Wearing Male Chastity Cages


Wearing male chastity cages is not such a big deal after the first couple of days. In fact, if you give it about a week; you won’t even realize that you have one on anymore. The hard part about these cages is finding the one that you want to wear. By it being hard, I don’t mean that it is hard to find these types of items as the internet is full of them. What I mean is that you will spend way too much time looking through all of the designs before finding the one that you are absolutely happy with. I know this because it took me two weeks before I was able to find the one I have on now.

There are so many different kinds of male chastity cages available on the market that you will just about lose your mind going through them all. I found myself going back to numerous designs thinking that that was the one I wanted to wear only to find another one later on that I liked a little bit more. You cannot be impatient with something like this as it is a lifelong choice that you get to live with when you think about it. Well, it might not be life-long like getting a tattoo or something; but you get the point.

Wearing male chastity cages is something that you are going to have to want to do in order to feel comfortable with them. However, once you start wearing one of these devices; you will not want to stop, either. It is nice having so many options available so that I can change what I am wearing to match the mood that I am feeling, On the other hand, it is also extremely annoying when you see so many that you like and can only buy one. Of course I am happy that I decided to go through this process and I will be wearing my cages for a very long time. If you give it a try, it might make you feel the exact same way.