ting Started with Male Chastity Cages

Get When a man chooses to become a part of the chastity community, one of the first things that typically happens is the introduction to male chastity cages. This is one of the most often used items when it comes to training and preparing to enter a life of chastity. The reason that it is […]

Male Chastity Cages and my collection

    I started my collection of male chastity cages like most first timers who are new to male chastity training with the purchase of a plastic cock cage. As far as male chastity cages go the plastic cages are effective but also kind of vanilla that is on the boring side. They do the […]

Male Chastity Cages Just for the Fun of It

  Male chastity cages are typically used by men in the chastity lifestyle. They are not usually meant to be used for fun but, lately, it seems that this is one of the purposes that have been granted to these cages. If you are not familiar with chastity cages, they are devices that look like […]

Gain Serenity with Male Chastity Cages

  I can tell you all about wearing male chastity cages and how it makes me feel being able to take control of that aspect of my life. I can share with you what kind of cages you should be trying out if this is your first time or if you have been wearing cages […]

Adjusting to 24 Hour Male Chastity Cages

  One of the toughest things to grow accustomed to when a man first enters chastity training is wearing male chastity cages 24 hours a day 7 days a week. While it is required that these cages are worn for a significant amount of time, you might get lucky and have a professional trainer who […]

The Evolution of Male Chastity Cages

  I have noticed the surge in male chastity designs being made over what used to be around when I got involved in chastity. It was a few decades ago that I became a part of this lifestyle and there weren’t too many options available for a guy like me. I also had to order […]

Male Chastity Cages Are Built for Endurance

  When men turn to a chaste life, one of the first things that they get are male chastity cages. The reason for this is because they are a mainstay for a successful chastity experience. They keep men from succumbing to those pesky random erections that always seem to keep popping up no matter how […]

Male Chastity Cages

Male chastity cages   Welcome to my new blog all about male chastity cages, cock gear, sissy wear, anal gear and other fun and exciting things for men like you and me. I will share stories, information, photos of models and even photos of myself. Please feel free to send in your stories and photos […]