Wearing male chastity cages

Male Chastity Cages

I have been wearing male chastity cages for a few years and they have taught me the value of being patient. In order to explain what I mean you have to understand that when I first started wearing these cages I was rushing myself into feeling like I was in control of my body. My body however, decided that it would let me know when it was ready to be controlled and not the other way around. It took me months to finally get the hang of not having an erection every time I moved a certain way in my cage.

After a few months of figuring out just what it meant to wear these male chastity cages, I was able to almost forget that I was wearing anything like it. I could go to work and not even think about what I was wearing unless I had to go to the restroom at some point during the day. It also took me a while to realize that I didn’t have to take the cage off while I relieved myself. I, for some reason, thought that I had to remove the cage and wash it before putting it back on. Of course, anyone that wears a cage knows that isn’t how it works.

If you are new to wearing male chastity cages then I will tell you that they are absolutely amazing to live with. But, if you aren’t patient enough to get the full benefit of wearing something like this, you probably won’t enjoying any amount of time in one. You have to wait until your body as grown accustomed to it and since you have never locked your cock up inside a cage before, it could be a while before your body accepts what you are trying to force upon it. Once you are used to it there is nothing in this world that can equate the feelings that you will end up having while wearing something like this and that is a good thing.

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