Male chastity cages and you.

Male Chastity Cages

For those people involved in a chastity relationship, male chastity cages are not puzzling items. In fact, they are not only well known but are used often, especially when it comes to training a novice to be a good boy. These cages are just as they sound. They are miniature little cages that fit over the penis and is locked in place. You have most likely seen bird cages at some point in your life. Many of these chastity cages are truly made to resemble those bird cages, They even come equipped with little doors that are locked into place by the small key that fits it. Of course, your Key Holder will be in charge of the key. This will become your way of life because you will not be allowed to even see that key until you have earned the right to have some time away from it.

By now, you have probably figured out what the true purpose of male chastity cages are, but if you missed anything, please keep reading. Once these little cages have been securely locked around your penis, you can forget about being able to attain an erection. You see, that is exactly what they have been designed to do. Most professional chastity trainers turn to these cages in the beginning. Once you have learned that you will not be able to get erect followed by a pretty good orgasm, you will be ready to do anything you are told just to be able to cum. When you are wearing that cage, your Key Holder has total control over you and your access to sexual pleasure.

Now, male chastity cages are not all bad. In fact, they can actually be rather exciting knowing that you have to work for the right to cum. That will make  the good little boy come out in you because there is nothing more important in your life than pleasing your Key Holder so she or he will allow you to gain some release by removing the cage. Although you really did not think it would be that simple, did you?  Even after your cage is removed, there will still be tasks that you will need to do before you are allowed to have your own fun. But you can be guaranteed that it will be worth every sacrifice you have endured.