Male Chastity Training is Essential


Most people believe that male chastity training is something that can be undergone or not and that it does not really have to be done for a successful relationship. That is actually not exactly true. Being born chaste is not something that happens to a man. It is something that is developed by many things such as environment, temperament and emotions. It typically is something that is learned through life experiences, some beginning even as a small child. Events that occur to a man throughout his life will always decide what sort of person he is going to be as an adult. Many men are lead in the direction of becoming chaste. This means they grow into submissive adults.

Now, on the other hand, there may be men who simply are born with a submissive gene. These men will easily become chaste as they mature but it does not matter how they get to that point. Male chastity training can only make things easier and more pleasant for these men which is the main reason to indulge in some training. Probably the most benefit that can be gained by training is that men can then enter into a chaste relationship knowing what to expect. Oddly enough, men who do not know what is going to happen once they are in the relationships do not feel that they need any training. The majority of the time these guys find out that they could not have been more wrong.

The good news is that it is never too late to turn things around in your life and find someone you resonate with to conduct some male chastity training for you. Taking this training will certainly not hurt you in any way. It is also a way to decide if this is truly the life for you or if you should perhaps look in another direction. A lot of men find that they do not want to live that way all the time. They choose to live chastely only part of the time, like on the weekends or holidays. The rest of the time, they live what is considered to be a “normal” lifestyle. So they get to have the best of both worlds.

Sneaky Girls and Male Chastity Cages


I have tried a lot of weird things in my life but nothing quite as strange as wearing these male chastity cages that have become so popular lately. Now I should probably start out by saying that I wasn’t so much deciding to wear it as I was fooled into trying one on and then left with it. You see I have some female friends that are rather funny at times and they love playing practical jokes. Well it turns out that one night about six months ago I was the target of one of these well thought out jokes but it turns out that I actually liked it a little too much.

I learned a valuable lesson about myself that night. Actually it was more than just one lesson that I learned after I figured out that I really did enjoy wearing male chastity cages. But the first and probably most important thing I learned was not to drink too much around these girls because bad things will eventually happen. Once I passed out they slapped a cage on me and hid the key. Then they let me walk around all day trying to figure out how I got into the damn thing and they kept saying I was so drunk that I didn’t remember putting it on myself.


After I learned that they put me into one of these male chastity cages they wouldn’t give me the key to get back out of it. They kept telling me that I had to be punished for the way I was acting and then they would laugh and walk away. After the third or maybe fourth day I stopped asking them for it and started enjoying the feeling of having it on. A month later they gave me the key but I put it up for another week before actually taking the cage off. I told them I threw it away but I was actually wearing it while I was telling them that so I guess you could say that their cruel little joke backfired on them in a way.