Wearing Male Chastity Cages

  Wearing male chastity cages is not such a big deal after the first couple of days. In fact, if you give it about a week; you won’t even realize that you have one on anymore. The hard part about these cages is finding the one that you want to wear. By it being hard, […]

My Big Mistake with Male Chastity Cages

  Male chastity cages have to be some of the most insane inventions ever created. Granted, these cages have a very important purpose and much gratitude is given to the designers who thought of these useful devices. They are basically just as their name implies. Different types of material such as metals and leather are […]

Wearing Male chastity cages under your pants.

  I have been actively practicing male chastity for over five years and I wear one of my many male chastity cages all the time that is unless my wife decides she wants to have sex and frees me from my bondage. I prefer metal male chastity cages for a number of reasons. Stainless steel […]

Understanding Male Chastity Cages

  Male chastity cages sound pretty confusing to people who are not in on the secret of the chastity community. In fact, it might make more sense to explain what chastity is before tackling the definition and purpose of the cages. Now, chastity is defined as the practice of refraining from all sexual intercourse. To […]

What’s Up with Male Chastity Cages?

    A lot of guys who think that they want to live their lives as a chaste male have no clue what male chastity cages are. Many of them believe that all they have to do is find a dominant partner and say “Yes, Dear” to whatever that partner wants them to do. Imagine […]

Collecting Male Chastity Cages

  Male chastity cages are items that have a very specific purpose. This purpose is to help keep men on the right track when they have entered into a chaste contract. They are miniature cages that fit right over the penis and are then locked into place. It is the most often used device when […]

ting Started with Male Chastity Cages

Get When a man chooses to become a part of the chastity community, one of the first things that typically happens is the introduction to male chastity cages. This is one of the most often used items when it comes to training and preparing to enter a life of chastity. The reason that it is […]

Male Chastity Cages and my collection

    I started my collection of male chastity cages like most first timers who are new to male chastity training with the purchase of a plastic cock cage. As far as male chastity cages go the plastic cages are effective but also kind of vanilla that is on the boring side. They do the […]

Male Chastity Cages That are Easy on the Eyes

  One of the first things that all men must do when they decide to become chaste is to find male chastity cages that will not only be effective but will also be nice to look at. Men that are novices to this lifestyle may not be aware that these cages exist in super sexy […]