The Effectiveness of Male Chastity Cages


Members of the chastity community are quite familiar with male chastity cages and what they are supposed to accomplish for the men that are wearing them. If you happen to be one of those people that are not in the know on how these cages operate, the explanation is actually rather simple. The chastity cages are worn over the mens penises. This is meant to keep away those pesky random and inappropriate erections.  You see, the cages are locked in place over the penises and the keys are turned over to someone known as the Key Holder. The only time that the men are allowed to unlock their cages is when they have been very good boys and have behaved themselves.

Another thing that male chastity cages accomplish is teaching men in how to control their speed of orgasms. A huge percentage of men have what is known as a quick trigger when it comes to reaching an orgasm. Many guys try such things as cream or spray that will “numb” their penises to a degree, which will cut back on the sensitivity. This allows them to control their orgasms to a degree. The only problem about this is that sometimes it is too numb and their erections may be only semi-hard. That can be a bit discouraging for both partners.

That is why male chastity cages are so much better. When men cannot get erections within those little cages, they are learning how to make their own decisions as to the timing. In other words, when they have had enough training while wearing the cages, they will be able to decide when and where they are going to get erections. This will also help them to control when their orgasms will occur. It becomes a lot more fun for the men as well as their partners once full control is accomplished. It seems as if it might be worth it to endure the mild discomfort of these cages for a little while when there is so much to be gained in the end.


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