Being Cautious Male Chastity Cages


Not all male chastity cages are created equally and doing a quick check online will show you the truth in this. There are a lot of sites that offer cheap alternatives to real cages, which you should stay away from at all costs. I highly recommend buying your cages from reputable sites if you are going to buy them online and do your best to not save a lot of money on them. I have been suckered into buying one of those cheap cages in the past, and it was the worst decision of my life. It almost made me give up chastity altogether, after a brief visit to the emergency room, that is.

High quality male chastity cages will fit you perfectly and will not cause any discomfort other than having your cock locked inside of it. But the cheaper ones will usually have some kind of defect in them that can cause anything from extreme pain to a visit to the hospital. I just happened to get the latter one of those and it was not fun. The cage I bought had a bur inside the ring that goes around the base of the cock. On top of that, the lock did not work right and I could not get the key to work.

After seeing a decent amount of blood, I decided that I will pay more money for my male chastity cages if I was ever able to get that one off and keep my manhood in one peace. Needless to say, the doctor was surprised to see why I was there and I was able to have it removed safely. I immediately threw that cage away and, after a couple of week’s recovery, I bought another one that was of better quality. I have not had any issues with that one and I am pretty sure that I will not have any with others that I might buy in the future.

Making the Most of Male Chastity Cages


Male chastity cages are among the most popular of chastity equipment put into use by couples and/or single men who are engaged in the chaste lifestyle. Nothing seems to be easier to use and more effective than these cages, which is mostly why they are chosen most often to be used to keep the submissive men in line and keep them from misbehaving. They also come in various designs and are made from various materials. Most of the cages, however, tend to be crafted from different types of metals. This is especially true of the miniature cage design. These resemble tiny bird cages with small doors that are locked with little keys.

These male chastity cages go a long way in helping the dominant partner in a relationship to keep the submissive male under control. Nothing works better than a small cage locked around a male’s penis. Of course it must be the perfect size for the penis or it will not work so well. For instance, a cage that is too large will not be effective at all in preventing a random erection or an erection that happens without permission from the dominant partner. There will be plenty of room in a cage that is too big for an erection to occur. On the other hand, a cage that is too small can cause some damage to the penis; even damage that turns out to be permanent.



The main use of male chastity cages is in training the submissive male to do as he is told. Once the training is finished, the cages will still be worn no matter how well he has learned how to take orders and follow instructions. He will be allowed to remove the cage on a regular basis in order to clean both his penis and the cage. This prevents any infection from beginning on the penis or surrounding area. One last note is that the cages can be put into use at any time that the submissive partner decides to cheat and enter into a one night stand or a random encounter in a club or something. Men should always remember this little fact.