Wearing Male chastity cages under your pants.


I have been actively practicing male chastity for over five years and I wear one of my many male chastity cages all the time that is unless my wife decides she wants to have sex and frees me from my bondage. I prefer metal male chastity cages for a number of reasons. Stainless steel cock cages are easy to clean, they are available in many sizes, I tend to skew towards the very small cock cages, I think metal male chastity cages are much more stylish and most importantly many of the metal designs are the most secure form of caging a penis so it is not used without permission. I have been wearing cock cages so long that I tend to forget that men new to the lifestyle have questions that I would never even think about. The one I receive most often is can you wear a male chastity cage with pants. My answer is always the same: yes you can wear it with pants unless you prefer to wear one with a dress. That gets most men and women to laugh but the fact remains that many men think cock cages are just for sexual pleasure and play which is far from the truth. There are more men then you might guess all over the world either being forced life myself into wearing a cock cage, others that choose to wear one to enhance their sexual pleasure when released from their cage and still others that wear cock cages because they are no longer interested in sex.


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Understanding Male Chastity Cages


Male chastity cages sound pretty confusing to people who are not in on the secret of the chastity community. In fact, it might make more sense to explain what chastity is before tackling the definition and purpose of the cages. Now, chastity is defined as the practice of refraining from all sexual intercourse. To add to that in the chastity community, it should be mentioned that sex can be had but only at the permission of the Key Holder in the relationship. So in the literal sense of the word, male chastity is a bit different from the meaning of chastity.


In a chastity lifestyle, there is actually plenty of sexual activity going on between the couples involved. The difference is that the Key Holder of the male chastity cages is the person who decides when those times will happen. Now to get to what these cages are, they are exactly what they sound like. They are miniature cages that are made to fit over a man’s penis. There is a lock and key that allows the cage to be fastened and unfastened at the discretion of the Key Holder. For sanitation reasons, the cages are allowed off at various times so that both the penis and the cage can be properly cleaned to avoid infection of any sort.

To get to the actual function of male chastity cages, it will help you to understand it better since you know more about chastity. When a cage fits properly over the penis, there will be no random erections, which will keep the men out of trouble when they are allowed to go spend a night out on the town. If an erection does begin to happen, the cage will make it so uncomfortable that the excitement will disappear pretty quickly. When you follow your Key Holder’s instructions and meet his or her demands; you will be rewarded in ways that will make all of your dreams come true.

Metal male chastity cages



Call me old fashioned but if I am shopping for male chastity cages I want them to be metal and able to last for years. I like the feel of having my penis locked away in a metal cage with my keyholder controlling when to set it free, let it get hard and even when it is touched. I find that metal male chastity cages work best. Most of the designs are much harder to purposely remove and escape from when passions run high. Having my penis covered in metal keeps me from playing with it, having someone else play with it or even see it. The only thing exposed are my balls and I never play with them because it can be painful to get aroused wearing a cock cage. I know there are many nice plastic male chastity cages and it is a very personal choice that most keyholders make for their slaves. I also understand that many men and women play with cock cages for sexual adventures. I get it. The Fifty Shades of Grey thing. Nothing is out of bounds between consenting adults hell it even seems like fisting is mainstream. That said I am going to stick with metal. There is nothing like the feel of a new stainless steel cock cage being fitted on for the first time.



What’s Up with Male Chastity Cages?



A lot of guys who think that they want to live their lives as a chaste male have no clue what male chastity cages are. Many of them believe that all they have to do is find a dominant partner and say “Yes, Dear” to whatever that partner wants them to do. Imagine their surprise when they find out that there is so much more to this than saying those words and agreeing to do anything asked of them. These men may be quite shocked that there is another aspect to being chaste that they never knew existed. If they had known, they may not have been so eager to enter the chastity community. Instead, they would have been running in the opposite direction screaming like little girls.

On the other hand, using male chastity cages can easily be one of the most exciting aspects of living the life of a chaste man. They offer the control over such things as those pesky random erections that plague the lives of men who are not living in a chaste manner. Cages are simply what they sound like. They are miniature cages that are usually made of some sort of metal that fit right over a man’s penis. There is also a small lock on the cage so that it can be locked in place. The key is turned over to the dominant partner or Key Holder for safe keeping. These cages can only be unlocked when the Key Holder has granted permission.


Male chastity cages keep men in line when they are in a chaste lifestyle. Obviously, the size must be the correct one for it to work as it is meant. Cages that are too small can cause some serious physical damage that no man would want to have while cages that are too big a size will simply fall right off. If that does not happen, it will, at the very least, allow an erection to occur with no consequences. That is why size is very important with these cages. When everything is right, nothing is more effective in training and keeping a guy on the straight and narrow than these cages. They work every single time.