Do You Need Male Chastity Cages?


Male chastity cages are the primary items used in a chastity relationship. There are some pretty good reasons for this but you will also find that many people do not see the need for these devices in order to have a good chastity lifestyle. Those with objections are usually the same types of personalities that really should not be a part of the chastity community because they are still trying to control things in their lives. These are typically the men who just think they understand what chastity is and that they want it to be a part of their lives. In reality, they have no clue what it means to be chaste and will never live successfully as a chaste male.


The main reason that the dominant partner chooses to use male chastity cages is because they are the most effective of all chastity devices. These are actually miniature cages that fit over a man’s penis. They have little locks that come with a key which is turned over to the dominant partner known as the Key Holder. Cages discourage random erections in men, or any type of erection for that matter. The little bars of the tiny cages dig into the penis when it tries to become erect and causes the desire to disappear. Therefore, the erection goes away and the penis becomes flaccid once more. They go a long way in keeping a man in line and helping him to retain his chastity.

The most important thing to remember with male chastity cages to keep them effective is that they must be the correct size for the man who will be wearing them. For instance, a man with a large penis does not need to have a cage that is too small. If they can be put over the penis at all, there is every chance that the man will suffer some dangerous damage when an erection tries to occur. On the other hand, a cage that is too large will not be effective at all. The cage will most likely simply fall off of the penis but if it stays on after all, an erection can easily happen because the bars will not be close enough to stop it. In the end, though, these cages can keep a chastity relationship on track and are actually quite important to the success of the relationship overall.