A Little Information on Male Chastity Cages


A Little Information on Male Chastity Cages


What do you think or mentally see when you hear the term male chastity cages? It depends on what you have actually heard about them or not. You may also be among the group who have never heard about these cages in any form. If you are not familiar with chastity cages at all, you may glean a bit of information about the subject here, as there is a lot to learn about them. People who travel in certain circles know all about chastity cages because they use them on a daily basis. Men who live a specific lifestyle find chastity cages necessary to exist happily with the person who is in charge of them.  


First, a little history on male chastity cages so that you can understand why these things are even used at all. Chastity devices go back centuries to the days of knights who would be gone fighting wars for up to years at a time. The wives of the knights were expected to remain faithful to their husbands but sometimes they needed a bit of help in that area. That is when the chastity belts were invented for women. While there were some creative methods to get around these belts, for the most part, they were rather effective in keeping the wives of the knights in line.


The male chastity cages were patterned after these first chastity belts for women and are used to keep submissive men in line. Their dominant partners make sure that these cages are fitted on the penis in a way that keeps these men from having random sexual encounters or masturbation. In fact, it is those cages that make sure the men wearing them do not have any sexual release. The only way that they get to do that is when their dominant partners give them permission. That is just the way things work and chastity cages insure that they will stay that way.


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