maker and it will get you smaller than you could have ever imagined. The photo below should tell you everything you need to know.

Special Male Chastity Cages

Out on the town with the She Café cock cage.

The She Café is a remarkably interesting mini micro style male chastity cage. I have been wearing one for the last week testing it out for fit, feel and quality. It is one of the more unusual cock cage styles which I tend to enjoy since so many companies are selling the same old cages. The She Café can be found at the Male Chastity Store at Koalaswim.com. Some guys tell me they are overwhelmed by their selection on the site, but I prefer to have a lot of choices and since my collection is on the eclectic micro size side, I love the styles they offer. The She Café is considered a mini micro size cage and it trends closer to being a micro cock cage, it offers superb security which I feel is extremely important in a male chastity device, there is no escaping this unit. It is a substantial cage that is on the weighty side, but it is also extremely comfortable I could see myself being locked up in the She Café long term. The cock ring portion is much thicker than on most cages and it has what is referred to as a comfort fit style, I am not sure exactly what that means but I can tell you it is an extremely comfortable male chastity cock cage. I am on the smaller side and I had no issues fitting inside the cage with room to spare. My guess is most guys that have an average size penis or smaller, or larger guys that are small when flaccid should be able to use this cage without any issues. Male chastity device design is more a matter of personal choice, and as you all know, men are visually stimulated easily. I found the She Café an extremely attractive design and I especially like the front locking system a rarity among male chastity devices.