Male Chastity Cages New Micro Handmade Series

Male Chastity Cages New Handmade Series

There is a line of new male chastity cages from The Male Chastity store at called the Handmade Series. These designs are the smallest male chastity cages I have ever seen and Koala claims they are the smallest male chastity cages made anywhere. When I first saw these cages on their website I wanted to become a believer but when I received my new Eunuch cage I became a true believer! They are so insanely small they are almost indescribably. For men like me that have a very small penis these male chastity cages are a dream come true. They are beautifully constructed out of stainless steel and hand made to an extremely high standard. The price was also something that amazed me. These are some of the highest quality male chastity cages I have ever seen with beautiful finishes and great workmanship all priced at what the average Chinese imports are priced at. My new Eunuch cage is every bit the quality you see from the German male chastity cages which many believe to be the finest made but my cage was a fraction of the price of those German Imports. and which are both part of the same company now offers a full line of these micro style cages. They are absolutely perfect for men with tiny or small penis sizes including men with micro penis syndrome, but they have the micro size for men with normal sized penises too. As it turns out many men want their normal size penis compressed to look smaller for male chastity and there are cages in the Handmade line for that too.