Experimenting with Male Chastity Cages


Everyone who is involved in the chastity lifestyles knows that male chastity cages have been around for a very long time. This device first called a “self-protector” was patented by Daniel P. Cook who lived in Hartford, Connecticut. The patent was executed in 1870 apparently to be used on Renaissance paintings of naked kids. The way that it works is to use a band that circles the body right about the lips. The band is then locked together by a tiny padlock or some other device. Then they key to the padlock is handed over to the Key Holder who retains charge of it only using it to unlock the device when the submissive has earned that right or for cleaning.

To show how far people have come during this day and age, it is interesting to look at the type of male chastity cages invented by a woman, no less. Ellen E. Perkins made her proposal of a type of sexual armor in 1907. Her reason behind this is because she felt that masturbation was the most common reason for insanity, feeble mindedness and imbecility particularly in young men. She was positive that her device would put a stop to all of this by making it impossible for masturbation to happen. Obviously, in looking back all of those years ago, it is clear that people such as Daniel Cook and Ellen Perkins were uneducated and narrow minded about sexual health and gratification. Thankfully, knowledge pertaining to sexual practices have become much more advanced currently. That is why male chastity is a choice today rather than a forced action.


Male chastity cages have evolved dramatically since their inception just as the purpose for them has become much different. In one way, they are still meant to curtail self-pleasure at random. On the other hand, men willingly wear a design of these cages that are sexier and more comfortable. They still resemble cages and they still have tiny padlocks on them. They also continue to be controlled by a Key Holder, but the men who are in these types of relationships because they want to be and feel that the rewards earned by wearing the cages are more than worth the willingness to wear them and please their Key Holders.