Wearing male chastity cages

Male Chastity Cages

I have been wearing male chastity cages for a few years and they have taught me the value of being patient. In order to explain what I mean you have to understand that when I first started wearing these cages I was rushing myself into feeling like I was in control of my body. My body however, decided that it would let me know when it was ready to be controlled and not the other way around. It took me months to finally get the hang of not having an erection every time I moved a certain way in my cage.

After a few months of figuring out just what it meant to wear these male chastity cages, I was able to almost forget that I was wearing anything like it. I could go to work and not even think about what I was wearing unless I had to go to the restroom at some point during the day. It also took me a while to realize that I didn’t have to take the cage off while I relieved myself. I, for some reason, thought that I had to remove the cage and wash it before putting it back on. Of course, anyone that wears a cage knows that isn’t how it works.

If you are new to wearing male chastity cages then I will tell you that they are absolutely amazing to live with. But, if you aren’t patient enough to get the full benefit of wearing something like this, you probably won’t enjoying any amount of time in one. You have to wait until your body as grown accustomed to it and since you have never locked your cock up inside a cage before, it could be a while before your body accepts what you are trying to force upon it. Once you are used to it there is nothing in this world that can equate the feelings that you will end up having while wearing something like this and that is a good thing.

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Micro male chastity cages

Male Chastity Cages

When I first started wearing male chastity cages, I was doing it to make my partner happy. We were having some issues in the bedroom and they wanted to spice things up a bit by having me lock my cock up inside a small cage. Apparently, that was going to be the only way of keeping the relationship fresh, to which I was npt all that sure if I wanted to keep it that way anymore. But you do what you can to make your partner happy in the hopes that things might change in the long run. Naturally nothing changed and my partner soon grew tired and left anyway.

The only reason I am relaying this information is that while I was trying to save the relationship by wearing male chastity cages, I ended up continuing to wear them because I felt something about them was truly needed in my life. It is almost like I came to the realization that it was not the relationship that I needed, but the cage itself is what had been missing in my life. I know that sounds rather weird for anyone who has not tried wearing one of these devices in the past, but that is pretty much what it felt like. I was actually happier when the partner left than when I took my cage off for the first time, and that should tell you something.

I am not saying that you have to give up your relationship in order to feel happy about wearing male chastity cages, though. I think you could be perfectly fine wearing one with a partner that was worth the effort involved in living this kind of a lifestyle,  if your partner is not willing to put the same amount of effort in, then you might want to rethink who you are with rather than what kind of device you bring into the bedroom. Overall, wearing a chastity device is all about taking back a bit of control for yourself and redirecting the appropriate amount of attention to the person you are with. If you can’t find happiness in giving that person attention, then you might want to take your cage and move on with your life.

Male Chastity Cages

Male Chastity Cages

If you are thinking about getting involved in wearing male chastity cages, there are probably a few things that you should consider. For all those guys that have been wearing them for years and know everything there is to know about these odd little devices; you are excused. Maybe you would prefer to go out and play or watch an online video of some guy getting hit in the nuts with a ball feeling confident that you are fully protected. This is for those men who are serious about spicing up things in the bedroom in a way that they might not have even thought possible.

You see, the wearing of male chastity cages is not as simple as just abstaining from sex. Sure, you could wear something like this if that is all that you want. They will help you achieve that goal with flying colors. In fact, if that is all you want to accomplish, there are options available for you that will allow you to do that with the utmost comfort in mind. If the ability to walk around in public without people knowing your secret is; that is also quite possible. On the other hand, if you are looking for something wild that will really push the limits instead of holding on to your ball’s boys; its gonna get weird.

If you are adventurous and do not mind a tiny bit of pain, you can find male chastity cages that have nice little spikes on the inside so that every time you even think about getting an erection; you are going to feel pain. We are not talking about the kind of pain you get from having your cock locked up in a cage, either. We are talking about full grown spikes pushing into flesh that will let you know that your urges are getting out of hand. Hell, a small breeze could end up bringing you an hours’ worth of agony if you let it. Now these types of male chastity cages are something that you are not going to want to try out on your first night in public. In fact, there are guys that have been wearing these cages for decades that are not ready for this. But you can look around on line and find plenty of pictures of these beasts and see what you could be doing if you only put your mind to it. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to party like a real man who want to control himself throughout the day?

