Understanding Male Chastity Cages


Male chastity cages sound pretty confusing to people who are not in on the secret of the chastity community. In fact, it might make more sense to explain what chastity is before tackling the definition and purpose of the cages. Now, chastity is defined as the practice of refraining from all sexual intercourse. To add to that in the chastity community, it should be mentioned that sex can be had but only at the permission of the Key Holder in the relationship. So in the literal sense of the word, male chastity is a bit different from the meaning of chastity.


In a chastity lifestyle, there is actually plenty of sexual activity going on between the couples involved. The difference is that the Key Holder of the male chastity cages is the person who decides when those times will happen. Now to get to what these cages are, they are exactly what they sound like. They are miniature cages that are made to fit over a man’s penis. There is a lock and key that allows the cage to be fastened and unfastened at the discretion of the Key Holder. For sanitation reasons, the cages are allowed off at various times so that both the penis and the cage can be properly cleaned to avoid infection of any sort.

To get to the actual function of male chastity cages, it will help you to understand it better since you know more about chastity. When a cage fits properly over the penis, there will be no random erections, which will keep the men out of trouble when they are allowed to go spend a night out on the town. If an erection does begin to happen, the cage will make it so uncomfortable that the excitement will disappear pretty quickly. When you follow your Key Holder’s instructions and meet his or her demands; you will be rewarded in ways that will make all of your dreams come true.