Male Chastity Cages´╗┐

Male Chastity Cages

If you are enjoying a chastity relationship, you already know about male chastity cages. They are wonderful tools when it comes to keeping you in your proper place in this relationship. In case you are not familiar with the male chastity lifestyle, you may not have ever heard of such things as chastity cages. They are, as the name implies, miniature cages that fit over your cock. It also comes with a tiny lock and key. Once these little cages are locked in place, a designated Key Holder keeps the cage key safe and away from the submissive. In that way, it is pretty certain that you will not be doing anything to or with your cock.

These male chastity cages insure that you cannot touch your cock or that you will also not be able to attain an erection. If that starts to happen, unless you are into intense pain, your cock will most likely be put back in its place. So these cages keep a submissive from having any sexual release. There is one way that you can have an erection and even have an orgasm. That way is to do everything you can to please your Key Holder. There may be many tasks that you will ordered to perform. Some of those tasks may even involve sexual acts of some sort. The point is that if you are a good boy and do everything that you are told to do, these cages are quite good for training.

An aspect of male chastity cages is that of design. These cages are actually quite beautifully made. Various metals are used to create these cages. Something else that deserves to be mentioned is size. Chastity cages come in all sizes because cocks are not identical. Knowing what size is needed is vital in order to maintain safety issues. For instance, if you have a rather large cock, it would be very dangerous to try to stuff it into a cage made for smaller cocks. If you can get it in the cage at all, you run the true risk of endangering your cock. The problem with cages that are too big is that they have a tendency to fall off, which will be totally useless as a training tool. Just do your research and you will find the right one.