Inverted male chastity cages

When it comes to male chastity cages the newest most exciting trend is the inverted cage. Inverted male chastity cages are new to the chastity scene as of 2020 when these new designs were created by the crazy boys at the Male Chastity Store at Let me give you a quick overview of what they are and how they work but first let me tell you that if you are new to wearing male chastity cages the inverted ones are not the right starting point, they are for men that are experienced users. The example we will use today is the Munchkin Inverted screwed convertible model. The Munchkin line of chastity cages offers everything from standard micro style cock cages, chastity devices with penis plugs, inverted style chastity devices and their most extreme male chastity cages the Munchkin Screwed and plugged Deep Throat Inverted cage. Quite a selection and while the standard Munchkin Cage can be used by all men regardless of experience as you move on the others should be choices after you have at least some time in having your penis in a cage. The major difference between the inverted style male chastity cages and other chastity devices is that the penis is forced inside body cavity and held there when the cage is locked on. There is an option on the cages to use a catheter style penis plug so you can urinate without taking the cage off. I consider myself a very experienced person when it come to wearing cock cages, but I was surprised by how the cage felt my first time wearing one. It was a mix between looking and feeling like I had become a Eunuch with my shaft being removed. A very intense feeling indeed and one my dominatrix wanted me to experience repeatedly! I would absolutely recommend trying one of these extreme chastity devices if you have experience wearing cock cages.

A heavy-duty male chastity device in a small package

This post will focus on one of my favorite cock cages and I want to be up front and say that this is a cage I wear often especially when I want to feel the weight of my chastity device but I still want a nice tight fit and absolute security. The cock cage on todays docket is the She Cock. What a fucking great name for a chastity device, in two words it tells you to get ready for the humiliation of having to be caged. The She Cock keeps my man Clit from growing into a real penis, there is no room for that. The size of cage is just large enough to handle a small flaccid cock like mine though I am sure many men with larger shafts just force them into the cage for safe keeping. The design is in my opinion an absolute stunner a real beauty. Smooth soft lines formed of stainless steel and all in an extremely compact cage. The cock ring is a form fitting design that is comfortable for a night out or weeks at a time. Your mistress will love the no escape clause in the design. Once locked in there is no way to remove it without the key. This is one of the main reasons why this cock cage is so popular with key-holders.

Munchkin Convertible Male chastity device

The Munchkin Convertible inverted male chastity device is now available in both padlock and security screw style locks. For you folks that are not yet familiar with the inverted line of male chastity device they are simply the most exciting new development in the world of male chastity cock cages. The concept is so interesting. Let us start with the basics because the Munchkin line of cock cages covers many different sub-styles, but they all have certain basic similarities. The Munchkin male chastity device is an ultra-micro cock cage made to cage the penis extremely close to the body forcing most of the shaft inside of you. The Convertible version goes on to add a fixed cylinder to the inside of the shaft cover that forces the shaft to stay inside the body cavity about 1” deep. I talked to the boys at who are the manufacture of this line and was told that the idea of an inverted male chastity device had been floating around for a couple of years and that customer requests for this new concept cage was what pushed us over the top to make it. The response has been wonderful, the guys love it said Michael David of Koala. The convertible aspect of the cage is a penis plug style catheter that is included with the device is an optional but much-loved aspect of using this cage. The plug goes right through the front of the cage through the cylinder and into the penis which is already pushed well into the body cavity. If you are into chastity and chastity training like I am you are probably getting wet just thinking about using this bad boy.

Male chastity men are created through proper training and equipment.

Male chastity men are created through proper training and equipment.

