Choosing the Right Male Chastity Cages

Choosing the Right Male Chastity Cages

A lot of the male chastity cages that I have been looking at online seem to be a bit more than I can handle. I guess that is a good thing since it means that more and more guys are getting into chastity these days. But it also seems like all the easy beginner models have gone by the way side. At least I am not able to find them quite as easily as was once the case. I guess I should have thought about buying one a couple years ago when I first started seeing how popular they were becoming.

I really do want to get involved with these male chastity cages, but I just do not think I am ready for the more advanced options that I keep coming across. I want something that is easy to get into and won’t cause any notable bulges in my pants when I go out for the day. Although that might be interested to see the reactions from people when they notice that bulge and I tell them why it is there. Of course, I am not brave enough to do something like that for fear that they might start laughing at me.

I think I am going to go ahead and find the easiest looking male chastity cages and choose one from that list. I am really tired of doing all this research and I just want to enjoy my life from here on out. Even if it is a pain to get on and off, I still think that wearing one of these cages will help me live a much better life. I am sure that there are other guys in the world that have felt the exact same way that I do right now, and they are probably doing just fine with what they have chosen to wear. So if others can do it, I can, too.



The Many Looks of Male Chastity Cages


When do men start thinking of using male chastity cages? Well, some men start the fetish as soon as they start having sex. Some men are lead there over time through a repetitious sexual relationship. Either type has discovered something wonderful, though. The use of male chastity cages can be very erotic and exciting under the right circumstances. All you need is a sexual partner who understands your deep, dark need to be dominated and controlled. Submission is an ultimate form of trust and can make a man feel almost safe, even while enduring punishment. If you are interested in this kinky kind of sex play, you need male chastity cages. When it comes to cock cages, there are all kinds of styles, colors, and materials. Some can be a clear, hard plastic. Other cock cages can be metal and ribbed. Some black, some silver, some of them are a solid cover over your cock. Regardless of your preference, there is surely a style to match.

It’s not like male chastity cages are meant to be comfortable, but size does matter when picking out a style. Most men are small while in a flaccid state; however, other men are showers, not growers, and require more space for their cages, even while limp. The fully enclosed cages are fine for men who are thinner and shorter while limp. The ribbed, metal cages may be a better pick for girthier, longer cocks. Most male chastity cages will let you pick sizes when you order them, but make sure you double check. It’s fun to play around with a cock cage, but it’s a waste of money if your penis is too big to lock it.

Some male chastity cages are also decorated in different shapes. There are ones that are designed to look like dragons or horses. There is almost an artistic quality to the designs of modern cock cages. Even in the bedroom, you can have a personalized look applied to your cock to add some personality to your sexual bondage experiences.

Male Chastity Cages Can Be Fun


Male chastity cages have become quite popular in certain circles throughout the centuries. Usually we hear about women’s chastity belts that were used in medieval times. Women were locked into these belts to keep them from cheating on their husbands during times of war. These knights could be gone for weeks, months or even years fighting battles and they wanted to insure     that their women did not misbehave sexually during their absence. Of course, a really determined woman could figure out a way to get satisfied even with the belt on her. At any rate, it is believed that the cages for men were created from ideas that came from the belts.

Someone finally thought that male chastity cages should also be in existence. They were designed and created. Then they were put into use. Most of the designs for these cages are made in the manner of miniature bird cages. They come with tiny locks and keys which are typically turned over to the Key Holder of the man. These can be Masters, Mistresses or if you do not have a dominant partner, you can simply lock the key away in someplace that you will not be able to get to it readily just because you have an itch of sorts that you would like to scratch.

Then, there are the times that male chastity cages are just used for some kinky fun between couples. While most of the cage use is taken rather seriously, it does not always have to be that way. Some men just want to play around with the fact that they are not the ones in control and they will allow their partners to slip these cages onto their penises. The cages are not allowed to be removed without the permission of the Key Holder and this really makes for a hot scene. So you see, if you have been a bit curious about how these cages fit into your sex life; you should definitely give it a try and see what happens. You just may have more fun than you ever dreamed.

The Benefits of Wearing Male Chastity Cages


Quite possibly some of the most confusing sex toys around are male chastity cages. The people who understand these items are typically the ones who use them either non-frequently or frequently. Most of the time, the cages are used in a relationship where there is a submissive partner and a dominant one. The dominant partner has control of the key that unlocks the cage once it is placed around the penis. This is done so that the submissive does not get any special privileges or undeserved rewards by being able to gain sexual release. His dominant partner is the one who is in charge of making those decisions.

