What’s Up with Male Chastity Cages?



A lot of guys who think that they want to live their lives as a chaste male have no clue what male chastity cages are. Many of them believe that all they have to do is find a dominant partner and say “Yes, Dear” to whatever that partner wants them to do. Imagine their surprise when they find out that there is so much more to this than saying those words and agreeing to do anything asked of them. These men may be quite shocked that there is another aspect to being chaste that they never knew existed. If they had known, they may not have been so eager to enter the chastity community. Instead, they would have been running in the opposite direction screaming like little girls.

On the other hand, using male chastity cages can easily be one of the most exciting aspects of living the life of a chaste man. They offer the control over such things as those pesky random erections that plague the lives of men who are not living in a chaste manner. Cages are simply what they sound like. They are miniature cages that are usually made of some sort of metal that fit right over a man’s penis. There is also a small lock on the cage so that it can be locked in place. The key is turned over to the dominant partner or Key Holder for safe keeping. These cages can only be unlocked when the Key Holder has granted permission.


Male chastity cages keep men in line when they are in a chaste lifestyle. Obviously, the size must be the correct one for it to work as it is meant. Cages that are too small can cause some serious physical damage that no man would want to have while cages that are too big a size will simply fall right off. If that does not happen, it will, at the very least, allow an erection to occur with no consequences. That is why size is very important with these cages. When everything is right, nothing is more effective in training and keeping a guy on the straight and narrow than these cages. They work every single time.