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Male chastity cages and you.

Male Chastity Cages

For those people involved in a chastity relationship, male chastity cages are not puzzling items. In fact, they are not only well known but are used often, especially when it comes to training a novice to be a good boy. These cages are just as they sound. They are miniature little cages that fit over the penis and is locked in place. You have most likely seen bird cages at some point in your life. Many of these chastity cages are truly made to resemble those bird cages, They even come equipped with little doors that are locked into place by the small key that fits it. Of course, your Key Holder will be in charge of the key. This will become your way of life because you will not be allowed to even see that key until you have earned the right to have some time away from it.

By now, you have probably figured out what the true purpose of male chastity cages are, but if you missed anything, please keep reading. Once these little cages have been securely locked around your penis, you can forget about being able to attain an erection. You see, that is exactly what they have been designed to do. Most professional chastity trainers turn to these cages in the beginning. Once you have learned that you will not be able to get erect followed by a pretty good orgasm, you will be ready to do anything you are told just to be able to cum. When you are wearing that cage, your Key Holder has total control over you and your access to sexual pleasure.

Now, male chastity cages are not all bad. In fact, they can actually be rather exciting knowing that you have to work for the right to cum. That will make  the good little boy come out in you because there is nothing more important in your life than pleasing your Key Holder so she or he will allow you to gain some release by removing the cage. Although you really did not think it would be that simple, did you?  Even after your cage is removed, there will still be tasks that you will need to do before you are allowed to have your own fun. But you can be guaranteed that it will be worth every sacrifice you have endured.

Male Chastity Cages

Male Chastity Cages

If you are enjoying a chastity relationship, you already know about male chastity cages. They are wonderful tools when it comes to keeping you in your proper place in this relationship. In case you are not familiar with the male chastity lifestyle, you may not have ever heard of such things as chastity cages. They are, as the name implies, miniature cages that fit over your cock. It also comes with a tiny lock and key. Once these little cages are locked in place, a designated Key Holder keeps the cage key safe and away from the submissive. In that way, it is pretty certain that you will not be doing anything to or with your cock.

These male chastity cages insure that you cannot touch your cock or that you will also not be able to attain an erection. If that starts to happen, unless you are into intense pain, your cock will most likely be put back in its place. So these cages keep a submissive from having any sexual release. There is one way that you can have an erection and even have an orgasm. That way is to do everything you can to please your Key Holder. There may be many tasks that you will ordered to perform. Some of those tasks may even involve sexual acts of some sort. The point is that if you are a good boy and do everything that you are told to do, these cages are quite good for training.

An aspect of male chastity cages is that of design. These cages are actually quite beautifully made. Various metals are used to create these cages. Something else that deserves to be mentioned is size. Chastity cages come in all sizes because cocks are not identical. Knowing what size is needed is vital in order to maintain safety issues. For instance, if you have a rather large cock, it would be very dangerous to try to stuff it into a cage made for smaller cocks. If you can get it in the cage at all, you run the true risk of endangering your cock. The problem with cages that are too big is that they have a tendency to fall off, which will be totally useless as a training tool. Just do your research and you will find the right one.

Male Chastity Cages New Micro Handmade Series

Male Chastity Cages New Handmade Series

There is a line of new male chastity cages from The Male Chastity store at koalaswim.com called the Handmade Series. These designs are the smallest male chastity cages I have ever seen and Koala claims they are the smallest male chastity cages made anywhere. When I first saw these cages on their website I wanted to become a believer but when I received my new Eunuch cage I became a true believer! They are so insanely small they are almost indescribably. For men like me that have a very small penis these male chastity cages are a dream come true. They are beautifully constructed out of stainless steel and hand made to an extremely high standard. The price was also something that amazed me. These are some of the highest quality male chastity cages I have ever seen with beautiful finishes and great workmanship all priced at what the average Chinese imports are priced at. My new Eunuch cage is every bit the quality you see from the German male chastity cages which many believe to be the finest made but my cage was a fraction of the price of those German Imports. Koalaswim.com and malechastitystore.com which are both part of the same company now offers a full line of these micro style cages. They are absolutely perfect for men with tiny or small penis sizes including men with micro penis syndrome, but they have the micro size for men with normal sized penises too. As it turns out many men want their normal size penis compressed to look smaller for male chastity and there are cages in the Handmade line for that too.