Let’s talk about where you need to begin in your journey to becoming one of the male chastity men. What is chastity all about? How do I get involved in chastity? What do I need to begin this new lifestyle? Can I test the waters without going all in? Maybe you know other male chastity men and are interested in what they do and how they do it, how the live without sex and how they are controlled by others. There are many reason why a man will be pulled into a chastity lifestyle and there are many couples that dabble in chastity because it can change the dynamics of your sex life in fact many couples that experiment with chastity will tell you it makes them much more intimate and the sex when it is allowed is better than ever! Some guys are just tired of being so horny all the time and they want to gain some control over their sexual urges. There are few things that work better than putting your penis in a cock cage and giving a key-holder the key to your freedom. Not quite ready for that? There are now locks on male chastity devices that you can set the time and you will not be released from your captivity until the allotted time is up. There are even app powered male chastity devices like the Cellmate which can be seen in action at the Male Chastity Store at You can set the time you will be locked up on your phone or you can have someone else control it and they can be anywhere in the world as long as they can get a cell signal. Technology has changed and so has male chastity. There are new highly extreme micro male chastity devices which not only humiliate the wearer but completely feminize the wearer too. These wild new chastity devices literally erase the appearance of having a penis shaft taking the male out of male chastity men! Instead of going into the phycology of chastity and a chaste lifestyle let’s talk about where to start on the road to a new life or a very interesting experience. What equipment will you need? Most male chastity men that live the lifestyle have a collection of different types of chastity devices but when starting out I would recommend having at least two different styles of cock cages. Let’s just run through the different types of male chastity devices keeping in mind there are literally hundreds of styles out there. The cages that are all the rage now and for the last few years, showing no signs of letting up are the ultra-micro cock cages these includes styles like Castration, Eunuch, Mistress Fury, Minute Man with all of these designs made in stainless steel and available with a number of different locking styles including padlock and security screw style locks. There are ultra-micro cages available in resin one of the most popular being the Dwarf male chastity device. These are extremely small cock cages that hide most if not all of the shaft depending upon the designs of the cage, though all share the concept of an extremely small footprint that makes it easy to wear under just about anything even tiny little spandex thongs and bikinis. It so interesting to see all the different types of men wearing these styles everyone from the guy next door just trying chastity for the first time, transsexuals, sissies all the way up to hard core chastity lifestyle men. Many male chastity men choose small/micro sized cock cages. These are cages that range from about 1” in length to 3”. Even though these cages are still very small they will handle most penis sizes. Small to small/normal sized cocks flaccid will easily fit inside and most men that are larger than that just stuff their flaccid shafts inside. Using cages of this size have a similar effect to the ultra-micro cages in that there is no room to get an erection and if one is attempted pain will be the prescribed punishment. This makes these size cages perfect for chastity training. Men might not be that sharp or in control of their sexual urges but add a little pain to the mix and the little head becomes smarter than the big one, it learns quickly to not get erect and not feel the pain. Like I said a great teaching tool, this is way these cage sizes are so popular with sissy training too. The next jump in size features all cages over 3” in length. These are referred to as full size male chastity cages. I have seen and personally used cages that are just over 3” all the way to crazy beast cages that are almost 1’ long. Some of these full size cages like the Pleasure Dome male chastity cage are large in size but are designed to handle the smallest cocks to the largest. This particular male chastity device borders on a penis torture chamber! With what looks like hundreds of small adjustable spikes, I’m sure that’s an exaggeration not the spikes but the hundreds this cage can be tuned by the mistress to inflict just enough pain to make any sexual arousal a distant memory.

Male Chastity Store at Koala

What are the perfect male chastity cages?

What are the perfect male chastity cages?