While there are many benefits of wearing male chastity cages, one of those at the top of the list is the submissive will not be able to fool around and enjoy some one night stands. Yes, that means that the cages are worn all the time unless the Key Holder sees that there is a reason to remove it. One of those reasons, of course, have something to do with good health. If the cage and penis are not cleansed properly and often enough, those are definite breeding grounds for infection. I am quite sure that the submissive would not enjoy that sort of infection. That is why there are rules to follow.

Another benefit of wearing male chastity cages is learning the lesson of not being selfish and self-centered. When you are wearing a chastity cage, it is almost a definite thing that your dominant partner will be pleased as many times as he or she wants before you will be allowed to remove that cage and gain some happiness for yourself. That is why you will want to work your hardest to please your Key Holder. You will get your own reward in the end, the harder you work and the happier that you make your dominant partner, the better your own reward will be.

Being Cautious Male Chastity Cages


Not all male chastity cages are created equally and doing a quick check online will show you the truth in this. There are a lot of sites that offer cheap alternatives to real cages, which you should stay away from at all costs. I highly recommend buying your cages from reputable sites if you are going to buy them online and do your best to not save a lot of money on them. I have been suckered into buying one of those cheap cages in the past, and it was the worst decision of my life. It almost made me give up chastity altogether, after a brief visit to the emergency room, that is.

High quality male chastity cages will fit you perfectly and will not cause any discomfort other than having your cock locked inside of it. But the cheaper ones will usually have some kind of defect in them that can cause anything from extreme pain to a visit to the hospital. I just happened to get the latter one of those and it was not fun. The cage I bought had a bur inside the ring that goes around the base of the cock. On top of that, the lock did not work right and I could not get the key to work.

After seeing a decent amount of blood, I decided that I will pay more money for my male chastity cages if I was ever able to get that one off and keep my manhood in one peace. Needless to say, the doctor was surprised to see why I was there and I was able to have it removed safely. I immediately threw that cage away and, after a couple of week’s recovery, I bought another one that was of better quality. I have not had any issues with that one and I am pretty sure that I will not have any with others that I might buy in the future.

The Necessity for Male Chastity Cages


Unless you are involved in the chastity lifestyle, chances are good that you have no idea what male chastity cages are and what their purpose is. On the other hand, these cages are quite well-known and popular within this specialized community. The cages have a specific purpose for those people that live a chaste life and it makes that life so much simpler to be a part of. Nothing is more effective in keeping men chaste than cages and this if true for many reasons. However, there is one specific reason that makes cages so effective.

That one thing is that male chastity cages are made in the form of miniature cages with tiny locks and keys. They are made to fit over a man’s penis and then are locked into place. This means that, once they are locked, the cages cannot be removed without the use of the keys that fit them. These keys are turned over to individuals known as Key Holders and the men cannot have the cages removed without the permission of the Key Holders. The great thing about chastity cages is that the men wearing them cannot have those random erections that will tempt them to head into club restrooms with strangers for impromptu sex or even a quick solo experience. Men wearing these cages are not going to misbehave.

Male chastity cages are meant not only for training submissives but also for keeping them on track when it comes to sexual pleasure. After all, chastity means that the submissive male does not get to control anything in his life, especially his sexual encounters. So those cages are a vital part of making sure that these guys stick to the rules. When they have earned the reward of taking off their cages, their Key Holders will let them know. Otherwise, they continue to keep them in place and continue trying to do everything in the world to please their Mistresses or Masters. That is when the necessity of chastity cages is really recognized.

Why I Choose Male Chastity Cages


Something about male chastity cages always scared me when I first found them online. Some of them look so brutal that I couldn’t imagine why any guy out there would want to wear something like this. I thought that only guys looking for self-punishment or torture would be willing to sacrifice putting something like this on and attempting to live their life. Yet I was intrigued that so many different designs were available online which meant there were a lot of guys out there willing to go through all of this and there had to be a reason for it. I wanted to know what that reason was.

I came to the conclusion that I would have to buy my own male chastity cages in order to figure this little conundrum out and that is what I did. I bought three different cages in the hopes that I would finally figure out why so many guys were willing to put themselves through such torture and be happy about it. The first one I tried was considered a basic design used by first time chastity men. It was easy to get on and I could understand why guys would want to wear it as it was somewhat comfortable.