Male Chastity Cock Cages

Male Chastity Cages

If you are into the chastity scene, you already know what male chastity cages are and what their intended use is. These cages are rather important to people who indulge in this type of lifestyle. On the other hand, if you are new to this way of life, you might not know about these cages and why they are used so often by couples who practice the lifestyle of chastity. Basically, chastity cages are placed over the penis and then locked in place. Many of them resemble a miniature cage with a tiny lock on it. Locking it over your penis is meant to keep you from getting an erection without permission from your Key Holder.

The Key Holder always takes control of male chastity cages from the placing of them on the penis to locking them in place. You will not be able to become erect as long as the cage is locked around you. The Key Holder is exactly what it says: this person takes control of the key to the cage and you will need to have permission from her or him before the cage is removed. It is sort of a reward when you are allowed to remove your cage. This requires permission and you will need to do things to earn this reward. Of course, you may be given tasks to perform for your Key Holder. If you perform them correctly, you can probably count on a reward.

Male chastity cages are usually 99.9 percent used by people who are involved in the chastity lifestyle. It has been discovered that the cages might just be the most important tool to keep the male member of this relationship in line. There is nothing like being forbidden to get an erection to make a man behave. If he knows that he will eventually be allowed to remove the cage and get an erection, he is going to be very submissive and obedient. When his Key Holder is satisfied with the way the task is performed, chances are really good that you will be allowed to also enjoy yourself.

Male Chastity Cage

Male Chastity Cage

Have you heard of a male chastity cage? There is never having heard of it or knowing what it is but just never have any reason to use it. There is also knowing what it is because you use one in your relationship. Typically, one partner will be the dominant one and will direct the submissive one when they are allowed to remove the cage. It is never left up to the submissive as to when he is allowed to remove the cage. The dominant partner always makes that decision, as well as any other things that is involved in a dominant/submissive relationship.

For those men who are curious as to what a male chastity cage does, there is a very simple answer to that question. Chastity cages are used to make men behave themselves, sexually. Usually, a dominant partner polices these cages, although they can be used by single men who are not in any type of relationship. While it may be a bit trickier to manage, these single guys tend to do quite well simply because they are so determined to make this work. Many of these guys will actually lock away their cage key, which will hinder any kind of “cheating.” For other men, it only takes a great deal of self-discipline to stay on their chosen path.

Finally, something very important to know about the male chastity cage is that they can teach men a lot about how to satisfy their partners, not only sexually, but in all areas of their relationship. Submissive guys know much more about keeping a relationship healthy and going strong than many men. The reason for this is most likely due to the chastity cage because the submissive has learned his place with the dominant person in the relationship. Whatever reason that you decide to have that cage put on your penis; make sure that it is one that makes sense.


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Male Chastity Cages

Male Chastity Cages

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of people all over the world who have never heard of male chastity cages. To be fair, only a select number of the population have heard of these devices because they are in a relationship that would require one of these. Those relationships are called Dominant/Submissive.  The reason for this is that the Dominant partner is the one in charge of everything up to and including what the submissive does and says. These are pretty specific in how they work. This includes the use of chastity cages. These devices insure that the submissives stay in line and to keep him from straying into a compromising situation, which is considered naughty by the Dominant.

There is also a way to enjoy male chastity cages even if you are on your own. There is a significant number of men in the world who are single for whatever reason. This requires a great deal of self-discipline, but it can be a very rewarding experience for men who love the cages but do not have a partner. Some men purchase a small safe where they stow away their cage keys. It is not the ideal situation because the temptation to remove the cage in order to give into some naughty action. The safe just slows them down a bit. Hopefully, by the time the safe is opened, men will have some other focus and the urge to be naughty has vanished.

Granted, there is always going to fight the temptation to get out of your male chastity cages. It is not an easy thing to do for most men. On the other hand, there are lots of men who view this as a challenge. Those guys get their kicks simply by seeing just how far they can go before they give up. Keep in mind, though, of all the kinky fun you can have just by trying one of these. If you are curious about this type of lifestyle, all you have to do is purchase one and have some fun.


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