Which Sissy cage is right for me?

If you identify as a sissy, you are working on becoming a sissy or are interested in learning about the sissy lifestyle than the question of which sissy cage is the right one for me is a logical one. It makes sense to ask because most sissies are taught to be chastity sissies and will need to wear a sissy cage. Your next question might be what is a sissy cage? The answer is a sissy cage is any male chastity cage that a sissy will use to lock away her worthless little cock. When we dig deeper into the question of which sissy cage is right for me it helps to realize that most sissies what to do whatever they can to help feminize themselves and there are few things that are more feminizing than erasing a penis from the body and rendering it useless. When we look at cages that way, we know that micro-cock cages would be the natural choice for sissies and in fact it is true that most order a sissy cage that is a micro or ultra-micro style since these cages do an excellent job of locking away the penis, making it useless and feminizing the wearer all at once. This is the perfect combination for a sissy and it is the option that most mistresses and sissy trainers. Male chastity cages with names like the Castrate Cage, Eunuch Cage, Munchkin Cage, Mistress Fury and Pancake Man chastity cages give you an idea of how small these cages really are. Cages like the Castrate and Eunuch make you look like their name implies which might seem scary but these are extremely popular style in the male chastity community and top offerings for sissies looking for the perfect sissy cage. I have lived as a sissy in chastity for over ten years with my girlfriend acting as my mistress. She started me off in normal sized chastity cages but my penis is so small I would just float around in them. My wife was thrilled when the micro cages came onto the market and when she told me she had order a sissy cage style for me I was overjoyed. Something that would fit, something that would all but hide my penis, something small enough to wear under girl style panties or mtf swimsuits without it being noticeable was something I had dreamed about and now it was coming true. Changes to sissy cage designs have come fast and furious since than with the biggest change and one that many sissies reading this will already know about are the inverted style chastity cages. The most popular of all the sissy chastity cage styles are the inverted cages including the monster deep throat models which makes a lot of sense when you understand how this style of cage works. This type of cage forces the shaft inside of the body cavity which makes it feel like you are caged and your penis has been removed something many sissies crave to feel and that is the main reason why they are the go-to style cage.

Deep Throat Inverted Cage

Names like Castrate Inverted, Castrate Deep Throat, Munchkin Inverted Convertible, Munchkin Inverted Hardcore along with Munchkin Deep Throat. Many sissies say they feel like they have a vagina when wearing this style sissy cage and that their pussy is being penetrated, I know that is a detailed visual but this is how they feel. I have used this type of cage too and I would agree that you do feel like you are being penetrated the entire time you are wearing it. When I am asked by sissy friends which cage would be best for me, I always ask how much experience wearing a chastity cage do you have? Someone just starting out will not want their first cage to be an Inverted Deep Throat model, it is too extreme for a wearer with no chastity device experience. On the other hand, a sissy that has been caged for years and feels like they are ready to jump over to an inverted style cage my answer is start slow since it is a new product for you. You cannot just put one on and wear it all day long or days and weeks on end from the get go like you can with most other cage styles. This is a sissy cage that takes getting used to. The best way to do that is to start wearing it for short periods of time and work your way up to longer and longer sessions.