Sissy in Chastity that’s me!

For me being kept as a sissy in chastity was as natural as being trained to be a sissy in fact it is hard to imagine myself a true sissy without having my cock in a cage. Being feminized and caged is as natural as breathing for me. Other sissies I know consider themselves a sissy in chastity and they are proud of it. It is hard for any sissy including me to think that one could be a sissy and not be into a chastity lifestyle since they go together like peanut butter and chocolate, which is to say perfectly. There are Sissies that chastity comes easily too, other men are pushed into it while some of us need it forced upon us, in the end it hardly matters how you come about your chastity adventure. Being a sissy in chastity means you will at times be humiliated from both being a sissy and being in chastity, it is part of the adventure, part of the lifestyle. Sissies in general are men that desire to be feminized, some men do this on their own, but many more require instruction from a sissy trainer though this trend is facing some changes as many a sissy in chastity are being converted by their wives and girlfriends. Have you ever wondered why there are so many women dating or married to feminine men? There are women who are into feminizing their mates and this is a trend that has been taking off now that couples have spent so much more time together during the pandemic. I believe once the pandemic is over this is a trend that will continue becoming a much more typical fetish and lifestyle. Over the past years we have seen an explosion in male chastity between bonded couples along with real growth in men feminized. Many men have chosen chastity as a way of life finding it frees their minds, not being a slave to sex any longer. These are men that are taking chastity into their own hands but there are women that are making decisions about chastity for their men. Let us break down the concept of a male sissy and male chastity but before we go there, I wanted you to check out a website that is extremely popular for mtf transformation also know, as male to female transformation which is a core element of becoming a sissy, sissy transformations, crossdressers and men and women who are into male chastity. The site is and it is overwhelming how vast their selection of male chastity cages is, it is said they have the largest selection on the planet, and I would tend to agree that it is the truth and not just someone bragging. The one thing you notice right away with the selection of cages is how many are micro style cock cages. These cages are designed for men that want to be caged and feminized with names like the Castrate cage and the Eunuch cage along with cages named girl cock and she cock these micro style cages are designed to erase the wearers manhood. They have so many cages of this style I lost count looking at them. I called and talked to a person at the company, and they said that men looking to become a sissy in chastity will always go for a micro style cage. This makes sense because most sissies will have small penises or would like to have a small penis. The gentleman at told me about a sissy training sleeve called the Micro Penis Maker which trains the penis shaft to be tiny and sometimes with enough training a grown man’s cock can get down below 1”in length, that would be almost any sissies dream come true. Another interesting aspect of this site is their full line of male to female transformation suits. These are swimsuits, shorts and tights with many sissies using the swimsuits for both swimming and as underwear panties. These designs do not hide the penis like most gaffs do they repurpose and repackage the penis. Though hard to explain here in detail but what they do is change the penis into a lovely little camel toe vagina that is so perfect girls would not be able to tell it from the real thing. Visually it is so stunning that it makes the wearer feal like they do have a vagina, the brains will see a vagina and that is the signal you are getting. I wanted to test a few of these out to see if it was for real. The boy and girls at were extremely accommodating and sent me out a few to test drive. In another post I will be going into much more detail about the male to female transformation designs created for transgender, crossdressers and sissies but for now I can say they are nothing short of amazing. My girlfriends could not believe how feminine I looked wearing them and how perfect the vagina shape and size is. They had fun teasing me about my camel toe. I can also say that if I was wearing one of these on the beach that men would take notice and be very interested in the girl with the perfect pussy. The tights and the shorts are also impossibly realistic and remember there is not an insert creating the camel toe it is my penis being reshaped and reused creating it. FYI it feels great too and I was able to wear them all day long. I used the tights as workout wear at the gym and around town, they looked fabulous and same with the shorts. The shorts are called micro shorts and they do show some cheek something like Daisy Dure style spandex shorts in the rear and a tiny camel toe up front these are perfect as swim trunks, gym shorts or just out and about sissy wear. One of the interesting things I learned from my contact at the manufacture is that as popular as these styles are with sissies, crossdressers and transgender folks they are also just as popular with men in general, men that are interested in getting in touch with their feminine side and much like sissy trainers there are women out there that are ordering these designs for the men in their life hoping to instill a stronger sense of the male feminine balance we all should have. Once you find the right cage/cages and order yourself some of the mtf designs you are ready to start your sissy in chastity adventure. As a sissy it is important to learn about make-up both what to order for your skin type and color and how best to apply it. Many sissy trainers will help you with this and teach you how to do it. This is one area I am not fond of having men do themselves by trail and error since it is such an important aspect of your femininity. I personally hired a make-up artist this was a suggestion I read about hiring one and it was also recommended to me by many other sissies. It was well worth the cost because she showed me exactly what I would need to order without wasting a bunch of money, she applied it for me to show me what she felt the best look for me was and there is no doubt I would never have been able to get results anywhere near what she did. After setting up my look she showed me exactly how to do it myself and she was available to answer questions when I had them. I am small boned and somewhat feminine to begin with, when I was in school the boys in the locker room used to say my ass looked like a girl since it was nice and round, I now know that was a huge compliment but back in the day it bothered me. Having my face done and wearing a mtf design panty I was able to wear girl’s leggings and could easily pass as female once I had my cage on, I was a sissy in chastity, no questions asked.