There are a number of questions that need to be answered on your journey to finding perfect male chastity cages. Here is a list of the basics, these are all questions you should think about before ordering male chastity cages whether you are new to chastity or have been caged for years. The journey to finding perfect male chastity cages, the ones that fit your body, your lifestyle and your concept of chastity can be accomplished with a little time and effort. When buying a male chastity device it should never be an impulse purchase. Of course this is only the case if you are buying for yourself and you are the one choosing. If your mistress, master or key-holder is making the selection, you being well informed can be valuable if you are asked for input on the decision. When it comes to finding the perfect male chastity cages the first thing to figure out is what style cage you need. The trend now is micro and it makes little difference what your penis size is. The look is virtual castration. The newest micro cages like the Eunuch cage, Munchkin male chastity device and the Castrate cage are designed to compress the shaft so close to the body that for all practicality your will appear to be shaft less. You will also be as sexually useless as a man that has had his penis removed. One might wonder why this look is so popular but after wearing one it is easy to understand the pull that these styles of male chastity cages have on the wearer, The micro style male chastity devices make all the sense in the world for a man that already has a very small penis and by the way I am biased towards these designs since I have a very small cock and I enjoy both the feel and look of wearing a cage that makes me look and feel like I no longer have a shaft. I have found that many men with larger penis sizes have the same desire to get that castrated chastity look too. Most of these style cages are made of stainless steel and they have a jewel like quality to them like a fine watch would. These cages offer incredible craftsmanship in a very compact package. Another benefit of the micro designs are that you can wear them under just about anything including a sissy style micro swimsuit on a public beach without anyone knowing you are caged. There are a couple of micro designs that are available in resin (plastic) and though not as small as the stainless style models they are still very small and can be used for travel to. The style that comes to mind as one of the best resin style micro cages is the Dwarf Cock cage at the Male Chastity Store on the site. Moderate micro cages are male chastity devices that have a shaft cage up to form 1” to 3” in length. The moderate style cages are the next most popular sizes in male chastity cages. Men with extremely small penises will easily fit inside these tiny cock cages but the biggest draw are men with normal sized cocks who enjoy the thrill of compressing i.e. stuffing the shafts into these little cages. Many Mistresses prefer to have their charges in these little guys. Wearing a cage that shows how very small you are or can be is the type of humiliation many a mistress loves to share with her slaves. Before I talk about standard sized cock cages I wanted to bring up another exciting design that is exploding on the internet. The new Cellmate App powered male chastity device is unlike anything else I have ever seen. It can be controlled by your mistress, master, wife, husband or lover form anywhere. You could be on the other side of the planet and as long as your phone has a signal you can be unlocked by remote control. I would not have believed it possible without seeing it in action personally. BTW you can see the Cellmate on a real person at The Cellmate is available in a moderate micro size and a standard or full size model. They both look and work the same by the shaft length is 50% longer on the standard model. I have talked to the guys at Koala and they tell me that the micro size is much more popular, this is also the size I tried on. I was blown away by the comfort and amazed how my key-holder could open up the cage from across the city. It is interesting to note that you can be your own key-holder and set the time you want to be caged and it will not unlock until it reaches that time which can be hours, days or weeks. The full size male chastity devices range in size from 3” shaft length on up. Most of these are for men of at least average penis size. The full size male chastity cages are the original styles that men would wear. They are not nearly as popular as they once were but full size cages do have a loyal following of wearers. These full size cages are for the most part too big for smaller penis sizes which seem to be plentiful in the world of male chastity there is just too much room for the shaft to move around and for small cocks too easy to escape from. That said most male chastity men have a least one full size cage in their collection for times when a little more room is in order. Most of the full size designs are made of stainless steel but there are also a few full size plastic cages. One of the nicest stainless steel cages which happen to be one of the most popular full size cages is the Uncut. It has a very cool shape and it is a nicely weighted cage. Based on sales of male chastity cages stainless steel is by far the most popular material used for them followed by resin and there are even a few in silicone. I follow the crowd with using stainless steel because it is easy to keep clean, it looks great and best of all there is nothing that feels as wonderful on your cock as stainless steel, that said I do keep a plastic micro cage in my collection for times I need to travel by air. This way there is no need to explain way the scanner in the airport is going off. That has happened to me before and talk about being humiliated my mistress loved it.

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Castrate Male Chastity cage

If you are looking for male chastity cages that are as small as possible then you next step should be to check out the insanely small micro male chastity cages at the “Male Chastity Store at They offer the world’s largest selection of all shapes and size of male chastity cages you will find anywhere under one roof. My favorites are their micro chastity cages for men with small cocks like mine. They have so many cock cages it will have your head spinning including many exclusive designs you will not find anywhere else. Make sure to take a look at the new “Castrate” cock cage it is the world’s smallest male chastity device really quite amazing!

Eunuch cock cage. The Castrate is even smaller compressing the shaft inside of you.

Wearing male chastity cages

Male Chastity Cages

I have been wearing male chastity cages for a few years and they have taught me the value of being patient. In order to explain what I mean you have to understand that when I first started wearing these cages I was rushing myself into feeling like I was in control of my body. My body however, decided that it would let me know when it was ready to be controlled and not the other way around. It took me months to finally get the hang of not having an erection every time I moved a certain way in my cage.

