The Accomplishments of Male Chastity Cages


The main point behind male chastity cages is to teach the men wearing them that they are the play toys of their Key Holders. Actually, it is the man’s penis that is the toy of the Key Holder. This is made quite clear to him from the very beginning with just the simple act of locking the cage around his penis. When this act occurs, the man understands that he is owned by his Key Holder. If and when his cage is unlocked, he is allowed to ejaculate at the whim of his Key Holder. He understands that he must spend all of his waking moments being obedient and willing to please his Key Holder and locking that cage around his penis is a guaranteed way of making that point.

Obviously, male chastity cages do not work overnight in magically changing a man’s personality. While it may rarely work that way for some men; it usually takes a little longer for those changes to take place. In spite of this, however, there had to be a subconscious desire to be the one man who makes his Key Holder the happiest of all people by doing what is commanded of him. Besides, if he can meet all of his or her requirements and please her by taking care of all of desires made known to him; he might just be rewarded. His most coveted reward is usually that of being allowed some type of sexual release.

There is also the fact that men locked into male chastity cages have some time to think about something that they have done wrong. These “sins” can be anything from cheating to some secret type of masturbation. At any rate, the cages will make the point that these things were wrong and have upset the Key Holder. When men surrender their penises in this way, they are proving their devotion and showing their desire to earn forgiveness for what they have done wrong. The point is that the Key Holder’s forgiveness is shown to her charge by unlocking the cage at some time and allowing him to escape his trap for a little while. The Key Holder might even allow him to gain sexual release if she is feeling quite generous.