Male Chastity Cage

Male Chastity Cage

Have you heard of a male chastity cage? There is never having heard of it or knowing what it is but just never have any reason to use it. There is also knowing what it is because you use one in your relationship. Typically, one partner will be the dominant one and will direct the submissive one when they are allowed to remove the cage. It is never left up to the submissive as to when he is allowed to remove the cage. The dominant partner always makes that decision, as well as any other things that is involved in a dominant/submissive relationship.

For those men who are curious as to what a male chastity cage does, there is a very simple answer to that question. Chastity cages are used to make men behave themselves, sexually. Usually, a dominant partner polices these cages, although they can be used by single men who are not in any type of relationship. While it may be a bit trickier to manage, these single guys tend to do quite well simply because they are so determined to make this work. Many of these guys will actually lock away their cage key, which will hinder any kind of “cheating.” For other men, it only takes a great deal of self-discipline to stay on their chosen path.

Finally, something very important to know about the male chastity cage is that they can teach men a lot about how to satisfy their partners, not only sexually, but in all areas of their relationship. Submissive guys know much more about keeping a relationship healthy and going strong than many men. The reason for this is most likely due to the chastity cage because the submissive has learned his place with the dominant person in the relationship. Whatever reason that you decide to have that cage put on your penis; make sure that it is one that makes sense.


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