Male Chastity Cages and Matching Swimwear


Some of the most interesting male chastity cages I have found came from a site that was selling swimwear. Apparently, they do a lot of business with guys that are wearing these devices. That led to them deciding that creating swimwear to go along with them was the perfect thing to do. I have to admit I was cautious about the whole swimwear for cages aspect, but it turns out that these designs are great for wearing your chastity device with. I get to go out to the beach in my chastity cage and still show off my body. Now, how great is that?

I would never have gone out to the beach wearing any of my male chastity cages in the past because of the fact that my swimwear couldn’t cover up the fact that I was wearing a cage in the first place. I tried slipping into my swimwear with my cage on for the first time and it was extremely noticeable that I was wearing one. Even someone that had never seen a chastity cage before would have recognized what I was wearing under that swimsuit. But these new suits take all of that into account and form around it without showing off too much of the locking mechanism.

To say I was excited about finally being able to wear my male chastity cages to the beach is an understatement. I always had to plan my beach outings during the times when I wasn’t wearing my cage and now I don’t have to do that. Of course, it usually tried to rain or something when I wasn’t wearing my cage. But now I can go out at any time I want to and have some fun in the sun. It is absolutely amazing the types of things I get to do now while wearing my chastity cages. I highly recommend them to all men with chastity cages.

Male Chastity Cages for Erection Control


Like most other guys that have gotten involved in wearing male chastity cages, I was looking for something to control my erections. My cock seems to have a mind of its own most of the time and I would get an erection for no reason at all. I was standing in a checkout line at the grocery store and got an erection while pulling money out of my pocket. That was one of the most embarrassing moments in my life, especially when you consider my cock is almost nine inches and an erection in slacks is rather noticeable with something that big.

I had no idea what I was going to do and even went as far as trying to tape it to my leg with athletic tape. I know now that using male chastity cages is a much safer and more comfortable option when it comes to controlling my cock. However, at the time; it seemed like the only thing I could do in order to take back some kind of control in my life. I had no idea anything like this existed until I spoke with my doctor about it in the hopes of getting some kind of medication for my issues.

He told me that male chastity cages were a great way of taking back control and training my cock to stand down. He said that I could wear one of these cages for a while and my body would get used to having it on. Then I could take it off and my body would still assume that I had it. After wearing it for almost two months straight, I can say that it has worked for me although when I don’t have it on for a while; I will get a partial erection. Kind of like my cock testing the waters to see if there are any sharks swimming around, I guess. All I have to do when that happens, though, is put it back on for a while to get control once more.

Public Male Chastity Cages in Public


I love wearing male chastity cages but my boss thinks I have lost my mind somehow. He doesn’t know that I have a cage on under my clothes although he has seen me sitting differently because of it. At first, he didn’t say anything to me and just let it go. Recently, though, he has been making comments about the way I have been sitting in business meetings. I want to tell him that you can only find so many comfortable positions when your cock is locked inside a small cage, but I don’t think that will go over all that well with him.

Being able to wear male chastity cages in public is something that I have always enjoyed. It is like bringing a whole new high to this wonderful fetish of mine. I don’t think I could walk around in nothing except my cage in public. On the other hand, having it on under my clothes is almost like the same thing in my mind. I am strutting around with a cage on my cock and, if someone actually looked hard enough, they could probably tell that. It’s almost like I am getting away with something very kinky in front of complete strangers somehow.


I will admit that when I started wearing male chastity cages I wasn’t too sure about taking them out in public. I was afraid that someone would find out and start teasing me for some reason. But once I finally gained enough courage to try it out, I saw that no one even paid any attention to my crotch. I can go just about anywhere I want with my cage in place and people just look at me and smile. I know they wouldn’t be smiling if they knew what was going on under my pants, but what they don’t know isn’t going to hurt me at all. I can just smile at my secret.

Getting the Proper Male Chastity Cages

Getting the Proper Male Chastity Cages

I have been looking up male chastity cages over the last couple of days. I became intrigued by them when a friend was telling me about a porn video he had seen online. I had always thought that chastity stuff went out of style hundreds of years ago but, apparently, it’s back again. Of course the old chastity devices were a bit larger than those that are being used today. I can understand why guys would want a cage much smaller than those old designs. I don’t even know if I could walk around for very long wearing something that large under my clothes.

