Wearing Male chastity cages under your pants.


I have been actively practicing male chastity for over five years and I wear one of my many male chastity cages all the time that is unless my wife decides she wants to have sex and frees me from my bondage. I prefer metal male chastity cages for a number of reasons. Stainless steel cock cages are easy to clean, they are available in many sizes, I tend to skew towards the very small cock cages, I think metal male chastity cages are much more stylish and most importantly many of the metal designs are the most secure form of caging a penis so it is not used without permission. I have been wearing cock cages so long that I tend to forget that men new to the lifestyle have questions that I would never even think about. The one I receive most often is can you wear a male chastity cage with pants. My answer is always the same: yes you can wear it with pants unless you prefer to wear one with a dress. That gets most men and women to laugh but the fact remains that many men think cock cages are just for sexual pleasure and play which is far from the truth. There are more men then you might guess all over the world either being forced life myself into wearing a cock cage, others that choose to wear one to enhance their sexual pleasure when released from their cage and still others that wear cock cages because they are no longer interested in sex.


Angry_ Cock_Cage_02