The second of the male chastity cages I bought was considered intermediate. This one wasn’t as comfortable as the first but it wasn’t all that bad. It was a little more difficult to put together but I could see wearing it for a bit of time. The last cage I tried was so far beyond what I was ready for that I couldn’t even get it locked into place. Those little barbs on the inside made it impossible to feel comfortable in and that is when I went back to the first one. I plan on wearing all of them as a challenge and I will work up to that last one if it kills me. Now I can see why so many guys like them.


Metal male chastity cages



Call me old fashioned but if I am shopping for male chastity cages I want them to be metal and able to last for years. I like the feel of having my penis locked away in a metal cage with my keyholder controlling when to set it free, let it get hard and even when it is touched. I find that metal male chastity cages work best. Most of the designs are much harder to purposely remove and escape from when passions run high. Having my penis covered in metal keeps me from playing with it, having someone else play with it or even see it. The only thing exposed are my balls and I never play with them because it can be painful to get aroused wearing a cock cage. I know there are many nice plastic male chastity cages and it is a very personal choice that most keyholders make for their slaves. I also understand that many men and women play with cock cages for sexual adventures. I get it. The Fifty Shades of Grey thing. Nothing is out of bounds between consenting adults hell it even seems like fisting is mainstream. That said I am going to stick with metal. There is nothing like the feel of a new stainless steel cock cage being fitted on for the first time.



Holiday Decorations for Your Male Chastity Cages


Something that is a bit quirky for the holidays that Key Holders might decide to do for their submissives is to decorate their male chastity cages. This is directed at the Key Holders primarily because the submissives are not going to be allowed to take it upon themselves to decorate their cages. For one thing, they would need to obtain permission for their cages to be decorated and that permission might be hard to get. On the other hand, the Key Holders might just allow this decoration project to happen as long as the submissives are decorating as they are instructed. However, once the process gets under way and is understood by everyone; it is something that can be done for all holidays and/or special occasions.


To begin with, it can be rather simple to decorate male chastity cages in the theme of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cutout turkeys can be created and attached to the cages in a cute and festive manner. Christmas can bring all sorts of new ideas. Tiny little ornaments, much like charms that are bought for bracelets and necklaces, can be hung from the bars of the cages. Some careful planning might even allow some tiny twinkling lights to be attached to the cages. Just imagine how that would look especially in the dark. Halloween can have witches, ghosts, goblins and all sorts of other little homemade creatures can be added to make those cages a little mysterious and spooky.

It is very possible that there are some Key Holders in the world that might have already begun the practice of adorning the male chastity cages of their submissives. Those are some very imaginative and creative Key Holders, too. What is even more fun to add to this process is to instruct the submissives to show off their new decorated cages. This can be done at private parties given by the Key Holders or simply at home when guests arrive. Of course, the guests will need to know ahead of time that the submissive does, indeed, wear a chastity cage and what that lifestyle is all about. Otherwise, they will be rather shocked when a fully naked man with tiny twinkling lights adorning his penis answers the door.

Male Chastity Cages Just for the Fun of It


Male chastity cages are typically used by men in the chastity lifestyle. They are not usually meant to be used for fun but, lately, it seems that this is one of the purposes that have been granted to these cages. If you are not familiar with chastity cages, they are devices that look like miniature cages. They are meant to be slipped over a man’s penis and locked into place with the help of a small lock and key. The key is turned over to someone who has been designated as a Key Holder. This is the person who decides when the cage can be unlocked and the man can come out and play, so to speak.


These days, male chastity cages have taken on a new use. They are now used just for fun and games. That means that the cages are a part of some role playing or other type of sex play between couples. The man has the cage locked around his penis and is made to experience self-denial until his designated Key Holder says that he can be unlocked. Usually, this does not take place until after the Key Holder is full satisfied and is ready to allow the man to gain some sexual pleasure and release of his own. That is what the game is meant to accomplish.

Male chastity cages can be a lot of fun for couples whether they are going to have a night or weekend of fun or if they are ready to commit to the long haul of a chastity lifestyle. In fact, once some couples indulge in a little play with these cages, many of them decide to make it a way of life. There are some men who are just cut out to lead a life of chastity because they no longer have to make decisions in every part of their lives. You may want to keep these cages in mind if you and your partner are on the lookout for something just a little bit different and exciting.