Male Chastity Cages and the Right to Wear Them


Recently, I discovered a site that offers glass male chastity cages for men. I never would have thought that wearing a glass cage would be all that comfortable, although I guess I can understand the comfort aspect. After all, they do make glass dildos and other such things, which are supposed to be the best choice for fun. But I think it would be really dangerous to be wearing a glass cage if something were to happen to it. Not that I get kicked in the crotch all that often, but if it did happen and the cage broke; I would think that it would be rather painful. Explaining that in a hospital emergency room would not be the highlight of my life.

I guess the glass male chastity cages would be good to use in the bedroom for training or something and not worn out in public. At least I don’t think I could wear one like this out in public. I would be horrified that something would happen to it, and I am sure that everyone around me would pick up on my stress. I would be constantly holding my hands over the cage in the hopes that anything that might start flying toward my crotch would be intercepted by my hands.


Maybe I should stick with the traditional metal or plastic male chastity cages for now. I like the feeling of the cold metal against my cock anyway, and I know that it isn’t going to break if something bad were to happen. I will admit that any guy that would wear a glass cage in public is far manlier than I am at this point in my life. To each his own, I guess. If anyone out there loves wearing a glass cage, then I say more power to them. As long as you are happy with what you are wearing when it comes to chastity, then the better adjusted you are.

Male Chastity Cages and Matching Swimwear


Some of the most interesting male chastity cages I have found came from a site that was selling swimwear. Apparently, they do a lot of business with guys that are wearing these devices. That led to them deciding that creating swimwear to go along with them was the perfect thing to do. I have to admit I was cautious about the whole swimwear for cages aspect, but it turns out that these designs are great for wearing your chastity device with. I get to go out to the beach in my chastity cage and still show off my body. Now, how great is that?

I would never have gone out to the beach wearing any of my male chastity cages in the past because of the fact that my swimwear couldn’t cover up the fact that I was wearing a cage in the first place. I tried slipping into my swimwear with my cage on for the first time and it was extremely noticeable that I was wearing one. Even someone that had never seen a chastity cage before would have recognized what I was wearing under that swimsuit. But these new suits take all of that into account and form around it without showing off too much of the locking mechanism.

To say I was excited about finally being able to wear my male chastity cages to the beach is an understatement. I always had to plan my beach outings during the times when I wasn’t wearing my cage and now I don’t have to do that. Of course, it usually tried to rain or something when I wasn’t wearing my cage. But now I can go out at any time I want to and have some fun in the sun. It is absolutely amazing the types of things I get to do now while wearing my chastity cages. I highly recommend them to all men with chastity cages.

Male Chastity Cages for Erection Control


Like most other guys that have gotten involved in wearing male chastity cages, I was looking for something to control my erections. My cock seems to have a mind of its own most of the time and I would get an erection for no reason at all. I was standing in a checkout line at the grocery store and got an erection while pulling money out of my pocket. That was one of the most embarrassing moments in my life, especially when you consider my cock is almost nine inches and an erection in slacks is rather noticeable with something that big.

I had no idea what I was going to do and even went as far as trying to tape it to my leg with athletic tape. I know now that using male chastity cages is a much safer and more comfortable option when it comes to controlling my cock. However, at the time; it seemed like the only thing I could do in order to take back some kind of control in my life. I had no idea anything like this existed until I spoke with my doctor about it in the hopes of getting some kind of medication for my issues.

He told me that male chastity cages were a great way of taking back control and training my cock to stand down. He said that I could wear one of these cages for a while and my body would get used to having it on. Then I could take it off and my body would still assume that I had it. After wearing it for almost two months straight, I can say that it has worked for me although when I don’t have it on for a while; I will get a partial erection. Kind of like my cock testing the waters to see if there are any sharks swimming around, I guess. All I have to do when that happens, though, is put it back on for a while to get control once more.

Public Male Chastity Cages in Public


I love wearing male chastity cages but my boss thinks I have lost my mind somehow. He doesn’t know that I have a cage on under my clothes although he has seen me sitting differently because of it. At first, he didn’t say anything to me and just let it go. Recently, though, he has been making comments about the way I have been sitting in business meetings. I want to tell him that you can only find so many comfortable positions when your cock is locked inside a small cage, but I don’t think that will go over all that well with him.

Being able to wear male chastity cages in public is something that I have always enjoyed. It is like bringing a whole new high to this wonderful fetish of mine. I don’t think I could walk around in nothing except my cage in public. On the other hand, having it on under my clothes is almost like the same thing in my mind. I am strutting around with a cage on my cock and, if someone actually looked hard enough, they could probably tell that. It’s almost like I am getting away with something very kinky in front of complete strangers somehow.


I will admit that when I started wearing male chastity cages I wasn’t too sure about taking them out in public. I was afraid that someone would find out and start teasing me for some reason. But once I finally gained enough courage to try it out, I saw that no one even paid any attention to my crotch. I can go just about anywhere I want with my cage in place and people just look at me and smile. I know they wouldn’t be smiling if they knew what was going on under my pants, but what they don’t know isn’t going to hurt me at all. I can just smile at my secret.