Be Particular with Your Male Chastity Cages


Something that men involved in the chastity lifestyle need to be quite careful with is in their choice of male chastity cages. These cages are an integral part of the entire way of life therefore they need to be of the highest quality that can be acquired. These little devices spend a lot of time locked around a man’s penis. It could be outright dangerous if the quality of the cage material was substandard. An infection could occur that might possibly lead to something very serious; something so serious that it could involve some very undesirable surgery. No man wants that to happen to him even though he no longer has any control over his sexual pleasure. He would at least still like to have the option.

In most relationships where chastity is involved, the man rarely has the option of choosing his own devices. Typically, his Key Holder will choose any and all devices including male chastity cages. Therefore, a lot of trust is involved in these types of unions because the man must fully believe that his Key Holder will make decisions that are of only the best ones for him as well as their lifestyle. That means that, while he must submit to whatever his Key Holder commands; he might also want to pay close attention to the kinds of devices that are being chosen and purchased for him. Typically, Key Holders look out for the welfare of their submissives and this is not usually a problem. Still, it cannot hurt to be aware of what is going on.

The majority of the companies that manufacture male chastity cages are cautious with the materials that they use to create them. It is not a secret that the wrong material can cause some serious issues in a place where men do not want to have something seriously wrong. That means that it is usually pretty safe to trust these companies. However, there are always going to be a few companies that are more about greed than safety. This is the real reason to check out the company manufacturing the cages that are a potential consideration. If these companies have any negative reviews; it is best to stay away from them and go with companies that have very positive reviews even if it means spending a little more money in the process.

Male Chastity Cages Just for the Fun of It


Are you one of those guys who just love a challenge? If so, then you might get a real kick out of taking a look at some male chastity cages and give yourself a test to see just how strong you can be. Chastity cages are the mainstay of guys who are really into this sort of lifestyle because they are essentially what keeps these men under control and well-behaved. However, they can be used to help an individual man test his self-control.  All he needs is the desire to make it work and the actual device. Then he is all ready to give it a shot and see if he can learn to be more in control of his sexual activity. It is really amazing to see just how strong you are in this area.

Be sure to get the proper size of the male chastity cages that you select from or your little experiment will not work. If your cage is too large; it will simply fall off and you will be able to get as many random erections as you want. That is really not the end result that you want to have from all of this. Getting a size too small is also a bad idea. In fact, this can be an even worse idea because the cage can cause you some serious damage if it gets too tight on that particular, extra special part of you. So be sure to do any measuring that is needed before you actually start shopping for your cage.

Once you have perused a decent amount of male chastity cages, it is time for you to choose the one that you feel calls to you the loudest. All you need to do then is make sure that you have the proper size for your penis and then place your order. If you are a bit impatient, you can also find these in your local adult shop. These places are actually good to visit because they will have sales associates who are going to be thrilled to help you with any questions that you may have. There will not be any need for embarrassment, either, because this is their job and they do it every day. So jump right in and give it a try. You might find that you are have more self-control than you think.


Why I Choose Male Chastity Cages


Something about male chastity cages always scared me when I first found them online. Some of them look so brutal that I couldn’t imagine why any guy out there would want to wear something like this. I thought that only guys looking for self-punishment or torture would be willing to sacrifice putting something like this on and attempting to live their life. Yet I was intrigued that so many different designs were available online which meant there were a lot of guys out there willing to go through all of this and there had to be a reason for it. I wanted to know what that reason was.

I came to the conclusion that I would have to buy my own male chastity cages in order to figure this little conundrum out and that is what I did. I bought three different cages in the hopes that I would finally figure out why so many guys were willing to put themselves through such torture and be happy about it. The first one I tried was considered a basic design used by first time chastity men. It was easy to get on and I could understand why guys would want to wear it as it was somewhat comfortable.


The second of the male chastity cages I bought was considered intermediate. This one wasn’t as comfortable as the first but it wasn’t all that bad. It was a little more difficult to put together but I could see wearing it for a bit of time. The last cage I tried was so far beyond what I was ready for that I couldn’t even get it locked into place. Those little barbs on the inside made it impossible to feel comfortable in and that is when I went back to the first one. I plan on wearing all of them as a challenge and I will work up to that last one if it kills me. Now I can see why so many guys like them.


Wearing Male Chastity Cages For Long Periods Of Time


Not everyone is capable of wearing male chastity cages all the time like I am. I know there are some guys out there that will tell everyone that they wouldn’t have any problems with wearing something like this for days on end. But what they don’t seem to understand is that it takes more than their bravado to wear a cage for months at a time without taking it off. I have made this attempt at least three times in the past and couldn’t get past two weeks before I had to take mine off for a small period of time.

Once you have determined that wearing male chastity cages for longer periods of time is something that you want to try you will find out just how important your resolve is. My will power for wearing something like this was high at the time but after a couple of weeks it dwindled to nothing. I felt like I had let myself down whenever I unlocked my cage and took it off. But I always told myself that I would be putting it right back on again as soon as I could. After three tries I finally made it to my first month and was super excited.

