Are You Ready to Be in Charge of Your Male Chastity Cages?


One of the rules to wearing male chastity cages is that the keys are turned over to someone who has been designated as the Key Holder. This person can be a Mistress, Master or a partner. The point is that the men wearing the cages are usually not allowed to keep control of their keys. Typically, it is because they will be sorely tempted to unlock the cage when it becomes uncomfortable or they simply want to be able to get an erection. However, that’s the whole point of these devices; to keep away those random erections. How effective would they be if the men were allowed to be in charge of the keys? Most likely, not very.


Nothing works better than male chastity cages when it comes to keep those pesky erections at bay but that is only true when someone else is in charge of holding the key. On the other hand, there are some situations that might just require the man wearing the cage to also be in charge of the key to it. Men who do not have a partner who can be the Key Holder or are not involved with a Mistress or Master are going to be forced to find other solutions to this dilemma. Many of the men in this group manage to fight off the urge to unlock their cages at random and they do it rather easily.

If you happen to be a part of the men that have no one to hold the keys to their male chastity cages, you will have to learn restraint and self-discipline. Obviously, you will have to be your own Key Holder and you can do just that. There are safes that you can buy that can be set on a timer which allows you to stay on a schedule of sorts as to when your cage can be released.  These work out quite nicely unless you can develop the will to control whipping out that key anytime you want. That is also true if you really want the cage to do its job.

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