Today’s male chastity cages seem to be geared towards the working man in my opinion. They look like you could literally wear them anywhere you want to and still feel comfortable. I haven’t tried one on yet, but that is the feeling that I have whenever I look at the pictures online. I guess having your cock locked inside a small cage would exactly be comfortable at first, but I could see myself going to work wearing some of these designs. Although I would stay away from those seriously demented versions that have spikes in them and things of that nature.

I am still doing my research on these male chastity cages, as I think everyone should when deciding whether or not to try something new that they are not familiar with. I don’t want to get caught with my pants down so to speak. I think it would be rather interesting to wear a cage, but I want to make sure that the cage I am wearing is at least as comfortable as it possibly can be, especially if I am planning on wearing it to work or out on the town over the weekend. I would hate to have to take it off in the middle of the day for whatever reason, and there’s a good chance of that happening if I have chosen the wrong device.


Fetish spandex suit by Koalaswim with metal anal hook driving deep inside as part of the design.


Koala new suits 2013 058


Male Chastity Cages of Today


There are a lot of different male chastity cages available today and trying to pick one out of the thousands online might seem impossible. This is especially true when it comes to guys looking to get into chastity for the first time. I can tell you that when I first got involved in this particular lifestyle wasn’t all that difficult. The adult store I went to only had two different kinds to choose from and I picked the one that didn’t have the inverted spikes welded into the inside of the cage. It seemed like the best bet at that time, and I am kind of glad I went the way I did.

Today’s male chastity cages offer everything from comfort and lower profiles to extra little toys built in to make them more exciting to wear. I guess it all depends on what kind of control you are looking for or if you just want to have some sexy fun with your partner a couple hours a week. Either way, I would take the time to look around at as many of them as you have time for. You will probably end up changing your mind at least three or four times before you actually purchase one anyway.


I know it seems like a lot to go through just to be able to wear male chastity cages, but it is worth the extra effort. You might be perfectly fine wearing the first one you come across, but you never know what that next design might offer you that is different. Of course this is assuming that you actually have some kind of say in what kind of cage you are wearing. There are plenty of guys wearing these cages because they have to and it is up to the person they are with to determine what style they have. So if you are looking for one that you yourself will be wearing; count yourself lucky in that regard.

The Variety of Male Chastity Cages


Looking at the different male chastity cages that are available online, I have noticed that the basic principal in the designs are the same. They may change materials or styles, but the aspect of having some kind of a cage aspect still remains. Of course you will have some that are cylindrical tubes with holes in the end to really keep you in check but those are for extreme chastity users. I like the fact that the designs aren’t overly changing in functionality all the time. If I am going to be wearing something like this for long periods of time; I don’t want to have to worry about new designs coming out too often.

Now I have noticed that there are some really advanced male chastity cages that are making the rounds lately. Some of these things look a lot more painful to wear than I would like to try personally. I can understand some guys wanting to branch out a bit, but I’m not one of them. I like the more traditional aspect of chastity and will stick to that. But I also like to look at these other advanced designs and imagine what it would be like to give them a try.

If you are new to wearing male chastity cages, you will want to stay away from the more advanced options. I’m not saying that you won’t enjoy them, but they can be rather tricky to get used to. I know I couldn’t get used to wearing some of those designs on a regular basis. But feel free to try them out when you think you are ready for them. Just make sure you have your key holder there with you when you do in case something goes wrong. After all You don’t want to get stuck in something that has inverted teeth poking into your cock.


The Difficulty with Male Chastity Cages


Using male chastity cages can be quite difficult for some guys out there. I know this because I am an ER nurse and I have seen what some guys have tried. After all, there are warning labels on things like hair dryers for a reason. Being a male nurse that wears a chastity cage makes things a little easier when these guys come in, I think. I can understand the issues they are going through since I rarely tell anyone that I am wearing a cage. I can understand why going to the ER would be the last thing they wanted to do in a situation like that.

Thankfully, there are a lot of guys that can handle wearing male chastity cages just fine. They never end up in the hospital and they don’t have to tell people around them that they are wearing one. They can live their life fully knowing that they are in complete control of their life at all times. That is the main reason that I started wearing a cage. I was tired of having erections for no reason at all and getting an erection while wearing scrubs is not an easy thing to hide.

