Wearing Male Chastity Cages For Long Periods Of Time


Not everyone is capable of wearing male chastity cages all the time like I am. I know there are some guys out there that will tell everyone that they wouldn’t have any problems with wearing something like this for days on end. But what they don’t seem to understand is that it takes more than their bravado to wear a cage for months at a time without taking it off. I have made this attempt at least three times in the past and couldn’t get past two weeks before I had to take mine off for a small period of time.

Once you have determined that wearing male chastity cages for longer periods of time is something that you want to try you will find out just how important your resolve is. My will power for wearing something like this was high at the time but after a couple of weeks it dwindled to nothing. I felt like I had let myself down whenever I unlocked my cage and took it off. But I always told myself that I would be putting it right back on again as soon as I could. After three tries I finally made it to my first month and was super excited.

Now I wear my male chastity cages for up to three months at a time and I know that I can go longer than that. I only take my cages off after a month to make sure they are cleaned and then put them right back on. Now I don’t suggest first time wearers try to do this but after you have given yourself some time to get used to your cage I don’t see why you couldn’t attempt it. Just remember that it is a lot harder to wear something like this than you might think it is.