The Benefits of Wearing Male Chastity Cages


Quite possibly some of the most confusing sex toys around are male chastity cages. The people who understand these items are typically the ones who use them either non-frequently or frequently. Most of the time, the cages are used in a relationship where there is a submissive partner and a dominant one. The dominant partner has control of the key that unlocks the cage once it is placed around the penis. This is done so that the submissive does not get any special privileges or undeserved rewards by being able to gain sexual release. His dominant partner is the one who is in charge of making those decisions.

While there are many benefits of wearing male chastity cages, one of those at the top of the list is the submissive will not be able to fool around and enjoy some one night stands. Yes, that means that the cages are worn all the time unless the Key Holder sees that there is a reason to remove it. One of those reasons, of course, have something to do with good health. If the cage and penis are not cleansed properly and often enough, those are definite breeding grounds for infection. I am quite sure that the submissive would not enjoy that sort of infection. That is why there are rules to follow.

Another benefit of wearing male chastity cages is learning the lesson of not being selfish and self-centered. When you are wearing a chastity cage, it is almost a definite thing that your dominant partner will be pleased as many times as he or she wants before you will be allowed to remove that cage and gain some happiness for yourself. That is why you will want to work your hardest to please your Key Holder. You will get your own reward in the end, the harder you work and the happier that you make your dominant partner, the better your own reward will be.