After a few months of figuring out just what it meant to wear these male chastity cages, I was able to almost forget that I was wearing anything like it. I could go to work and not even think about what I was wearing unless I had to go to the restroom at some point during the day. It also took me a while to realize that I didn’t have to take the cage off while I relieved myself. I, for some reason, thought that I had to remove the cage and wash it before putting it back on. Of course, anyone that wears a cage knows that isn’t how it works.

If you are new to wearing male chastity cages then I will tell you that they are absolutely amazing to live with. But, if you aren’t patient enough to get the full benefit of wearing something like this, you probably won’t enjoying any amount of time in one. You have to wait until your body as grown accustomed to it and since you have never locked your cock up inside a cage before, it could be a while before your body accepts what you are trying to force upon it. Once you are used to it there is nothing in this world that can equate the feelings that you will end up having while wearing something like this and that is a good thing.

Dwarf Cock male Chastity Cage

Micro male chastity cages

Male Chastity Cages

When I first started wearing male chastity cages, I was doing it to make my partner happy. We were having some issues in the bedroom and they wanted to spice things up a bit by having me lock my cock up inside a small cage. Apparently, that was going to be the only way of keeping the relationship fresh, to which I was npt all that sure if I wanted to keep it that way anymore. But you do what you can to make your partner happy in the hopes that things might change in the long run. Naturally nothing changed and my partner soon grew tired and left anyway.

The only reason I am relaying this information is that while I was trying to save the relationship by wearing male chastity cages, I ended up continuing to wear them because I felt something about them was truly needed in my life. It is almost like I came to the realization that it was not the relationship that I needed, but the cage itself is what had been missing in my life. I know that sounds rather weird for anyone who has not tried wearing one of these devices in the past, but that is pretty much what it felt like. I was actually happier when the partner left than when I took my cage off for the first time, and that should tell you something.

I am not saying that you have to give up your relationship in order to feel happy about wearing male chastity cages, though. I think you could be perfectly fine wearing one with a partner that was worth the effort involved in living this kind of a lifestyle,  if your partner is not willing to put the same amount of effort in, then you might want to rethink who you are with rather than what kind of device you bring into the bedroom. Overall, wearing a chastity device is all about taking back a bit of control for yourself and redirecting the appropriate amount of attention to the person you are with. If you can’t find happiness in giving that person attention, then you might want to take your cage and move on with your life.

Male Chastity Cages

Male Chastity Cages

If you are thinking about getting involved in wearing male chastity cages, there are probably a few things that you should consider. For all those guys that have been wearing them for years and know everything there is to know about these odd little devices; you are excused. Maybe you would prefer to go out and play or watch an online video of some guy getting hit in the nuts with a ball feeling confident that you are fully protected. This is for those men who are serious about spicing up things in the bedroom in a way that they might not have even thought possible.

You see, the wearing of male chastity cages is not as simple as just abstaining from sex. Sure, you could wear something like this if that is all that you want. They will help you achieve that goal with flying colors. In fact, if that is all you want to accomplish, there are options available for you that will allow you to do that with the utmost comfort in mind. If the ability to walk around in public without people knowing your secret is; that is also quite possible. On the other hand, if you are looking for something wild that will really push the limits instead of holding on to your ball’s boys; its gonna get weird.

If you are adventurous and do not mind a tiny bit of pain, you can find male chastity cages that have nice little spikes on the inside so that every time you even think about getting an erection; you are going to feel pain. We are not talking about the kind of pain you get from having your cock locked up in a cage, either. We are talking about full grown spikes pushing into flesh that will let you know that your urges are getting out of hand. Hell, a small breeze could end up bringing you an hours’ worth of agony if you let it. Now these types of male chastity cages are something that you are not going to want to try out on your first night in public. In fact, there are guys that have been wearing these cages for decades that are not ready for this. But you can look around on line and find plenty of pictures of these beasts and see what you could be doing if you only put your mind to it. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to party like a real man who want to control himself throughout the day?

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