Now I wear my male chastity cages for up to three months at a time and I know that I can go longer than that. I only take my cages off after a month to make sure they are cleaned and then put them right back on. Now I don’t suggest first time wearers try to do this but after you have given yourself some time to get used to your cage I don’t see why you couldn’t attempt it. Just remember that it is a lot harder to wear something like this than you might think it is.

Wearing Male Chastity Cages


Wearing male chastity cages is not such a big deal after the first couple of days. In fact, if you give it about a week; you won’t even realize that you have one on anymore. The hard part about these cages is finding the one that you want to wear. By it being hard, I don’t mean that it is hard to find these types of items as the internet is full of them. What I mean is that you will spend way too much time looking through all of the designs before finding the one that you are absolutely happy with. I know this because it took me two weeks before I was able to find the one I have on now.

There are so many different kinds of male chastity cages available on the market that you will just about lose your mind going through them all. I found myself going back to numerous designs thinking that that was the one I wanted to wear only to find another one later on that I liked a little bit more. You cannot be impatient with something like this as it is a lifelong choice that you get to live with when you think about it. Well, it might not be life-long like getting a tattoo or something; but you get the point.

Wearing male chastity cages is something that you are going to have to want to do in order to feel comfortable with them. However, once you start wearing one of these devices; you will not want to stop, either. It is nice having so many options available so that I can change what I am wearing to match the mood that I am feeling, On the other hand, it is also extremely annoying when you see so many that you like and can only buy one. Of course I am happy that I decided to go through this process and I will be wearing my cages for a very long time. If you give it a try, it might make you feel the exact same way.

My Big Mistake with Male Chastity Cages


Male chastity cages have to be some of the most insane inventions ever created. Granted, these cages have a very important purpose and much gratitude is given to the designers who thought of these useful devices. They are basically just as their name implies. Different types of material such as metals and leather are used to fashion miniature cages. These cages come equipped with little locks. These little locks come with tiny keys that are used to lock around the penis. Once the cage is locked in place, the key is taken over by the Key Holder, who will continue to keep the key until the decision is made to reward the man wearing the cage.

When I decided to look into the chastity lifestyle, I had no idea what male chastity cages were. I had heard the term tossed around in certain company but no one had bothered to launch into any explanations as to what these cages were and why they were needed. Of course, I felt too stupid to jump in with my own questions so I just continued to wonder about them as I started to travel my path to chastity. That was one of the biggest mistakes that I made during this entire journey. If I had only taken the time or had the courage to ask what these items were used for, I would have saved myself a lot of heartache.


I had the extreme pleasure of training under a gorgeous, dominant and very strong woman for chastity. She even allowed me to choose my own male chastity cages. What neither of us discussed was the fact that these cages must be the correct size in order for them to work. Not armed with this knowledge, I chose one that I just thought looked so very cool. When I got home and decided to try it on just to see how it all worked, I found that it was a little difficult to fit over my cock. Finally, I did get it on and found it to be more than a little stimulating and my penis reacted in kind. That is when the trouble started. I got an erection and the cage remained in place. I tried everything and nothing worked. After a little while, my penis started to turn an unhealthy purplish color. That is when I gave in and called my trainer. She actually raced right over and helped me out of my situation. Then we sat down and had a nice long talk. Yes, I learned quite a lesson that night.


The Accomplishments of Male Chastity Cages


The main point behind male chastity cages is to teach the men wearing them that they are the play toys of their Key Holders. Actually, it is the man’s penis that is the toy of the Key Holder. This is made quite clear to him from the very beginning with just the simple act of locking the cage around his penis. When this act occurs, the man understands that he is owned by his Key Holder. If and when his cage is unlocked, he is allowed to ejaculate at the whim of his Key Holder. He understands that he must spend all of his waking moments being obedient and willing to please his Key Holder and locking that cage around his penis is a guaranteed way of making that point.

Obviously, male chastity cages do not work overnight in magically changing a man’s personality. While it may rarely work that way for some men; it usually takes a little longer for those changes to take place. In spite of this, however, there had to be a subconscious desire to be the one man who makes his Key Holder the happiest of all people by doing what is commanded of him. Besides, if he can meet all of his or her requirements and please her by taking care of all of desires made known to him; he might just be rewarded. His most coveted reward is usually that of being allowed some type of sexual release.

There is also the fact that men locked into male chastity cages have some time to think about something that they have done wrong. These “sins” can be anything from cheating to some secret type of masturbation. At any rate, the cages will make the point that these things were wrong and have upset the Key Holder. When men surrender their penises in this way, they are proving their devotion and showing their desire to earn forgiveness for what they have done wrong. The point is that the Key Holder’s forgiveness is shown to her charge by unlocking the cage at some time and allowing him to escape his trap for a little while. The Key Holder might even allow him to gain sexual release if she is feeling quite generous.