Metal male chastity cages



Call me old fashioned but if I am shopping for male chastity cages I want them to be metal and able to last for years. I like the feel of having my penis locked away in a metal cage with my keyholder controlling when to set it free, let it get hard and even when it is touched. I find that metal male chastity cages work best. Most of the designs are much harder to purposely remove and escape from when passions run high. Having my penis covered in metal keeps me from playing with it, having someone else play with it or even see it. The only thing exposed are my balls and I never play with them because it can be painful to get aroused wearing a cock cage. I know there are many nice plastic male chastity cages and it is a very personal choice that most keyholders make for their slaves. I also understand that many men and women play with cock cages for sexual adventures. I get it. The Fifty Shades of Grey thing. Nothing is out of bounds between consenting adults hell it even seems like fisting is mainstream. That said I am going to stick with metal. There is nothing like the feel of a new stainless steel cock cage being fitted on for the first time.