Necessity of Male Chastity Cages


Many people have no idea what male chastity cages are and what their purpose might be. Others may have seen these cages but not realized why they would be needed or even what they are. Some people who like collecting miniatures may have seen and purchased them, thinking they were miniature bird cages to add to their collection. These people have no clue what the cages are or what their purpose is but they think the cages are “cute” so they buy them and take them home, giving them a place of honor. Just imagine the reactions of visitors of these people who not only know what the cages are, but use them.


Photo of the smallest male chastity cage I have ever found:

To begin with, male chastity cages are used by couples in domination/submissive relationships. The cage is placed surrounding the submissive’s penis. There is a tiny door with a small lock that is then locked in place. This is meant to make it impossible for the submissive to attain an erection because if he does, the metal of the cage or spikes attached to the leather used to create a chastity sleeve. The Dominant or Key Holder will always maintain charge of the key that removes the cage. Therefore, it is the perfect training tool for the dominate to use as she trains her submissive what is expected of him.

The male chastity cages are usually involved in the first step of training the submissive. You see, once the cage is locked in place it is meant to stop a man from achieving a random erections. Obviously, if he cannot attain an erection, chances are much better that he will not misbehave by doing something he has been forbidden to do. His Key Holder will let him know when he has the permission to remove his cage and that is the first lesson of obedience the submissive learns.