I have met a lot of well-meaning men in the ER that have made simple mistakes with their male chastity cages. They usually end up getting one that is a bit too small for them and they still try to lock it in place. Unless you know what you are doing, you probably shouldn’t get one that is too small for you. Speaking from experience, this is something that you really need to pay attention to. I won’t go into detail about what happens to these guys, but I will tell you that it isn’t pretty and they are out a decent bit of money as the cage usually has to be cut off and thrown away. Then, there’s the hospital bill combined with humiliation. That is just not pretty.



The Male Chastity Cages Collector


I met a rather interesting woman not long ago with a very different sort of hobby. She is a collector of male chastity cages and her collection is probably worth hundreds of thousands of dollars; maybe even more than that. She has chastity cages that date back to the very beginning of the first ones ever used and they are all in impeccable condition. What’s more, this lady loves to show them off to her guests as sort of an ice breaker, I suppose you would say. Admittedly, she is quite proud of the cages she has assembled over the years, and she has every right to be so.

As a guest at a dinner party this woman was hosting, I was privileged to see her collection of male chastity cages. Other dinner guests that night had seen the collection previously but they found it so amazing that they seemed to be just as excited as if they were viewing it for the first time. There is an entire room in her home that is devoted to only these cages. Some are locked behind crystal clear glass cases and others are on display for the express purpose of being held and played with so as to understand how they worked. Actually, all of us seemed to find the cages that we were drawn to the most and we had a great time experimenting with them while our hostess took great pains to give us details in how they operated.

Following dinner, there was a special surprise in store. A Mistress and Master along with a couple of submissive males provided a demonstration for us that showed even more clearly precisely how these male chastity cages worked. There was not a man in that room that was not crossing his legs in either empathy pain or in excitement. I was one of the men that found myself pretty aroused by this demonstration. In fact, I was so aroused that I stayed behind after the other guests had left so that I might speak privately to our hostess. We now have a standing appointment twice a week for my chastity training. I get to see these cages up close and personal now and could not be happier.

Male Chastity Cages That are Easy on the Eyes


One of the first things that all men must do when they decide to become chaste is to find male chastity cages that will not only be effective but will also be nice to look at. Men that are novices to this lifestyle may not be aware that these cages exist in super sexy styles that will allow them to be held in check while also appearing alluring to their Key Holder. Now, while not all Key Holders have a sexual relationship with their charges; most of them hold a sexual component of some sort and would enjoy seeing cages that look enticing. Therefore, many chastity cages are created with the idea in mind for them to look sexy while also making sure that the men wearing them behave themselves.

Wearing male chastity cages can be difficult enough for the first time, but wearing one that you don’t want to even look at is even harder. You want something that you can lock over your cock and think “man, that cage looks sexy on me.” It will make the fact that you have to wear that cage for days on end even easier for you. How long do you think you could wear something like this if you thought it was hideous to look at? Chances are that it would not be all that long.

Take your time in finding the right male chastity cages so that you can be proud of what you are doing. If you are proud of the cages that you are wearing than you Key Holder will be proud of the effort you are putting into this lifestyle. That can bring you all kinds of special rewards and that is what it is all about. Go out there and find the sexiest cage you can find so that you can hold your head up high and show the world that wearing a chastity cage doesn’t have to be all about the punishment of not getting an erection any more.

Finding great male chastity cages for very small cocks.



Most men do not like talking about small cocks especially if they happen to have one which is the case for me. Having a very tiny penis and needing to shop for new male chastity cages presents some problems. I can be embarrassing to shop for male chastity cages to begin with but add in the fact that my shaft is less than 1” flaccid and not very large hard makes it completely embarrassing. I have been to shops that sell cock cages and more than once the girls working there did not believe how small I was and asked to see it. Once a girl took a selfie with her face next to my very small cock and sent it to all her friends. The men are not much better once a guy working in an adult store in Los Angeles did not believe how small I was either and asked to see it. He looked and told me I might as well become a T-girl because my cock was too small to cage or to make a woman happy, this is something my girlfriend would disagree with. The last straw was having another man in a different store measure me for a custom cock cage. He said he has made them this small before though I might be as small as he has ever seen. He wanted me to get hard to make sure he had all the measurements. I could not get aroused so he bent down and started sucking on it. There was no point in stopping once he had started but I have found many men assume I am gay just because my penis is so small. How does that make any sense?


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