Male Chastity Cages are My Secret


I have a friend who has convinced me to start wearing male chastity cages. Now, I will admit that I was not exactly sure about any of this when he first started talking to me about them. In fact, I thought it was a huge joke that he was trying to play on me in order to get me locked up in something and then take humiliating pictures or something. The one thing that actually caught my attention, though, was the fact that he was very serious about what he was telling me about these devices. I kept waiting for the joke, though, just in case. That kept me off guard and not sure about how to react to what he was saying.

It took more than one conversation with him before I became involved in male chastity cages. In fact, it was not until around the fourth conversation that I decided to really take what he was saying seriously. It was at that time that I actually started to look at these devices as something I might want to try. Of course I was not going to tell him about this, but I did become intrigued at the things he was saying. That is when I started to search online and realized that these devices were definitely needed in my life.

I still haven’t told my friend that I enjoy wearing male chastity cages, but I really don’t think it is any of his business anyway. Although I do have him to thank for getting me involved in this, but I am sure that if he knew about it; he would want to see me wearing all of my devices in the open. That is definitely something that I am just not ready to do yet. I may never be ready for that much public knowledge about what I wear. Maybe one of these days I will let him in on the little secret he helped create in my life but not right now. I am sure he will understand if I want to keep this to myself for a little while longer. If he doesn’t understand and ends up getting mad at me for keeping it from him; then so be it. I have my cages now so I will get over it.