3D Printed Male Chastity Cages.

3D printed male chastity cages.

At the Male Chastity Cages site, we almost exclusively look at, test and issue opinions on small size cages specifically micro male chastity cages.  Most of the guys working here and writing posts wear micro cages and it is not because we all have small cocks though many of us do and are proud of our little man clits. I am Michael D and I am one writing this post and the proud owner of a man clit. I believe that all men with small to tiny cocks should be wearing male chastity cages since the cages keep the penis small, useless and in many respects humiliated as one should be. If you are new to cages and you have a small penis just know that there is a brotherhood of men with small cocks all over and we are happy to welcome you. No need to worry about how small you are, embrace it, love it and be proud if it. Well, that was a mouthful so let us talk about 3D printed male chastity cages and in particular micro size cages. There are a number of 3D printed chastity cages on the market and I have personally tested many of them. Today we will talk about cages in general and three cages that are my personal favorites. All the cages I have tested have been full compression micro male chastity cages with all designs virtually making the shaft of your penis disappear, it is that much craved Eunuch look, so small the shaft appears to have been removed from the wearer. The major benefits to 3D printed chastity cages are the following: ease of design which means it is easier to do a more complicated designs on a 3D printed cage and it is much less costly designing and producing them since unlike a regular plastic or silicon style cage no mold needs to be made and molds can be extremely expensive. The design of a 3D printed chastity cage is completed on the computer before it goes to a 3D printer and it is easy to tweak and make changes as you go along there by creating an excellent finished product. Virtually all micro style 3D printed male chastity cages are made from a resin type of plastic which is incredibly light, strong and resilient. We can do many more shapes using a 3D printer and for the cock ring portion of the cage we can create more comfortable long-term wearing designs. Lightweight is an excellent benefit when you are cage for long periods of time as is being easy to clean which all the 3D printed cages we tested are.

Here are my top three choices:

Sissy Penis Chastity Cage

This is a true to life 3D printed chastity cage that is perfect for compressing the shaft down to nothing and is an excellent cage for sissy training and men, gender neutral, non-binary and transexuals that are looking for a feminine looking cage with an extremely comfortable fit. Lots of ring size options. I liked this one the best though the other two would be awesome additions to anyone’s collection too.

Girl Meat Chastity Cage

The Girl Meat is an extremely small ultra-lightweight 3D printed cock cage that keeps you all-in but in the most minimalist design. The Girl Meat is similar to the stainless-steel micro-cages made by Koala and it would be an excellent long-term travel cage.

 Boy Pussy Chastity Cage

The Sissy Pussy Cage just barely beat out the Boy Pussy as my favorite 3D printed male chastity cage.  I loved the fit and finish and over-all it was the smallest of the three all of which are extremely micro cages to be sure. I felt my most feminine wearing the Boy Pussy and it leaves you with so little penis showing after a short time you feel like there is a pussy between your legs. I understand from the guys at the Male Chastity Store at Koalaswim .com that this one is the most popular 3D printed cage they offer.

The question I get asked all the time is should I switch to wearing a 3D printed cage? Being a huge, metal cock cage fan I would say don’t switch but do like I have a add one or two into your collection. I loved wearing the 3D cages when I was working out at the gym, going for long walks on the beach and being active. That is why I am adding them in as a regular daily use cage along with my micro metal cock cages and I would highly recommend the same for you.